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If you're a beginning guitar player, basic guitar chord charts are a great tool for learning chords. When you are first learning to play guitar, concentrate on learning basic chords to build a solid foundation.
After you have mastered these fairly easy chords, you can always go on to Barre Chords, and other more complex chords later.
The trick with power chords is to ensure that you only strum the 2 strings that your fingers are holding down.
To play the D power chord we will simply move the same shape over one string to the 5th and 4th strings. The last power chord is E which is played by sliding the shape up 2 frets with finger 1 on the 7th fret and the finger 3 on the 9th fret. TweetEarlier this week on my Facebook Page I asked what topic readers would like to see a video lesson on and reader wanted to learn how to play blues guitar chords using some jazz voicings.
Guitarist’s such as T-Bone Walker, Gatemouth Brown, and Hollywood Fats were masters at using jazz chords in blues. The chart below shows all the chords played in the video over a 12 bar blues progression in the key of A.
Of course there are many other jazz chords that sound great in a blues setting, but this lesson is to get you started on playing some jazz voicings.  I hope this lesson helps you learn how to play blues guitar chords.
Check out any link below for the answers to my top 10 most frequently asked questions that I am asked by students, teachers, readers, and subscribers. This entry was posted by Jamie on 28 March, 2013 at 14:31, and is filed under Blues Guitar, Latest Lessons.

One of the very first chords that you are going to learn to play on the guitar is going to be a major chord.
A major chord sounds bright and lively, as opposed to the minor chord which has a tinge of sadness associated with them. If you always wanted to play the chords on a guitar, you can start doing now watching this video. The chords are represented in the form of a guitar chord diagram or "box" that is much easier to read than standard musical notation. These are "open chords" played with one or more open strings and with all fingering near the end of the fretboard near the nut. To play the A power chord place finger 1 on the 5th fret of the 6th string and finger 3 on the 7th fret of the 5th string. You can make things a little easier by muting the other 4 strings by lightly touching them with the side of the 1st finger so if you accidentally strum them they won’t ring out.
Again muting the other strings can help preventing unwanted strings ringing out when you strum.
Besides the dotted chunk a chunk rhythms, there are lush jazz voicings that you can apply to your slow blues guitar playing.
The chord lick below shows how you can do this by playing constant triplets on the A9 chord before sliding into a D9.
A good way to make practicing these basic chords more interesting is to play them in groups known as families.
In that time i have found that "teaching " guitar , for me, is about one hundred times harder than playing guitar or even learning guitar on your own, as I did.

They’re called power chords as they have a powerful clear sound that works well with a loud distorted electric guitar.
As mentioned in the video you can always slide a whole or half step below or above blues chords. I just want to ask one thing in the above example can I call the A9 chord as Db half diminshed?? You should practice these basic chords repeatedly until you know them cold, and can transition from one to the next quickly. They’re also sometimes called 5 or 5th chords as the only use the root and 5th of the chord. These are absolutely great for the teaching of a beginner student, they cover alot of things an already knowing guitarist would forget to tell a beginner. I am very impressed and am letting my 5 yr old son watch them and pick up the info without me making him feel pressured with lessons from me. After he has developed some knowledge and most importantly, Interest , I will follow up in the teaching.

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