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Exercises are broken into six sections that cover an increasing range of notes as the student progresses. Prior to diving into exercises, Notebusters contains the most common note reading methods to aid beginners in their quest to master music.
NOTEBUSTERS is a music workbook designed to increase sight-reading skills through 240 one-minute exercises. Lots of teaching materials have been developed since I started teaching 10 years ago, and I feel like I have a pretty good line-up of lesson books and theory books to help students learn when they come each week.
I already know how to read music, but I am not good at sight-reading-it can take me quite a while to figure out a piece of music! If your third or fourth grader is starting to think about taking up a musical instrument, help him get the basics of reading notes with this handy sheet! Free Online Piano Lessons – Discover How To Play Piano in a Way That Fits Your Busy Lifestyle! A page of music has a lot of symbols and notations that are easily interpreted when you know a few basics. When you learn how to read music, you also need to know the rhythm a piece should be played.
Note: This simple explanation only applies when the top number is 4 and under- simple time. A sharp () is a sign which is written in front of a note and raises the pitch of that note by one half-step.
The flat, sharp and natural symbols are referred to as accidentals and only affect the note in the same octave in which it has been written. There are times when a composer may want you to flat (or sharpen, #) all of the B’s, for example, in a particular piece.

As you can see, the speed notation is the composer’s attempt to convey the feel at which the piece should be played.
Playing the piano seeks to express and convey emotion and feeling through the music; so many times the composer will user emotional words and leaves it up to the musician to translate that into an appropriate tempo. The numbers above the notes on the treble staff are typically for the right hand and numbers about the notes on the bass staff. Liberace would always play his piano with ascending or descending notes or keys in a sweeping motion using his thumb or other finger running it right down or up the piano keyboard in very fast motion. I am beginner and find it damn easy to follow though I may have to read many times with practical to digest the whole lecture. One concept that is necessary when playing the piano but can be difficult to teach is that of sight-reading — NOTEBUSTERS has been a great resource for my students! The one-minute drills are great for my daughter and the layout is simple and just the right amount of challenging that she enjoys completing them. He loved the bright colors and the fact that the exercises were timed (probably that they were only 1 minute as well) and is working through it pretty quickly. If you no longer have access to the e-mail address associated with your account, contact Customer Service for help restoring access to your account. The Staff with the Treble Clef combined with the Bass Clef make what’s called the Grand Staff.
They do not affect the same note in other octaves unless they have been labeled with an accidental. In such a case there is a shortcut that eliminates the necessity for using a flat symbol every time a B appears.
Looking at a page of music and understanding it will be easy once you know these definitions.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. His mom told me his guitar teacher loved the workbook and is now making it a requirement for all his beginning students. Whether you are learning to play the piano through the classic method or the chord method, you’ll have to be familiar with how to read music.
This is why a natural is needed, just in case you happen to need the same note again in the same octave but without any variation in tone.
In some case, the dynamic level is related to the mood; in other cases the mark is much more direct. It’s easy to employ kids to do these quick exercises on a regular basis, and is the perfect way to see improvement in accuracy and speed.
To cancel a flat or sharp, a natural ( ) is placed on the staff before the note it is to affect or when a new measure begins. They are generally at the beginning of a measure (and at the beginning of the music) and usually located in the space between the treble and bass staffs. If the same note is always going to be sharp or flat, music writers use key signatures to indicate once and for all (see below). Once set, it’s in effect until another dynamic symbol is display or for the entire piece. C sharp and D flat are the same key and will produce the same note when played on a keyboard.

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