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Craig can be in his car or traveling afar when he calls his three and a half year old grandson Gavin for his nightly bedtime story (pictured above). Add More ChaptersChildren’s books have a beginning, middle, and an end, but you can continue an existing story and add the next chapter or be creative and jump to the middle of the story and begin a new chapter. Add More ConflictOne of the best parts of a story is when something is wrong – also known as conflict. I send my thanks and gratitude to Craig for sharing a few personal tidbits and the three key C concepts: chapters, conflict and cues. Craig Strickland is a writer with more than 25 years experience who’s credits include two nationally distributed books (Scary Stories For Sleepovers #8 and Scary Stories From 1313 Wicked Way) and dozens of short stories in published in anthologies including, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Noir, Portents, Terminal Fright, Blood Review, Bronte Street, Air Fish, October Dreams acclaimed Canadian publication On Spec. A tornado of technology has turned storytelling, for business and pleasure, towards webinars, seminars, and Skype. Below are three tips on how you, too, can earn an audience’s rapt attention while broadcasting on the internet. Act it OutWhen you tell a story in person you’re animated and your expressions are full of emotion. You may miss a smile or a laugh on the receiving end due to camera, microphone, or speaker positions, but rest assured those normal visual and audio cues are still there. Add AtmosphereShow an image to illustrate your point or play music in the background to add more atmosphere. Try speaking in character voices, or use a cowboy hat and a Southern drawl to bring the Wild West to life. Cousin Matthew sums it up nicely: “Just try and name an app that will answer your questions, move the picture in closer on demand, does characters voices, and will get a second book all upon request?!
Bonus Recommendation: Record Your Calls*Imagine having bedtime stories being read to your kids by your parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents. While there are hundreds of Irish toasts to raise your mug to, my years of patrolling pubs revealed rainbows of tall tales and a pot leprechaun limericks, riddles and jokes. An Irishman was flustered not being able to find a parking space in a large mall's parking lot, "Lord," he prayed," I can't stand this. You can download and print this two-side sheet of Tomfoolery (pdf 691 kb) to aide your memory.
When I imagine my life is like a magic square, then every direction I travel is in the right path.
To me, this means I’m always in the right place at the right time with the right number to make magical things happen. To offer a real-world example, when we celebrate life’s events, (We Bid You Good Cheer) the recipient(s), the party, the audience and quite possibly a tasteful toast can be parts of your magic square. Becoming a self-motivated dynamo is easy as one, two, three and generates three glorious benefits: clarity, confidence and charisma.
Clarity and confidence are intangible feelings that grow out of achievement, which translate into charisma that will manifest in the way you walk and talk as you complete each step in reaching your ultimate goal. Follow the above write steps and you’ll be in the right place at the right time and be a winner!
Between Santa, snowmen, and sugar cookies there’s a lot of good clean comedic material to launch a laugh-fest.

I used to feel embarrassed and socially inept when I forgot people’s names until I learned that 90 percent of healthy adults forget names.
As you get up to speed with proper storage techniques you might occasionally forget a name. With nearly 10,000 people following my monthly blog, I’m frequently asked to speak and present at various events.
Praise is powerful and under the right circumstances it can be transformational unlocking the human potential. Offering an accomplished person a compliment can lead to self-improvement and finding a mentor.
The most successful toasts are inspirational and praise the honoree’s meaningful contributions to their family or community. Set the Scene: Meet in a quiet place where your interviewee is comfortable, like in their home.
Last month my brother Steve and I went to see famed actor, comedian and magician Harry Anderson perform at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Calif.
Doublespeak is the name for language which makes the bad seem good, the negative appear positive, and the unpleasant attractive. None of these people are lying to your face: they are telling you the truth with verbose verbiage to communicate a specific message. Defend yourself from doublespeak by learning to listen to all the words that tumble and mumble out of mouths. I’m envious and occasionally jealous of people who have a single-minded focus and boundless energy towards their personal and professional projects.
Master motivator Tony Robbins believes when you complete a task and reward yourself, you’re one step closer to your goal and you feel good about it. When addressing government officials and their VIP entourage you might feel a little pressure regardless if the setting is casual or formal.
For example I recently learned three key concepts to improve my impromptu storytelling when Craig, my fiction-writing friend, told me about his Bluetooth bedtime stories. These ten-minute tales are told over the cell phone and contain the three Cs: chapters, conflict, and cues. Show the book and ask open-ended questions about the pictures on the page, take turns reading sentences or discuss the moral of the story. In the big scheme of things, I suspect I’m about 2% Irish affording me a peck on the cheek and at least one green beer this St. If you open a space up for me, I swear I'll give up drinking me whiskey, and I promise to go to church every Sunday." Suddenly, the clouds parted and the sun shone on an empty parking spot.
I can learn from my and other people’s mistakes, so failing can be transformed into a good thing.
Whether I go up, down, left, right, diagonal, or fly to the four corners, I will reach the right destination.
If I work hard towards any of my 2014 New Year’s resolutions and give 501 percent then I have five different winning solutions. We are part of an intelligent solution –a piece of the puzzle within the bigger picture.

Penny said, “Give me a stock clerk with a goal, and I will give you a man who will make history. Look at item number one and write down the first three actions you need to take in order to complete this goal, then do items one, two and three. But this time the librarian follows the chicken.She follows the chicken across the street into the park and watches it hand the books one at a time to a frog.
Simple positive feedback can truly be all that stands between someone being successful and giving up.
It deliberately deceives, disguises, distorts, camouflages, misleads, inflates, circumvents, and obfuscates. While those are good and true, you must have a goal to pursue then you can apply any one of these three practical ways to maintain your motivation. When you find a friend, not just any friend, but someone that is willing to work with you as you tackle each baby-step to your ultimate goal, then you develop a powerful support team.
Schwarzenegger has several other men including Dave Draper, Ric Drasin and his life-long mentor Reg Park.
Yes, there’s more work to be done, but a little break and reward will keep your spirits up. With a little practice you’ll develop your ability to organize your thoughts quickly and respond to the request. But I played the instructor’s game and quickly realized the exercise was designed to motivate me beyond my fear of failure and to act. But as a magician and frequent public speaker I can meet up to two hundred people in a week and want to greet them by name when we meet again.
A talented talker of doublespeak, Anderson’s performance prompted me to warn you of how silver-tongued speakers can scam you into buying something that seems to be a good deal but is truly bogus. While his challenging question jumpstarted my brain into action, I found more freedom and success from a difference workshop that featured the concept of the magic square.
Use their name as it conveys respect and because most people appreciate hearing their own name.2.
I discovered all high achievers from bodybuilder, actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger to actor, singer and dancer Hugh Jackman to motivational speaker Tony Robbins always have help getting to the top. My problem was not paying proper attention and didn’t fully hear their name when I initially met them (storage). Characteristics can be concrete or intangible like a smile, sunny disposition or hairstyle.
In fact, you’ll be more productive and avoid pitfalls when you have the right mentor for guidance and advice. When you associate names to ridiculous pictures, your mind’s eye permanently stores this information for immediate recall.

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