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Aug 30, 2014Free Printable Piano Chord ChartPrintable Piano Chord Chart for major and minor chords.
The Basic Banjo Chord Chart has concise, easy-to-read chord information that is presented in a clear easy-to-understand format. Our “Basic Chord Charts”, now available for most all acoustic stringed instruments, are a great source for learning chords quickly.
Made of heavy laminated, durable cover stock and when folded open, displays all your basic chords at-a-glance.
Perfect for the beginner, but by showing several different inversions, can be very helpful to banjo players at any level.

This PIano Key Chart is a great tool for people just starting out learning the notes on the piano keyboard. Continue reading "Piano Key Chart"Mar 02, 2013Use Music Theory Intervals To Play By EarMusic theory intervals are one of the key components to playing by ear. Quickly recognizing a note, rest, or other music symbol helps to navigate music and understand a piece of music. Continue reading "Music Note Symbols and How To Use Them"Aug 03, 2012Cm Chord on Piano I Tips to Build and PlayThe Cm Chord: How to play, build, and use the C Minor Chord on the piano.
It is great for soling and improvising.Continue reading "Phrygian Scale Mode"Apr 21, 2012Understanding Musical ModesMusical Modes are a powerful tool that all musicians need to to know in order to enhance their playing.

The primary use for modes is soling and improvisation in styles such as Jazz and Rock.Continue reading "Understanding Musical Modes"Apr 12, 2012Musical Repeat SignA repeat sign is an indicator that guides you through a piece of sheet music.

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