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If you ever felt attracted to the piano but where drawn back by the amounts of practice required to attain a certain level of proficiency, there are good news. The relationship between the ability to learn and learning is not just a simple cause and effect circuit.
When learning to play the piano, and other similar activities, the initial experience is more important than the age you start. Once your brain creates that initial neural network, your evolution in playing the piano over the rest of your life will be built on this initial network. As studies reveal more and more information on the science behind learning, many principles involving education change.
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Of course, the piano contributes to the experience, some sounding better than others, but the credits are of the pianist.

According to recent neurological studies, the brain is far more adaptable than believed to be, in the past. When you start a new activity, you brain will create neural pathways, in this case for piano playing. Your brain will also relate to this physical framework every time you engage in playing the piano. If you're just staring out, or an expert who wants to work on your sight reading, Play Piano HD is for you. We only use your email to create an affiliate tracking account so we can pay you directly via PayPal. When thinking of how long the journey of learning to play the piano was, you might scare away, and in reality miss out on something truly amazing. Besides a few skills that are very specialized, people of all ages can learn to master the piano.
But look at it this way: the power to maximize your learning abilities lies in your own hands. Outside of those developmental windows it’s much more difficult to attain those skills.

Studies show that whenever you will come back to a certain activity, your brain will use the neural network you initially created for that activity. This content is provided 'as is' and is subject to change or removal at any time without prior notice. This discovery shows that learning a new skill, such as playing the piano, requires your brain to permanently commit to the hardware of this activity, which cannot easily be changed in future piano lessons. The link between the ability of learning and these developmental windows have been exaggerated a bit in the past. Proper technique and perfect clarity on the subject are aspects that should be contained in your first lessons. Once you start to learn about it, you brain is designed in such a way as to drive further learning.

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