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When we browse the web or read books of design, we find ourselves emerged in the whole process. Constructivism is early Soviet youth movement created by Vladimir Tatlin that was inspired by Cubism, Suprematism and Futurism. Objects were to carry out a fundamental analysis of the materials and forms of art not to express beauty or designers views or feelings of any kind. Following the end of the World War I German architect Walter Gropius wanted to create a school where industrial methods were not used for destructive wars but for the betterment of social conditions. Dada was an artistic and literary movement that started in Europe when World War I was going on. The so-called non-artists turned to creating art that had soft obscenities, scattered humor, visible puns and everyday objects. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. On August 1, 1927, the uyezds were abolished, and Demyansky District was established, with the center in Demyansk. Demyansk contains thirteen objects classified as cultural and historical heritage of local significance.[10] These include a number of pre-1917 buildings of the former uyezd center, including a prison, an archaeological monument, and a number of graves of soldiers fallen in World War II. It flourished following the Russian Revolution of 1917 and sought to abolish the traditional artistic composition, and replace it with "construction." Concerned with the use of "real materials in real space", the movement sought to use art as a tool for the common good, much in line with the Communist principles of the new Russian regime. Constructivists, followed this ethic of "truth to materials," as a way to use materials only in accordance with their capacities, and demonstrated the uses to which they could be executed. His response was a bold and yet surprisingly pragmatic utopian vision -- The Bauhaus was the first model of the modern art school.

Typography was primarily a communications medium, and was concerned with the "clarity of the message in its most emphatic form".
Because of the war, many artists, intellectuals and writers, especially those from France and Germany, moved to Switzerland, which was a neutral country. The most outrageous painting was created by Marcel Duchamp, when he painted a mustache on a copy of Mona Lisa and scribbled obscenities under it. Municipally, it is incorporated as Demyanskoye Urban Settlement, the only urban settlement in the district. The area was a part of Derevskaya Pyatina of Novgorod.[5] Demon was a fortress protecting a waterway from Lake Ilmen upstream the Pola and the Yavon to Lake Seliger. The Bauhaus curriculum combined theoretic education and practical training in the educational workshops. Characteristic for the design were clear, unadorned type prints, the articulation and accentuation of pages through distinct symbols or typographic elements highlighted in color, and finally direct information in a combination of text and photography, for which the name "Typofoto" was created. Instead of being relieved that they had escaped, the artists, intellectuals and writers were furious with the modern society.
He also created his sculpture called Fountain, which was actually a urinal without the plumbing and it had a fake signature. The fortress was located close to the boundary between the Novgorod Republic and the Grand Duchy of Moscow, and it was at least twice sieged by Muscovite troops. It drew inspiration from the ideals of the revolutionary art movements and design experiments of the early 20th century. Just as many mainstream artists were thinking about this movement seriously, the Dada movement dissolved around the early 1920s.

In 1441, the Muscovites did not manage to conquer Demon, but in the 1470s they conquered and destroyed the fortress. On July 23, 1930 the okrugs were abolished, and the districts became directly subordinate to the oblast.
Learning more about the history of the typography and how it evolved is crucial in the understanding of typography. The foundation of Constructivism was to express the experience of modern life and to develop a new form of art more appropriate to the democratic and modernizing goals of the Russian Revolution and build a new society.
By establishing this new kind of art school he managed to create a cultural wonder that continues to have a profound impact to this day. Between September, 1941, and February, 1943 parts of Demyansk District were occupied by German troops. In the 17th century, Demon went into decline, and a new settlement was founded nearby, which was known as Demyansky Pogost, and later as Demyansk.
In the course of the administrative reform carried out in 1708 by Peter the Great, the area was included into Ingermanland Governorate (known since 1710 as Saint Petersburg Governorate).
On July 5, 1944, Demyansky District was transferred to newly established Novgorod Oblast and remained there ever since. Between 1772 and 1824, Demyansk was a part of Starorussky Uyezd of Novgorod Viceroyalty (since 1796 of Novgorod Governorate).

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