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This download lesson package contains 3 eBooks, 36 tracks and 4 Video lessons specifically designed for beginners. It includes my Mandolin Instruction Course, The Mandolin Handbook, AND The Jam Session Survival eBook.
The easy version - why just 2 chords?The most satisfying arrangements of this Christmas song will have 3 or more chords (the I, IV, and V chords, and perhaps the V of V), not just 2 as I have in this version, but for a very new beginner, 2 chords to worry about is enough!
Download Jingle Bells for guitar with extra chordsYour younger students won't be pleased about the F chord, in all likelihood, but they need to start working on it sometime! Deck the Halls for Guitar Not rated yetCan I please have the sheet music for Deck the Halls? The Haberfield PS Recorder Ensemble is an extension musical group for students who have been learning recorder for at least one year. I have prepared these videos for Haberfield PS students & Ia€™m happy to share them with students preparing for the the Opera House concerts in August 2016. It will save you countless hours of jumping from one YouTube video to another without a real plan.

The new arrangement uses four chords (see farther down the page), and the easy version has just two chords. My students use the "small C" and "small G7" (see my Big Guitar Chords page) in Jingle Bells, and the song sounds just fine.
Help them think their way through it: The I chord would be G, of course, but then what would the V chord be? I've already printed several for my children, including the Pretty Little Horses TAB and Carol of the Bells for piano.
I have just started teaching some really keen Y6 boys who want to play Scarborough Fair, and your version is perfect.
There are no auditions however students need to have been learning the recorder for at least one year in class music. Click on links below, use Youtube settings bottom right of video, set to 720p HD so picture is clear. This is the first part of the song with accurate tablature for guitar, chords, sheet music and video tutorial.

Plus, the guitar tabs melody has lots of open string notes, making this a workable key for a duet. A group of approximately 20 students will be selected to perform in the Festival of Instrumental Music at the Opera House each year. Talk about the I and V chords (1 and 5 chords), and hold up your fingers to count from C up to G. Even if they are a little familiar with the concept of "I" and "V" chords going together, it is good to review every lesson.

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