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Bad Romance by Lady Gaga Free Piano Sheet Music Download Online, Pieces notes tabs scores scale pdf.
Learn to play the melody of this song with your right hand alone, then you can add the chords as they are written. Instead of playing the chords that are written in the bass clef, you can add the automatic chords by reading the letters above the treble staff. Here is how I use the letters or piano letter notations to teach the same song (Mary Had a Little Lamb) to my students.

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You will use the I (C Major), IV (F Major inverted), and V7 (G Major with the 7th added) chords. However, both methods work well.Below are some popular websites that have a lot of piano tab sheet for different genre of music including popular music. Release the piano key when the falling bar has disappeared PURCHASES The "All Songs" in-app purchase unlocks all songs including the ones added in the future!

The "Lifetime Pack" in-app purchase includes all the songs, all piano sounds, ads removal and everything added in the future!

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