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Fingertip Maestro FREE for iPad, iPhone app - Play amazing piano, best guitar, learn new drum, great music keyboard, share and export tagged HD PRO audio. The advent of iPad Air has caused a lot of problems with apps in general, and Maestro is having their share of issues, but once the bugs are worked out it should be a better world. The only problem is now the entire family is fighting over using the iPad at the same time.
Really calls for midi out somehow, then it would be super useful to me as the sounds themselves could be better.
When I bought the in app purchase that gives me all the different sounds, it never actually downloads it just says purchasing and never does anything after that.
Only little complaint is the every chord is labeled as a major chord when they are all Major 7 chords.
A very detailed easy to use and the graphics are solid.Could be used for educational purposes as well. I don't know, in terms of educational value, maybe the piano apps are better, but with this app I'm actually creating music.
The quantization feature does not allow for note selection such as quarter, eight, sixteenth, etc.
If you have GarageBand you really don't need this as you can accomplish the same thing with the smart instruments. Growing up I was heavily involved in music, played the trumpet (shortly) sang most my life & even performed at Madison Square Garden as a kid.

This is the easiest ios instrument to just start jamming with no idea of what you are doing that I have ever encountered. I'm a behavior tutor and I've used with children who have been diagnosed with autism and they like it. This is the ad-free version of “Learn how to play Piano”.Start playing Rock, Blues, Jazz, Latin Music and other music styles on Piano and Keyboards. The only problem is that I purchased the entire app and when I put my password in it gets stuck on the purchasing screen.
Downloads do work, contrary to some comments, but getting them to initiate is not always intuitive. I was looking for a way to come up with a beat for some songs I wrote and this app has helped a lot.
I know a little bit about music and this is really well organized, and laid-out for getting great chord progressions. While you play the lessons you will intuitively understand how to read music.Piano lessons are fun with this app. This app is just super awesome it makes creating simple music rhythms so easy and it sounds just simply incredible fantastic work they're doing please keep it up! Aside from being absolutely beautiful, with a simple intuitive interface, this makes everything sound amazing. It's easy to get into a kind of meditative state playing with this app, and I quickly learned to record everything, because the results are stunning.

I like how each colored row is a different musical key, and by pressing three fingers in the same row you get different inversions of the chord.
Everyone get this app now before they start charging because even if it was ten bucks it would still be worth it! Someone with more musical no-how can probably explain WHY it works, since I'm pretty sure it's not because I'm an undiscovered musical genius. Simply put, simple sounds beautiful too.I purchased the full set to support development and I suggest you do too. Fingertip Maestro is a revolutionary music-making and easy to learn music app, for people of all ages and abilities. Our learn music app enables those with no musical training, to instantly play convincingly, with the feeling and texture of a real musician.
Download FREE now and try!We took the frustration out of the process, just tap and slide your fingers across an intuitive color coded grid to create songs and melodies within seconds of launching the app.

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