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This Musicarta Chord Piano page takes a brief look at Lesson Four of The Pyramids Variations, Musicarta's flagship chord piano improvisation course, then goes on to show how Musicarta generally can help you build your chord piano know-how and skuills. With website audio and video support, the Pyramids Variations provides methodical support for your creative journey, offering pianists of all ages and stages fast-track guidance to a performance beyond expectations and a practical, step-by-step introduction to 'composing at the keyboard'.
Almost from the first lesson, the guitar pupil plays chords, either from simple fretboard diagrams or by imitation. The Musicarta Pyramids Variations changes all this!The Musicarta Pyramids Variations teaches aspiring modern keyboard musicians to a€?mess about at the keyboarda€™ with the same ease that guitarists enjoy.
With a combination of clear illustrations, audio files, video and MIDI support, you'll be able to play this grand sounding Lesson Four four-chord version of the same chord sequence, with the melody on top. If reading music had been the deciding factor, a performance of this sheer WIDTH would be Year Four, not Lesson Four, material! The Basic Music-making Position makes big music from simple beginnings - and you don't have to read music at all.
As well as audio files, the Pyramids Variations comes with MIDI files you can play on the MidiPiano virtual keyboard app (Windows) included in the download.
Watch it on Mister Musicarta YouTubeThe Pyramids Variations and most other Musicarta material comes with MIDI file support. You can see that the Pyramids Variations covers ALL the options in a methodical, progressive programme to fast-track your chord piano skills! The Musicarta Pyramids Variations aims to exceed expectations by coaching beginners and re-starters to an impressive a€?Concert Performancea€™ in just eight lessons.
Feel free to continue your exploration of the Musicarta Pyramids Variations digital home study pack on Sample Lesson Five, and see how a simple chord-tone melody gets developed.
Remember that the build-up to the Concert Performance is only Part One of the Pyramids Variations. Rachmaninov’s piano concerto may be a little too ambitious for some, but the piano’s huge repertoire has something for everyone at any standard and any age. In the video below, you’ll hear a selection of pieces that can be played in a relatively short time – even if you are starting from scratch! The great thing about learning online is that you can go at your own pace – just a little regular practice can produce amazing results! One option for those who don’t have the space for a large piano is an electronic piano with a weighted action. With a piano the strings ring on, as long as the pedal is pressed down – the difference is very obvious and sounds much better with the pedal.

One disadvantage when learning to play a musical instrument without a private teacher is that you can be doing things that you shouldn’t be … that is picking-up bad habits that only someone watching you will spot. However, if you are aware of building a good technique, the absense of a private teacher shouldn’t be a problem. Remember to keep those wrists up and practise slowly … you’ll make better progress if you do! The Piano for all course covers so many styles with tips and tricks for quick results – perfect for adults who would like to learn at home!
If you want to play in their style, learn as many chords and inversions as you can because most piano accompaniment is chord based. Remember … it is never too late to learn and sound great – even at the beginning!
Adictum Drum Lessons Pro app includes all of the techniques and training that you will need to start drumming in a quick and modern way.
App features over 50 professionally developed lessons, designed to teach the most contemporary rhythmic patterns. You will develop hand independence, improve your timing, and will also be able to read and decipher any percussion instrument notation. Understand the placement of each instrument of the drum set: kick (bass), snare, toms, hi hat, and crash. Adictum Drums is the ultimate system for learning the most modern rhythmic techniques for drums.
Learn how to read music for drums and experiment with your very own drum set right in the palm of your hands.
Drum set includes standard drum kit with realistic drum sounds as well as additional electronic drum pads to accompany for added contemporary sound and fun. Tons of exercises (rhythmic patterns or drum beats) are visible on the top of the screen and are easily accessed as you play. Videos are also available for each drum lesson for better understanding of how rhythm is played and how drum notation and drum notes are read. Feel free to improvise with the drum kit included in this app and play along with any song that you wish! Learn drums and musical notation in a professional way with the fastest and most modern system.
He or she strums rhythmic patterns with ease and learns the basics of popular music as a matter of course.

But Musicartaa€™s unique teaching material has you a€?strumminga€™ chords at the keyboard in no time at all.
You can use the application's slow-down, repeat and zoom features to help you learn more quickly. After that, you learn a set of variations which model all the contemporary keyboard playera€™s knowledge and skills. Or click up to the series home page for an overview and particulars of the download procedure. Once you know the chords thoroughly, you go on to the Variations sections, where you learn to use what you know to create dozens of different variations on the Pyramids chord sequence a€“ just as you would want to do with any song youa€™d play. Electric pianos feel the same to play as an acoustic traditional piano but of course take up less room. From Stevie Wonder, Elton John and Lennon and McCartney, they’ve all contributed hugely to the modern song repertoire with some of the best songs of the modern pop era. These exercises are built with various types of rhythmic figures and will teach the drummer how to read and write drum notation.
This is the only app where you can learn how to read music for drums and play on an actual drum kit at the same time.
This method is very simple and extremely visual and does not include any complicated or unnecessary explanations. System includes ebook with tons of lessons and musical notation and also easy to follow step-by-step videos for each exercise.
The guitar pupil plays freely within his or her limits without reading music.Old-style piano lessons are almost the exact opposite!Piano pupils are presented almost immediately with a daunting mountain of technique, and are limited in what they can play by the music they can read. A sustain pedal is really important too, because without one, as soon as you lift your finger off a key the sound stops dead. You will learn musical notation and how to read music for drums with rhythmic patterns that are commonly used in contemporary music.
Carefree self-expression without years of preparatory work appears unthinkable, and popular music and its characteristic keyboard skills are often looked down upon, if acknowledged at all.

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