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This is the fingering for a C Major scale.Learn the fingerings for all of the major scales here. The Instruments of MusicThe PC has strived to make the music experience at St Luke's Church a congregational attempt and endeavour.
That's the old Reed organ that served St Luke's church in the years past{actively possibly upto 1990}.This instrument was donated by Dr Arthur Devapriam's family. What changes did Bartolomeo Cristofori make to the harpsichord and why did he make them?How did Mozart play the keyboard?
Ultimate GuitarUltimate is an excellent site if you want to enhance your knowledge of guitar chords. NotefriendsNotefriends is a woman on youtube who gives out her knowledge on Youtube about recorder.
8th notes- guitar chord chartGreat resource if you want to learn more chords without a capo and just to enhance your skill.

A-Z Guitar TabsSimilar to ultimate guitar, this site is for the more advanced group of guitar   players. Formed in 2003 by Ryan Tedder and Zach Filkins, the band achieved commercial success on MySpace as an unsigned act.
This site not only gives you different versions of chords, provided by others, but also allows you to change the key of the chords given and also tells you how to play the certain chords in the song.
Almost like a one on one lesson, she teaches you from step one whether it be from holding a recorder or even starting to read notes and rhythms. This site lets you hover over a note on the virtual keyboard and it shows you exactly what fingering is needed on the recorder to play that note.
Meaning that you'll learn about what chord will come after a C chord or an F major 7 chord. This tablature shown on this site also shows finger plucking and swift movement on the guitar strings.

This allows you to adjust to fingering  on the recorder while still being able to play a song here and there.
In 2003, the band was discovered by actress Kelly Barrett in Hollywood who connected them with her cousin's Jimmy Ienner and Donnie Ienner, who was the President of Sony at that time directly by making one phone call to get the AR Reps to their show. This site gives you lessons on any weak areas, tests you on perfect pitch or relative pitch, and even allows you to play other instrument virtually.

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