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Englishtype are experts in teaching people of all ages how to touch type and have been involved with typing for over 15 years, with many, many satisfied customers. Learning to touch type at home is easy - the program contains everything that your child needs to learn to type, so you just have to install it and get them practising.
Choose which version of Englishtype is best for your needs; we generally recommend Junior for up to age 12 yrs, and Senior for teens and adults.
Note: you may find Junior appropriate for older children, particularly those with Special Needs, even up to 13 or 14 years.
Some children may benefit from using a customised keyboard rather than a cover, particularly Special Needs children. Learning to type without looking means the typing is learned as a physical skill right from the beginning; looking at the hands while learning engages the brain differently and changes the skill acquisition. Teaching as intensively as possible is the most efficient and effective way to learn to type, daily practice is ideal. Special Needs children may often need a little longer to learn and should be offered and encouraged to take extra time. Many schools encourage the children to have the home version of the software, so that they can practise every day.
KeyBlaze free typing tutor software is designed to assist with learning to touch type and speed up your typing. A portable version of the popular RapidTyping, this software marks the latest in typing software.
Animated Beginning Typing is designed for young typists, and teaches proper typing technique for the letter keys. Typing Assistant predicts and autocompletes your frequently used words and phrases anywhere. ROBO Bill of Materials is a material requirement planning software product for estimating the cost of manufactured items and maintaining the inventory.
If you want to learn how to type like a professional, you have probably already looked into some of the many typing tutors out there. A portable version of the popular Rapid Typing Tutor, this software marks the cutting edge in typing software. Alice is a user friendly touch-type-training software for English US and UK keyboard layouts. Software that teaches you how to type with all ten fingers (for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland). Letter Chase Typing Tutor is a full featured typing program that uses a visual method to teach the location of the keys.
SOLO Typing Tutor is a highly effective and easy-to-use typing tutor to get you into the optimal habits of typing.

Learn To Type Tutor has a lot of typing lesson and typing tutorial for user from a beginner to a typist.
APA Referencing Macros are Microsoft Word macros to automate the referencing of papers written in APA Style. Amusing, yet multifunctional touch-typing tutor with support for several layouts: QWERTY, Dvorak etc.
Practicing typing on a keyboard need not be stressful (although it may feel like it at times). Typing Maniac is a Facebook game that will get you addicted as you can compete with friends to see who can earn the most points. Keybr generates readable random words where some words are spelt incorrectly to help you remember common letter combinations better rather than typing random letters. The exercises in this site get you comfortable with the finger placement by repeatedly asking you to type those letters with the correct finger. Learn typing is a basic looking website that has a ton of explanation good for beginners learning to touch type.
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Si pulsas Confirmar, te comprometes a comprar este artA­culo al vendedor si eres el pujador ganador. In our experience, once learners reach this speed, they are much less likely to be tempted to look down, or in danger of reverting back to "hunting & pecking".
Some children readily appreciate the importance of the skill and are happy to get straight to work (finishing homework 10 times faster is usually quite appealing!). The simpler vocabulary and shorter lessons are the fastest way to learn to type; this quick start builds confidence and can boost esteem.
You can easily make a cover from a shoe box or large cereal box, cutting it to the right shape and adding a bit of sticky tape.
This is often helpful for children who may get confused about which finger they are moving if they cannot see it. This way, you can learn in 5 or 6 days; you need about 10 hours of learning, a couple of hours a day (with breaks) can deliver outstanding results. RapidTyping will help you learn how to use your keyboard more efficiently in a few easy sessions for absolutely free.

Rapid Typing Tutor will help you learn how to use your keyboard more efficiently in a few easy courses for absolutely free. Six different lesson types and a detailed result analysis provide diversified and effective training.
You’ll be given a passage of text from a book or lyrics to a song, you then type it out to move your car in a ‘race’ with other players. As words appear on your screen, type them out to make them go away before too many land on the ground and cause you to lose the game! Once you’ve gone through the basics, there are also more advanced exercises which you can do. Learning to touch type before the bad habits of "hunting & pecking" are too well established is very helpful, it is more difficult to unlearn before learning properly. Sometimes a bit of extra incentive can work wonders - if there is a very desirable present or trip you can consider indulging, offering it as a reward for reaching the required standard is often excellent for increasing motivation! If a child is struggling with accuracy in the first couple of lessons, consider using a customised keyboard for them.
Here are a few websites where you can learn how to conquer the keyboard and have fun at the same time. Earn points and get a better score if you achieve each level without missing or misspelling a word. Si resides en un Estado Miembro de la UE aparte de Reino Unido, el IVA de importaciA?n de esta compra no es recuperable.
Some schools choose a time when they are able to change their normal timetable for a week to accommodate an intensive course like post SAT's or Common Entrance, e.g. Be a forward-thinking school and add it to your curriculum, or at home give your child a head start by getting them learning.
Keyboard familiarity is a fundamentally different aim to teaching touch typing, and can promote "hunting & pecking", so be clear on your long term aims before embarking on keyboard skills. Keyboards can be purchased cheaply on the internet or in computer stores, then you can adapt it with paint or stickers. However, this often isn't practical so the simple rule of thumb is the more often the better.
Making sure the that F and J keys are easily identified by touch is also very helpful, e.g. If practice is only once a week, it will take longer to learn to type (it's like learning to drive, you can learn in a week, or in 5 years, it depends on how often you practise).

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