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However, some Lao scholars have been able to retrace where the word "Khene" came from in the form of legend. Laos, the Kingdom of A Million Elephants, under France's protection and later made it into a colony. They found the Lao to be peaceful, attached to their beautiful natural environment and aree life style. MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface is music file format that allows your electronic musical instruments to communicate with each other. Also, you could load a midi file on to a lot of musical instruments such as your electronic keyboards, synthesizers, drum machines and play it.

The Lao deported to Siam, thus, took along with them their rich culture and musical traditions.
You could download the keyboard chord chart from this post and start practice playing them. I really like this file format because you could do so many things with it.  For instance, if a key is too high for you to reach you could lower it and vice versa. I would suggest you start out with learning these chords first – Dm F Gm Am C Bb – When you learn these five chords you could play just about all Lao country songs out there because with the keyboard you could use the transpose button for scaling the notes.
Adding and removing instruments is easy with a midi files.  Check out these free Lao midi files!

And if I want to get the chords for the song I would mute all the channels except for the guitar chord. If you are looking for a specific song feel free to email me and I will let you know if I have it.  Go ahead download it and let me know how you like them.

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