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I remember starting with simple chords like C, F and G when I started learning to play the piano. I suggest that you do the same. After learning these easy piano chords you can move on to chords that are a little more advanced. Learn how to play all 12 major and minor chords as well as diminished, augmented and seventh chords. For instance it is much easier to play in the key of C (with no sharps and flats) than in the key of F sharp.

You will learn how to form basic piano chords and more advanced ones (such as 9th, 11th and 13th chords) on our main piano chords page. Learn how to play piano chords with the Piano For All piano course.
It makes learning to play easy with Casio?s watch and play key lighting system integrated into the 61 piano-style keys. With an adjustable six different heights, the ARST stand is the perfect compliment for your Casio keyboard.
Enjoy 4K resolution on streaming video services and, even on your standard HD media, 4K upscaling offers a great improvement in clarity.

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