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We pledge to repair or replace, at Safco’s option, any Safco product or component that is defective in material or workmanship for as long as you, the original purchaser, own it. The following listed parts, components and supplies are covered under warranty in accordance with the below schedule following the product purchase date. Five Years - Glides, casters, and polymer-based components, stacking chairs, user adjustable work surface mechanisms, seating upholstery fabrics, foam, laminates, veneer finishes and other covering materials, drawer glides and power strips.
Freight damages; Safco is not liable for any product damages sustained during shipping or handling operations. Product negligence; A product is not considered defective upon improper installation, or misuse of the product or its components.
Once a defect has been discovered, the original purchaser must contact Safco immediately (within 30 days of defect detection) with the serial number(s) from the product(s) in question. Upon inspection of the product(s), Safco will collect all relevant information necessary for review of the request. Product replacement, replacement parts, and repairs will be authorized by a customer service representative if acknowledged to be necessary under product warranty eligibility conditions. When you click on links to various merchants on this site and make a purchase, this can result in this site earning a commission. Treat your office to the ultimate keyboard tray with the Ergonomic Keyboard Tray with Swivel Mouse Platform from Systematix.
Relief Donation: Hertz Furniture will donate a portion of all sales made through Thanksgiving to the Red Cross Disater Reflief Fund to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. The rear mounted cable of this portable computer keyboard drawer will keep the cables from hindering the movement of the drawer.
This portable desktop keyboard drawer is ergonomically useful therefore; it must be of a prudent use. Keyboard tray platforms have been around for many years and yet they are still not as well known in the office environment as they deserve to be. Just as lots of better quality cars now have adjustable steering wheel height and depth settings for perfect arm and wrist positioning. Sure a keyboard can be easily moved on your work surface especially if it’s a wireless model so why would a keyboard tray platform make my height adjustable desk any more flexible and easy to use?
On the face of it there is some validity to thinking this, however it’s actually not as clear cut as it appears. When you have a keyboard tray fitted to your desk it adds a good deal of flexibility to the way you work.
Next, it offers the opportunity to alter the vertical position and angle of your keyboard to gain greater comfort. When you work regularly at a height adjustable desk each day it’s likely you will vary your working posture several times during the day between sitting and standing.
Unlike a fixed desk where your way of working remains pretty static you now find you are presented with many different ways of working. You will likely discover that the way you address your keyboard and mouse will be different if you are standing to work rather than sitting. This is where a keyboard and mouse tray system is so useful for fine tuning how you want to work. Whilst the right equipment will give you all these benefits it’s important to understand the different types of tray and why some are best avoided.
Keyboard trays come in a number of different formats and some won’t be of any benefit to you. The most basic form is literally a tray which holds your keyboard and slides in and out from the underside of your worktop.

Next up is a larger version with room for your mouse as well as roller bearing runners so it slides in and out more smoothly. If you are going to get the best out of working more flexibly you need to look at a keyboard system.
Top end models like Humanscale’s Platinum Keyboard System even include a dial-a-tilt feature for ease of use as well as choice of mechanism to tailor things to your exact needs.
To get the true benefits of keyboard and mouse working flexibility you really need to go for a good quality system platform.
Additionally, the ability of the mouse tray to swivel and adjust as a separate surface is definitely desirable. It really does make sense to have a truly movable keyboard and mouse when working at a height adjustable desk.
Here’s where you can find out more about some excellent keyboard tray platforms which will help you work more effectively.
Ergonomic Home is an online furniture store since 1997 with 24,000 + customers, and 37 years of office furniture industry experience.
The Great Lakes Keyboard Tray and Mouse Shelf provide users with the perfect complementary accessory for their rack mount flat screen monitor and server equipment.
Including an adjusting mounting option from 19" to 23", waterfall cable trays, cable rings, cable tie slots and vertical channels; this rack is perfect for keeping things tidy around the IT room. Built to deliver a sturdy equipment mounting solution at an economical price, this open-frame server rack is made of lightweight aluminum that's strong enough to support up to 1500 lbs of servers, patch panels, and cable management. Safco provides specific policies and requirements regarding shipping and handling and reserves the right to review and address product distribution matters separately. Due to such natural variations occurring in materials such as wood and leather, these characteristics are not considered defects.
Use the best raw materials from well-known manufacturers across EU including France, Germany and Italy. A rack-mountable, sliding drawer designed to hold the keyboard in a ready-to-use pose in your rack; this drawer is equipped with a powerful locking drawer.
This drawer is a cost effective way to deal with servers in the server racks whilst minimizing rack space used. This drawer is adjustable in three different height customizations to suit your ideal position, it has a mouse shelf which mounts either in the left or right side that is depending on which side you would choose to place it. This drawer is sturdy and resilient, its ball-bearing glide tracks can provide smooth flow of the movement and the keyboard stopper can hold it tightly on the preferred place whilst you work. A keyboard tray lets you do the same in the office and helps avoid nasty problems like repetitive strain injury (RSI). For a start if you are doing work that doesn’t need the use of your keyboard then you can simply shove it out of the way and have more desk space. This is pretty important as mouse and keyboard really do go hand in hand when you’re working at a computer. And whilst you can move your keyboard and mouse on your desktop without a tray often it’s a great help to be able to change their vertical position. It’s really quick and easy to reposition your keying posture as you change your working stance.
These are generally pretty crude and often have nowhere for you mouse to sit and should be avoided. When you find the perfect settings there is no danger of losing them you simply dial them back up again. This will normally be supported on an articulated arm and give a good range of vertical adjustment as well as being able to vary the angle of the tray too.

This is the second time I placed an order with them and both times the product was received within one week of the date of order. This 2 RU shelf helps to simplify the working environment, by providing you with a fully adjustable platform that can be mounted at any height, so you can comfortably use the keyboard and mouse, whether you're left or right handed.
UL listed and manufactured in the USA by Great Lakes Case and Cabinet Co., this rack mount shelf is a standard for all manufacturers' 19" rack mount applications. This keyboard tray also includes full 360° rotation and smooth movement on a 21 precision glide track. Each related material and product passes strict quality control before we deliver the finished product to you.
The front panel has a retainer and built in handle in order that the drawer can be protected in the rack at what time it is not in use. Aside from the keyboard drawer, the other models take in the 1U rack-mount tray for miscellaneous, tools and media storage applications. Install it simply on your table; the manual in company with all the other essential elements are provided in the set. You will never find you are forced to work in an inflexible or uncomfortable way, because it becomes natural to alter things quickly and easily. It could be more accurately described as a keyboard and mouse tidy, somewhere to push them out of the way when not needed. This provides the all important ability to alter the height and angle of your keyboard and mouse.
My husband and I are very impressed with your site and products available (and the sale prices - best on the web). Note: The keyboard arm is sold separate to allow you the ability to tailor the features your specific needs.
It is designed to be able to pivot for a convenient working angle and be mounted on a 19" rack at any desired height standing or sitting.
Available in 1U or 2U rack case, this heavy duty steel constructed shelves meet the ROHS specifications.
In the meantime, if you have any questions or would just prefer to place your order by phone, please call us toll-free at 866-222-0030 - we'll be happy to help. This light weight keyboard tray also has attached ball-bearing slides that give stability as in use. Maximizing your working place is not unfeasible, now you can work expediently and be productive. Any description of the goods sold here under, including any reference to Buyer’s specifications and any description in catalogs, circulars and other written material published by Safco, is the sole purpose of identifying such goods and shall not create an express warranty that the goods shall conform to such description. This portable keyboard tray is priced in a manner which they can be bought for SOHO or commercial or government applications. Be prepared to have your desk accompanied with papers each day without fretting of more working space. SAFCO WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES NOR FOR ANY SUM IN EXCESS OF THE PURCHASE PRICE.

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