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Todaya€™s business-owners are on the lookout for a mobile device that has a tableta€™s physique and a laptopa€™s core. Boasting the slender appearance of a tablet with the power and performance of a laptop, the Surface Pro 3 is less than a centimetre thick and lighter than a kilogram. The Surface Pro 3a€™s lightweight, powerful processor ensures mobile employees can work efficiently no matter where they are, while the video conferencing capabilities allow staff to collaborate effectively from any location.
Although the Surface Pro 3 comes with its own set of benefits and challenges, the device is being touted as the best laptop replacement on the market. With the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft accommodates the slew of employees who are no longer chained to their desks. The shape-shifting device converts from tablet to laptop using a Type Cover a€“ a thin keyboard with a click-in mouse.
The Surface Pro 3 aims to replace three devices with one powerful hybrid, ensuring staff remain productive between meetings, during travel, when working from home and more. Business owners struggle to get employees to collaborate efficiently enough to bring about innovative outcomes. A study by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited found 75% of millennial employees dona€™t think business leaders are doing enough to encourage practises that foster the development of new ideas. When organisations implement the Surface Pro 3, innovation through collaborative processes becomes easier.
Polycoma€™s survey revealed video conferencing leads to better collaboration between geographically dispersed colleagues. Having a portable device that supports crisp note-taking, annotation and video conferencing, allows employees to collaborate effectively, promising more valuable insights and contributions to the organisationa€™s future. According to Hewlett Packard, security remains the biggest inhibitor to the adoption of mobility solutions. Microsoft offers the Complete for Business package, which includes a three-year warranty, accidental damage protection, faster exchange service and Surface setup support. Enterprises looking for a mobility solution that wona€™t compromise their organisationa€™s future need look no further than Microsofta€™s Surface Pro 3. The Surface Pro 3 doesna€™t come cheap a€“ it starts at $799 without the Type Cover, depending on specifications like storage and performance.

Whether Microsofta€™s Surface Pro 3 is the device to end all other devices remains to be seen.
The apple iPad mini wireless bluetooth keyboard provides you the dual benefit of protecting your iPad 5 as well as providing you with a bluetooth keyboard.
Microsoft Surface e sulla rampa di lancio: Microsoft sta preparando da 3 a 5 milioni di tablet con Windows RT. Microsoft Surface con Windows RT e in cantiere: sara a scaffale dal 26 ottobre, pronto per le vendite natalizie.
La versione Professionale Microsoft Surface Pro con Windows 8 e basata su chip Intel “Ivy Bridge” arrivera sul mercato 90 giorni dopo. ITespresso e il sito di tecnologia dedicato a tutti coloro che sono appassionati dei trend del mercato IT, non solo di nuovi prodotti (smartphone, tablet, app innovative…) ma anche dei fenomeni che stanno cambiando il modo di lavorare: virtualizzazione, collaboration, cloud, byod. Technology vendors like Microsoft are now blurring the lines between the two devices, offering one device to replace them all. The device offers the convenience of a tablet and functionality of a laptop, supporting a truly mobile workforce. The docking station instantly connects the device to external monitors, making it indistinguishable from a traditional desktop. The Surface Pro 3 enables innovative practise because employees can record and share ideas as they surface, video conferencing with co-workers from anywhere in the world. The Surface Pro 3 allows for up-to-date communications, heedless of geographical location and time zones. The Surface Pro 3 has two cameras a€“ one at the front and one at the back of the device a€“ supporting high-definition video conferencing and producing clear photos, as well as Dolby audio, ensuring a true pooling of expertise and creative ideas.
The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes with a business support package, ensuring organisations can buy with confidence. Yet the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is equipped with the latest security and manageability capabilities that Microsoft is renowned for.
Microsoft has also promised to continue to support the Surface Pro 3a€™s Operating System (OS), Windows 8.1, and future upgrades to Windows 10 upon release. However, when compared to similar products, the Surface Pro 3 is competitively priced if purchased without the Docking Station.

Occasionally, when the Surface Pro 3 begins to overheat, the fan spins loudly to try and dissipate the heat.
In the meantime, the convertible, streamlined laptop provides organisations with the supreme advantage of truly mobile, efficient workers. Microsoft avrebbe in cantiere da 3 a 5 milioni di pezzi di Surface, secondo il Wall Street Journal(Wsj), contro i 10 milioni di iPad Mini (stimati per Natale) e i 17 milioni di iPad venduti a trimestre.
Attento alle innovazioni apportate dal mondo social, ITespresso guarda con interesse le dinamiche dei social network, da Facebook a Google, dando consigli e strumento concreti anche alle piccole e media imprese per utilizzare l’IT a vantaggio del business. International team members can jot down new concepts for operations, products and services on OneNote a€“ the inbuilt note-taking application a€“ as they come up with them, sharing them online or in virtual meetings. For example, the removal of the original Start Menu continues to vex loyal Windows OS users.
Microsoft has said they will be offering a $150 discount for organisations buying the Surface Pro 2, Type Cover and Docking Station bundle in the coming weeks.
This can be fixed by launching the Task Manager and closing the Windows Installer Module and Windows Installer Module Worker. It makes collaboration easier and more effective, while Microsofta€™s Complete for Business allays the fear of a train wreck implementation. The display stand makes it easier for you to write using the bluetooth keyboard or watch movies. Il Ceo Steve Ballmer ha pero finora affermato di non attendersi grandi numeri per i primi 12 mesi. The keyboard itself is similar in functionality to netbook keyboards with full qwerty layout.
La Touch Cover  sara invece in una moltitudine di colori: bianco, rosso, nero, blu e viola.

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