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View DetailsFeatures: Brand new and high quality Durable material,sturdy and reliable Fashionable and trendy black design Holds up to 2 full size electronic keyboard pianos. Roland is world-famous for creating instruments with stunning sounds, and the E-09 is no exception.
The E-09’s impressive sounds and interactive styles make it a great tool for creating songs. The Yamaha PSR295 represents a breakthrough in interactive playing, learning, and offers new horizons for the musician. The BK-9 Backing Keyboard is the new flagship instrument in the acclaimed BK series, bringing together sensational sounds, top-class rhythms, and an incredible selection of premium features. Equipped with a pro-quality 76-note keyboard and weighing less than 21 pounds (9.4 kg), the BK-9 is surprisingly light, making it easy to carry anywhere you want to play. A flagship instrument deserves a flagship sound set, and the BK-9 delivers with over 1,700 fantastic sounds and 70 drum kits.
Filled with full-ensemble accompaniments in almost every musical style imaginable, the BK-9 lets you lead the world’s most versatile backing band as you play. Five independent multi-effects engines (MFX) offer an enormous range of sound processing possibilities, with three MFX dedicated to rhythms and two MFX dedicated to real-time parts.
A built-in 16-track sequencer provides a professional platform for composing and editing SMF data, while the Rhythm Composer lets you create and customize your own rhythms with ease. Building on the success of Roland’s popular E-series arranger keyboards, the E-09W raises the quality standard for entry-level arrangers.
Right out of the box, it’s loaded with dozens of one-touch patterns that you can control and embellish for an impressive performance. An entire world of tone is available at the touch of a button, from orchestral to modern and beyond.
That’s why Roland equipped this keyboard with a built-in 16-track recorder for capturing and developing your musical ideas.
I have received the technics from an estate and would like to get $ 200.00 this will be a great keyboard to play for gigs etc.

Its user interface has been designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use while performing, with an innovative dual LCD system, logical panel layout, and many dedicated and user-assignable controls. 22 sounds feature Roland’s renowned SuperNATURAL technology, providing ultra-realistic acoustic instrument tones with an incredible range of natural expression.
540 built-in rhythms include 25 new selections, and all the rhythms have been remastered with the BK-9’s superior sounds and powerful new effects processing for impressive audio quality straight from the recording studio. Global reverb and chorus effects are available as well, along with two mastering processors that allow you to optimize the sound of the rhythm and real-time sections separately to suit performance venues and add final polish for recordings. The convenient Chord Loop feature instantly captures rhythm backings as WAV audio loops, and also makes it simple to build chord sequences from rhythms to use for composing in the sequencer.
An iPad can also be connected directly to the BK-9 with a USB cable using Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit. Adjustable Metal Heavy Duty T-Stand Music Keyboard Coffin Mixer Electronic PianoPremium Quality! Folding Metal Music Keyboard Electric Piano Dual Tube X-Stand Standard RackvidaXL top quality, Blowout prices, Fast shipping! Making a wooden music stand adds sentimental value and heirloom quality to this basic object. Its sleek,low-profile body is accentuated by colourful, friendly buttons and an easy-to-read backlit LCD. Works flawlessly, it's clean, sounds crisp and is a very well built and reliable instrument.
An innovative dual LCD system and intuitive panel layout make it easy to direct your virtual band, while powerful effects and assignable real-time controls let you select and shape sounds with ease.
10 Favorite tones can be stored for each real-time part, an extremely convenient feature for live playing.
Also included are 500 all-new tones, specially selected for the BK-9 from the expansive Roland libraries.
Via USB memory, unlimited additional rhythms can be added, and MP3, WAV, and SMF files can be played as well.

A great new feature for live playing is the Mixer function, which gives you instant adjustment of rhythm and real-time part levels, MFX parameters, and more using the harmonic bars on the front panel. With the Audio Key function, audio files stored on USB memory can be assigned to the top seven keyboard keys for quick-access playback while performing.
Photo slideshows can be displayed as well, letting your audience enjoy custom images while listening to your music.
You can have the ability of creating, editing, and scoring compositions using software on your PC system.
1000 onboard Music Assistants provide instant setups for every musical style, and you can save an unlimited number of custom setups as Performance Lists to USB memory. The Virtual Tone Wheel sound engine puts legendary organ tones at your fingers, with front-panel harmonic bars and a rotary effect for authentic organ performance.
Additionally, BK-9 performances can be easily recorded directly to USB memory as CD-ready WAV audio. The BK-9 is also equipped for future expansion, with a User Tone area dedicated for upcoming BK-series sound collections.
Other features include a 6-track sequencer for recording songs and performances, plus 487 selectable instrument voices, including Yamaha's ultra realistic Portable Grand Piano function.
The PSR295 comes with 135 built-in styles which will follow your playing like a built-in band. Easy Song Arranger allows song playback in any of 135 accompaniment styles Portable Grand for the realism of a stereo grand piano Yamaha Education Suite with exercises, interactive lessons and the innovative Your Tempo learning mode, which allows the user to learn songs by progressing at a suitable rate; may repeat any difficult sections On-Board Sequencer records up to 5 songs in 6 tracks.

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