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No matter where you are in the world, we'll help you find musical instruments that fit you, your music and your style.
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Roland A-33 76 Key MIDI Keyboard Controller u izvrsnom stanju, koristen iskljucivo kod kuce. The A-33 is a user-friendly MIDI keyboard controller with all the essential MIDI functions -- but at a more affordable price than comparably equipped keyboard controllers. The A-33's piano style keyboard has a 76-note range and weighted action to satisfy even the most discerning musicians. The A-33 allows you to directly select Instrument Group Tones from easy-to-see logic buttons. The A-33 features a professional 76-note weighted keyboard which accurately responds to the strength of your touch, enhancing the dynamics of your performances.
The A-33 comes with two MIDI outputs which are convenient for controlling multiple external modules.
The A-33 will even run on batteries (25 hours with six AA-type alkaline) or on an optional AC adapter. Kako biste jos vise nego do sada uzivali pretrazujuci internetske stranice, povecali sigurnost svojega racunala te tehnicki i vizualno dobili najvise, molimo vas da besplatno nadogradite svoj internetski preglednik na noviju verziju ili da koristite neki od alternativnih preglednika.
The Samson Graphite® 25 USB MIDI Controller gives you all the performance and production control you need to get the most out of your music software.
The Graphite 25's semi-weighted keyboard provides musicians with a responsive and expressive platform that is designed to feel more like an instrument than a controller. Take full control of your DAW and virtual instruments with the Graphite 25's controller functions. Another way players can make the Graphite 25 truly their own is to utilize up to three zones on the keyboard for creating splits and layering sounds. The Graphite 25 features four large velocity-sensitive trigger pads that can be easily programmed and assigned. With a compact body design that is thinner than most controllers in its class, the Graphite 25 is perfect for live performance and studio applications. When combined with the iPad using Apple's iPad Camera Connection Kit or Lightning to USB Camera Adapter, the Graphite 25 is a great tool for making music on-the-go.
Bundled with the Graphite 25, Native Instrument's Komplete Elements software offers a comprehensive selection of studio-quality sounds, effects and tools for modern music production, composition and sound design. With the great feel and total control that keyboard players and studio professionals everywhere crave, the Samson Graphite® 25 USB MIDI Controller brings out the best in performance and production capability. All your personal and credit card details are taken via our secure server so they are encrypted to stop fraud or abuse of your details. Once you have completed your order an e-mail copy of the order confirmation will be sent to you. V12 Classic Credit and Interest Free Finance options are provided by V12 Retail Finance, which is owned by Secure Trust Bank PLC.

It features 76 weighted keys and two MIDI outputs for comprehensive command abilities and operational versatility. The velocity-sensitive keyboard responds to your touch, accurately reproducing the feeling and subtleties of your individual performance. With two MIDI outputs, the A-33 is capable of controlling multiple MIDI devices without using the "Thru" connector.
You can also use the Data Entry slider to control tempo, a feature especially useful for solo performers. Simply save parameter settings to an assigned Patch, which of course can be edited and programmed to suit your specific creative requirements. There's a selectable velocity curve to suit your playing style as well as match the requirements of the sounds and music styles you're working with. The Data Entry Slider allows for MIDI control messages including adjustment of effects and makes your performances more dynamic and expressive. Combining an intuitive 25-key semi-weighted keyboard with a feature set that is both useful and accessible, the Graphite 25 is a sleek, powerful tool that allows you to express your most dynamic musical ideas. It comes equipped with velocity-sensitive keys that accurately capture the dynamics of a performance. With dedicated Transpose and Octave buttons, you can change the key of any given instrument, as well as expand the keyboard to a full 4-octave range, without using any sub menus or shift keys. It features a programmable master volume fader, eight encoders and four function buttons, all customizable for the ultimate in hands-on control. This function allows different sounds to be assigned to different sections of keys for a completely personalized setup. It's constructed for optimal playability whether it's placed on a solid surface or mounted to a keyboard stand. With over 3GB of samples, Komplete provides you with more than 1,000 premium sounds and three mighty player engines ? all carefully compiled to provide a strong toolkit for both stage and studio. Orders placed on a Friday before 4pm will be delivered on the following Monday.  Saturday delivery is available at extra cost and can be selected at the checkout.
Capable of handling everything from onstage performance duties to studio programming, the A-33 boasts an unlimited range of applications. With three selectable velocity curves, the A-33 allows you to find that all-important keyboard feel -- not only for your individual playing style, but also for the sounds and musical genre you're working in.
In split mode, for example, you can play bass with your left hand and violin with your right. With the "CC00" button you can quickly change banks to access the GS Variation Tone required for swift and effortless control over GS sounds.
Plus button control to expand the keyboard up or down two octaves to cover a wide range of notes, and a key transpose function which makes difficult chords easier to play.
With all of these comprehensive features, not to mention classic Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels, the Graphite 25 puts a wide range of musical expression and tone manipulation at your fingertips. Not only are they customizable, they can be programmed on-the-fly without the need for editor software.

With the keyboard divided into sections, the Graphite 25 lets you control two, three or four unique voices simultaneously. For additional mobility, the Graphite 25 can be powered directly by the iPad when you are away from your desktop computer. However, the hassle of assigning them, and remembering what they are assigned to becomes so tedious that you usually end up turning back to your mouse.The Novation Nocturn 49 Keyboard's Automap control software solves both these problems. Layer mode lets you combine different sounds -- like piano and strings -- for an enhanced variety of creative performing styles.
An expression pedal and sustain switch can be controlled separately for each zone or for the two zones together.
Connect the A-33 to a GS sound module, press the desired Patch button and you'll retrieve settings ideally suited to your MIDI system, right away! The Graphite 25's large LCD screen displays the behaviour of every function in real-time, enabling intuitive mapping with any software you're using.
Record your bass, string, pad and lead tones all to a single track and leave room for your creative ideas to run wild. Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. To assign controllers, simply click on the parameter, touch a knob or button, and it is assigned! The built-in Data Entry Slider provides full MIDI parameter control for quick data programming in the studio and comprehensive real-time control during performance. With the Key Transpose function, the A-33 lets you play even the most intricate chords or solos in the key most comfortable to you. Instead of using a small monochrome LCD screen, Nocturn Keyboard displays control information where you really need it: on your computer monitor. Nocturn Keyboard ships with Automap standard, which acts as a software interface for the unit.Instant AssignmentAutomap enables you to map parameters in your software plug-ins, straight to dials and buttons on the controller by simply clicking on a parameter, then touching the controller.
There is no longer any need to sift through long lists of MIDI continuous controller numbers.
This applies to encoders, control-buttons, drumpads, modulation wheel, sustain and expression pedals; Automap can instantly assign them all to software parameters. Automap can integrate with Logic, ProTools, Digital Performer and any other HUI compatible sequencers, using the HUI control protocol.Displaying Control InformationThe Automap GUI graphically displays all the controls on Nocturn Keyboard, visually showing you what software parameter is assigned to each control, exactly as it is laid out on the unit. You can also name each control, turning the GUI into a giant screen where all information is instantly displayed and updated. With this, there is no need for a tiny LCD screen on the unit, which can only display very limited information.Automatic MappingAutomap will automatically assign knobs and buttons to parameters on a huge number of the most popular plug-ins. We are constantly building more maps which are available on the community pages of the Novation website.

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