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This is a beautiful looking Hockey Table game controlled by the use of a built in Piano Keyboard. This table hockey piano controls each player separately by a different note on the keyboard. If you are a Geek who likes New Gadgets, cool Technology or fun Designs and want to write about it, let us know!
This interface is intended for an edutainment game that teaches players how to play the piano keyboard along with their favorite songs. I created this interface in Photoshop, and I made the background image rendered in 3ds Max.

Because of the arena the table hockey game is taking place at, the piano keyboard looks a little bit like a church organ…and it should. I would hope that as your piano abilities increase, the game would get more intense and involved. As the song progresses, the user plays along on his own keyboard and hits the desired note as it approaches the bar on screen.
The drama of the game, the music, and the many players of the team grant this artistic creation status and ingenuity. The top bar houses options for mode of play, the level of difficulty, and the song selection menu; each of these would have a drop-down menu if selected.

With that, just like the old Galaga arcade game, you could have two piano musicians battle it out. The bottom bar has familiar playback options in addition to audio adjustment sliders to meet the player's individual needs.

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