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After extensively reviewing more than 15 keyboards for Android phones we established that each one has its own strengths and weaknesses and it was up to the user to decide which features and characteristics best suited their needs. Today we will be focusing on Samsung’s native keyboard which can be found on the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab.
There ya have it folks, if you have any more tips or know of any hidden shortcuts, comment us below! Hector, a UMPCPortal reader, has sent us a review of the Samsung Ativ PC 500T keyboard dock. The Samsung ATIV XE500T has been somewhat a bit hard to find in-stock, that goes for other Clover Trail devices that we were supposed to see released in October.
First impressions of the ATIV keyboard dock, once you get it in your hands, it looks very plasticky and doesn’t look of high quality build for the current price of $129.
The keyboard keys are a bit in the plasticky feel side, you do have to push down when typing on the keyboard, but overall I did get use to the keyboard and typing with no problems at all. The Samsung ATIV docks in the keyboard very easily and with a push of a button releases the tablet smoothly.
Check-out the video review of the keyboard to get an in depth feel for the ATIV keyboard dock.
Unfortunately this is my experience with Samsung; good price but cost cutting ruins the experience!
Please firstly compare the picture with your keyboard before you place an order, especially the ribbon cable (position, length and width). 4G LTE smartphones allow for 10x faster connections, with download speeds of 5-12 Mbps and upload speeds of 2-5Mbps. The Stratosphere details line up pretty well with our post from Friday, and are OK for the $149.99 price tag. The keyboard dock will be released towards the end of May 2014, and so far it is only taking orders for a bundle where the keyboard is sold together with the 32GB model of Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 too.

Samsung have always made good official keyboard docks for the Samsung Galaxy Tab line, so I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this new keyboard too. Throughout our continued testing, we have also encountered some neat tips and hidden features that we would like to share with you guys. One of the biggest advantages to this keyboard is that it comes default with your device (also it’s free), so let’s switch it on and try it out! I was able to get a hold of the ATIV keyboard dock which again ┬áhas been in short supply at the moment.
I am hoping even though it is built in plastic like, I won’t bump this on a counter to hard or I might just see something chip off.
The keys are chiclet style and are very much like the current keyboards you see in other laptops. Make sure that the model of laptop and part number of keyboard is the right one you need as well as the layout version. Starting on October 13th, you’ll be able to go online or to your local Verizon store to pick up the first 4G LTE smartphone with a physical QWERTY keyboard. Like msot Android smartphones, we expect to see this price cut in half within a month at third party sellers like Amazon and Wirefly. This tablet dock have a built in battery even, which extends the already great battery life of the NotePRO 12.2. Or, $100 for the keyboard if we base the tablet price on the $749 MSRP, even though it can be had for $685 from Amazon Prime at the moment – sans the keyboard. I can see Samsung trying to make the keyboard light as it has some weight to it to keep the tablet from tilting back. Above you will see the maximum tilt angle you will be able to have the tablet once it is docked. When you click down on the trackpad, again sounds very hollow, hard to describe but doesn’t sound or feel of high quality.

The hinge part is made out of some type of metal and is very solid as well, keeps the ATIV from tilting.
I expressed concern over the lack of a LED charging indicator, I also asked about how to check the battery level on the keyboard dock.. Also, the first version to be launched is the black one, with no white keyboard edition in sight yet. One thing to keep in mind though, the palm rest on the keyboard dock is a bit short, this means your palm ends on the edge of the keyboard dock, so a bit uncomfortable to type.
Once again, when you push down on the center button, this will release your Samsung ATIV and you will be able to easily remove the tablet from the keyboard dock and is very well done!
The MacBook Air 11.6- inch weighed 2lbs 10oz and the Samsung ATIV with keyboard dock weighed in at 3lbs 2oz. The keyboard dock also doesn’t contain an additional battery as some retailers have posted in the descriptions. So this does make the keyboard dock a bit on the high price without having an internal battery. I can see that Samsung was trying to keep the weight down so when the Samsung ATIV is docked, you can see the setup be under the 3lbs which in my books is very portable system, which is in par with the Samsung Chromebook at 3.3lbs.
I did find that when I was using the USB port the cover did get a bit in my way when inserting the USB flash drive.

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