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This phone actually does wonders with all your documents, allowing you to easily open and edit them in a snap. The iPhone *for some crazy and wrongful reason* is known as the king of sorting photos, but you can’t even create folders on the iPhone! Overall this mobile phone is loaded with all the bells and whistles, a 5 mp camera, 720 HD video camera, bing maps (satellite view is awesome) and definitely stacks up with the others.
That’s usually the answer I get from Apple fanboys when I prove them wrong or point out how inferior Apple products are. One of the most common questions we're being asked in the aftermath of our HTC HD2 unboxing is how its on-screen QWERTY keyboard compares to one of the other eye-catching smartphones of the quarter, the Nokia N900. In our HD2 unboxing yesterday, we suggested that "Even in the short time we’ve had the HD2, we’re already faster at typing on it in [landscape orientation] than we are with most hardware keyboards on smartphones."  That's because of the combination of the on-screen keys being large and ideally sized for two-thumb typing, holding the HD2 horizontally and reaching across with each digit, together with HTC's excellent auto-correction and predictive text. In comparison, the N900 - despite having a hardware keyboard - is more cramped than the HD2, and while we appreciate the tactile feedback of the physical buttons (the HD2 does have haptic feedback, buzzing briefly when each on-screen key is tapped) they're smaller than on the HTC. As for overall size, while the HD2 is obviously longer and wider than the N900, it's considerably thinner. We're still working on both our N900 and HD2 reviews, so consider this just a brief comparison between the devices. By signing-up, you agree that EXPANSYS PLC and our respective group of companies can contact you from time to time by email with information on products, services and offers. Whether your contract has recently expired or you just are plain and simple bored with your current cellphone, then you may be looking to upgrade soon. Also, Windows Mobile 6.5 will be officially available to download for the HTC Touch Pro 2 around the end of the first 2010 year quarter.
Speaking of upgrades, the Samsung Moment also has a large upgrade available that unfortunately requires a visit to the Sprint store.
Update (May 9th, 2010): You can now dual boot between two different operating systems on the HTC Hero! I fortunately didn’t have any issues when I used the Samsung Moment Though I was much happier with the HTC phones. I bought 2 Samsung Moments for my college kids and I bought the HTC Touch Pro 2 for myself, I travel internationally every week.
Glad to hear you like the Samsung Moment The OLED screen is definitely beautiful and it shows.
If you don’t want to do that though, try visiting another store that may carry the phone, such as a Radio Shack. Probably not, I saw a posting about the latest boot and people saying how good it is….
Also what are the thoughts of the original Motorola Droid, since it’s only $99 do you think it is better than any of these other phones considering the price? So, what is the best phone I can get without getting the more expensive Sprint plan if I only need it for text messaging, not email, no web needs? C’est dans des lignes de code que certains auraient decouvert un nouveau smartphone chez HTC nomme Vision, qui aurait la particularite d’embarquer un clavier physique !
Need android avec un clavier physique type Touch Pro(Rhodium) mais embarquant le Snapdragon ou autre proco qualcomm plus performant.
Meme si je trouve cela petit , je n'ai pas de conte a vous rendre et on est pas la pour faire une polemique sur ceux bonne journee. Tres agreable a utiliser, mais le faite de relever l’ecran de temps en temps, … ca s’use tres vite !
Android+Sense + Un vrai Clavier physique = C'est carrement un truc qui pourrait alleger mon compte en ! Bonjour, il y a deux mois avec mon pote, j'etais en train de parler du portable de reve qui est exactement celui ci. Take the time to RATE and COMMENT after you install, your opinion will help us improve our work! We know it’s from Windows and we know that with everything it does, it does it pretty fast.
However sifting through people and all your music is easy, but the HTC does a pretty nice job of making everything visually stunning as well. Responsive mechanical keyboard features a black leather exterior and wireless Bluetooth pairing.

The problem most people seem to be having though, is that they are not really sure about which of the latest cellphones or smartphones they should buy. The Samsung Moment’s 800 MHz really helps it compete against the 528 MHz processors that HTC is using. The Hero uses SenseUI (a graphical interface designed by HTC) whereas the Samsung Moment uses just plain, old, vanila Android 1.5. Unlike most smartphones you see today, this one has a trackball to allow for navigating and playing games. It’s very bright and beautiful because of this, though still can give you trouble in sun light.
This is absolutely ANNOYING for some people since everywhere they go has Wi-Fi and each of these phones has the ability to use Wi-Fi. Samsung Moment ATSC TV Tuner As you can see in the picture, there is an antenna connected to the Samsung Moment. This is going to be a very welcomed upgrade to many and will cause many changes in the graphical user interface of the phone itself. It provides some fixes for phone glitches that some experience, updates to third-party apps, and more. If you upgrade the operating system on the HTC Touch Pro 2 you can solve some of the issues that you experienced, but not everyone enjoys Windows Mobile 6.5.
However, both phones have an advantage in one area when it comes to their photo taking capabilities. I have been debating on buying a new phone, and I was really hoping to snatch up a Droid X or an EVO 4G, but money issues have knocked me back down into the second grade of phones. Meme si ce n’est pas une raison, j’ecris les commentaires via mon portable et j’ecris assez vite . Unlike usual leaked pictures, these leaked picturesare surprisingly clear, and gives us a good look at the physical QWERTY keyboard present on the phone, which looks similar to the T-Mobile G2.
We checked one out and put it to the test against the big boys, the Blackberry and the iPhone to see how it stacked up. For Sprint, many smartphone buffs right now have their sights set on only three different phones: HTC Touch Pro 2, HTC Hero, and the Samsung Moment. HTC will be delivering their faster processors in their next release of phones, but for now, Samsung takes the lead. HTC implemented a special speakerphone that automatically operates the speakerphone when the phone is flipped over. As mentioned earlier, this phone also has an 800 MHz processor, which makes it one of the fastest phones out there hardware-wise.
You do not have to worry about breaking these bad boys, though that doesn’t mean throw your phone around. It really is disappointing to see that users must go to Sprint stores in order to update their phone, but life is life. It’s slightly better using wi-fi but still is pretty bad (stutters, skips, repeats, jumps to next song seemingly randomly). The phone book is easier to navigate on the Samsung, the screen is much brighter on the Samsung.
I debated over the moment and this one and I decided on HTC because of the out port for video. HTC’s intuitive user interface changes usually make people very satisfied after all and you would still get the opportunity of using an Android OS instead of Windows Mobile. My recommendation would be if possible to try and hold out until you have enough money for the EVO 4G.
I was originally going to get a new phone a couple months ago when finances were better then I had a bunch of unforeseen expenses come about. Each of these phones offers something new and exciting to the cellphone world, and each dominates in a certain area.
Well, it means that users of the HTC Hero will have to wait for updates pertaining to both SenseUI and Android, whereas users of the Samsung Moment will simply upgrade Android alone. This allows for people in meetings to quickly turn a normal, private phone call into a public discussion within seconds. The non-Sprint version of the HTC Touch Pro 2 does not come with this connection though so keep that in mind.

This antenna is an effort to save battery life for the phone since instead of connecting to SprintTV you are grabbing the HD broadcast from the open air. You can not program separate ring tones for non-caller ID calls, which is a must when overseas. This way you not only get to try each phone out, but you get to do so for a decent period of time. Sprint gives you 30 days to exchange the phone so once again im on the market for a new phone and im actually considering the samsung moment…any other suggestions? I really would still like to have the closest thing to a Droid X or EVO 4g though, but cost is still a concern. I currently have a few other things on my plate but with this crappy phone in the condition that it is in i can’t go on with it.
Joined with conferencing capabilities and other goodies, this phone will allow for business productivity to increase.
This allows the phone to change its lighting depending on whether or not you’re inside or outside. You can purchase this phone for a lot less from Verizon or T-Mobile, though their hardware will be a bit different than the Sprint version. Do know that if you mess up when attempting to put multiple operating systems on your phone, it could no longer work. My list goes on and on, my best solution is getting the Samsung and using an old unlocked GSM in Europe with caller ID and non-ID tones.
I figure sense you have such great advice, and everyone has really informed questions, maybe you guys can lead me in the right direction on this one. Since I am forced to get a new phone I really want to get my first smartphone, and thats why I was originally looking at the Evo and the Droid X. Look out for the over-the-air update if you don’t feel like going to the Sprint store!
However, the creator has stated that the chances of bricking your phone (aka making it no longer work) are very low since only the lesser important aspects of the phone are being modified (meaning that the spl, radio, and recovery areas are not touched). Yes it expensive up front, but for all the old sprint plan holders that don’t want to change to a simply everything data plan this phone works with the old ones. Though I haven’t personally used Skyfire on the Samsung Moment, I did get to use it on the old HTC Mogul, and it ran well even with flash. While the phone itself is actually infamous for being built strong, it doesn’t boast much more than that. I would really like to be able to watch and stream video on my phone, as well as be able to utilize web features and email.
Also, depending on whether or not you purchase a European version of this phone, it will have a chin that sticks out. That price isn’t bad, but you can find this phone on sale at places like Best Buy if you want it even cheaper (and possibly minus the mail-in rebate). I like the Hero, but having a keyboard is a must, i really dont like typing on touch screens. While that may not be a problem for some people, it may be for you depending on what you’re looking for. Users will receive a free upgrade to 6.5, which makes the operating system more finger-friendly.
You get a bit more touch screen space on the Droid, which is nice, but at the cost of the Droid being bigger. I’ll probably hold off a couple days while I weigh the options and look for factors that may push the decision one way the other. In the end, it depends on whether you are a tactile person who needs to touch a real keyboard or not. On Windows Mobile, HTC’s TouchFlow software is there to try to make life easier, similarly to the SenseUI for Android.

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