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2005 Yamaha GB1, 5’ grand piano, serial #J2213269, one owner.  Excellent condition inside and out.
Built in 1998 in Thomaston, Georgia, this is a Yamaha P22 professional studio piano with the Disklavier player system built-in. Model CLW14 Clavinova built into decorator style console cabinet.  Has MIDI for connectability to other musical devices, plus stereo input, output and headphone jacks. You can enjoy the concert without playing class 192 sound that extensive polyphony with the heavy use of pedal and roll number to use large amounts of playing time to sound out.
Grand Piano, played at long release release sound like grand piano is holding the following keyboard keyboard back, beautiful sound representation, as well as good crisp, staccato guitar, legato playing, expressive features. Includes lesson function LS1, recorded the Etudes of Bayer (126 songs), burgmuller's 25 (25 songs), Czerny-30 (30 songs), all 181 songs. Notice:The articles, pictures, news, opinions, videos, or information posted on this webpage (excluding all intellectual properties owned by Alibaba Group in this webpage) are uploaded by registered members of Alibaba. Kawai offers their famous models such as the ES series as a portable digital keyboard as well as the CA series and CP series. This was the feature most often cited by owners of the CE200 as the reason for their purchase.

Including Steinways, Yamahas, Baldwins, Kawai's, Chickering, Yamaha Disklavier, and a 9' Baldwin at a "give-away" price! The Organ is in a "C" style cabinet with a closing lid and also has built in reverb as well as in cabinet speaker system. With PHI to represent the difference between a delicate touch from a weak shot separately in several stages up to bang and recorded waveform and achieved a smooth tone (progressive harmonic Imaging) technology. Due to the rigidity of the chassis, but strong touch keyboard structure becomes less variety performers touch exactly sound change to providing not only the keyboard behavior more accurate detection, improved high key tracking and control high made it possible to more delicate musical expression. This delicate hammers can practice and improves control, high-quality grand piano-feel has been reproduced.
Is the muted colors in the chic looks like furniture, become familiar with the Interior variety. Hurt piano that pinch a finger, even if accidentally knocked the lid to prevent the system is completely secure. User registration from a private Web site and PDF sheet music of the concert magic songs 40 minutes!* May be different from playing the music note that please. This would be a Great starter Piano with a price of only $1395.00 This will go very quick so hurry in!!

Also, not only when striking detects when your fingers off the keyboard speed in staccato release sound (reverberation) Stacy, longer release tone in Legato, expressive grand piano has been reproduced.
You can enjoy high-quality piano playing, and wherever you put in a compact body of depth about 31 cm (*).(*) Without falling prevention equipment.
You can also save with your favourite music or song practiced also recorder capable of recording approximately 15000 sound (3 songs).
Creates a musical sensation has a setting for when the damper pedal resonance (soundboard), close to the grand piano. However, an incredible action counts for almost nothing if the sound quality doesn't measure up. A new one would sell for around $24000, This one can be purchased for $8750, This is a rare find and will sell fast!!

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