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A Piano Store in Michigan, Marras Piano & Music provides new and used pianos for sale and music lessons including piano lessons in Detroit, Michigan, based out of Livonia MI. This Ivory Kurzweil Baby Grand is the famous model series originally designed by the Inventor Ray Kurzweil for Stevie Wonder.Since then many other artists such as Paul McCartney and Billy Joel have used this pianos for performance and composing. A digital piano designed in an authentic Young Chang grand piano cabinet, the Mark 152i offers the features of the Mark 12 in a grand cabinet. The Mark 152i includes 325 unequaled sampled sounds that continue the Kurzweil tradition of the finest sound quality in the industry. The Mark 152's display provides easy-to-read, "no jargon" text, with intuitive menu choices.
The Mark 152i's Drawbar Organ feature enables you to program and save your own custom organ registrations. If you are a church musician or jazz player, this is the digital ensemble instrument for you. As the Flagship of Kurzweil's Mark Series and in keeping with our desire to present a continuous line of quality digital instruments, all sequences, song disks, style disk and SoundByte libraries created for or on the Mark 10, Mark 150, and Mark 150 Plus will work perfectly on the Mark 152i.
Both Kurzweil and our Mark Series have a long-standing reputation for superb audio quality. The audio system features seven independent amplifiers and speakers, custom-designed to emulate a real acoustic grand piano - with the lid open or closed - so effectively that it is almost impossible for listeners to believe that they are not hearing an acoustic instrument. Reverb: 19 different settings - Room, Stage, Hall, and Space, with 4-5 variations of each type. Style Mixer: Independent volume and mute controls for accompaniment (drums, bass, and three accompaniment parts). Chord Recognition: Basic, Advanced, Chord Inversion, and Full Keyboard recognition modes, plus chord hold feature. Arpeggiator: Auto-note generator takes chords you play on the keyboard and automatically turns them into arpeggios. Drawbar Organ Mode: This special software simulation of a Drawbar organ allows you to program and save your own organ settings.
Song Compatibility: Can play Standard MIDI Files and can read and convert disks from Yamaha PianoSoft and Disk Orchestra Libraries, plus PianoDisc Music Library.

Panel Memories: 90 quick user-storage memories for complete recall of all front panel settings. Edu-Games: This special feature has several different interactive games that are both educational and fun to play.
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We look forward to hearing from all Memphis bass guitar players and owners with a bass for sale. Speaking of history, did you know that the electric bass guitar was invented in the 1930's by Paul Tutmarc in Seattle Washington. With it's 16 track recording center and vast amount of perfectly sampled sounds, it is still unmatched by any other Digital Pianos, including, Yamaha, Kawai, Roland and others. Features include sustain, sostenuto and soft pedals, a Boston-style fallboard, and an 88-note weighted keyboard with three degree tilt, just like the finest concert grand pianos. We hired some of the best arrangers working today to create the most realistic sounding styles on ANY digital instrument. Unlike other instruments which limit you to a fixed number of organ presets, the Mark 152i's organ is limitless. Like the highly successful Mark 150, the Mark 152i is available in a variety of Real Wood Finishes to complement any decor.
In the Mark 152i, our dedication to perfection is taken to its greatest extent, with the combination of our acclaimed sounds and our most sophisticated audio system. Additionally, over 100 jazz, rock, and latin percussion instruments are accessible in 22 selectable keyboard arrangements. Anyone Can Play Mode - allows you to play any note on the keyboard and have it sound correctly in harmony with the chord you play in your left hand. Many different adjustable parameters allow you to specify what type of arpeggio is created. Features all the standard settings found on a typical Drawbar organ, including 9 different partials, percussion, and keyclick.
It was built in Memphis, Tennessee about one and a half years ago using Lindy Fralin pickups and Warmoth parts in the body and neck and a bone nut.

Later, around 1951 Fender marketed the Precision bass and then their jazz bass came out in 1960. Included are a matching bench, owners pack and various software to enhance your library of sounds and effects. Use Anyone Can Play with auto-accompaniments; or Kurzweil's Interactive Music Disk Collection. As Kurzweil develops new and better software, Flash ROM offers you permanent system upgrades- AND THEY'RE FREE.
The cabinet and audio system have been custom co-designed with world-renowned Boston Acoustics to provide the finest sounding digital ensemble you have ever heard.
Harmony feature - adds a full chord to every note you play in your right hand using the correct harmonies, based on the chord you play in your left hand. The owner of this cool instrument is selling this bass because he has more basses than he can ever play.
Now I'm not sure if playing in Memphis is any more fun than anywhere else, but it could be. At only $995 this piano is a great starter for anyone beginning to explore the wonderful realm of music. This unique instrument is available in a wide variety of finishes to complement any lifestyle or decor. Simply push a button to get to your favorite instrument, or press the "menu select" button for a list of sounds related to the category you've chosen. And with the Mark 152's disk drive, you don't have to wait while a song loads from a disk - the Mark 152 can read a song directly from the disk and play it - like a CD player. The Mark12's innovative Edu-Games feature encourages everyone to have fun by sharpening their skills while learning important musical concepts. There is also a scale tester and chord dictionary which helps you learn your scales and chords.

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