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When the application is first launched, you’re presented with a Black screen that can be tapped with your fingers to make music. Immediately upon entering the app, you’ll be greeted with nice upbeat music, as well as some colorful cartoon-like graphics and animations to further stimulate your experience. Tap the Monkey icon and you are greeted by an imaginative playground containing some bright, fun graphics that grab your attention right away. Its bright colored keys, real musical notes, cute smiling animals and eye-catching design stimulate auditory, visual and language development for your kids within one app. Musical instrument first and game second, My Little Piano is the perfect app for developing hand-eye coordination and the love for music. Note that if the developer provides the product or not, this does not impact the review or score.
Smule, makers of other popular music creation apps for the iPhone are offering a unique iPad app called Magic Piano.
The playground is in the top of the screen, in the middle are 6 different icons (each represents a different type of learning interaction) and the bottom of the screen has the piano keys, where most of the action takes place. In learning mode, kids can learn musical notes and names of seven animals through a vivid and lovely voice.

Mike is a regular guy who has a tech side, specifically a love for mobile apps and touch gaming. I didn’t mind the lessons themselves, but it wasn’t something I enjoyed committing to on a weekly basis. Clicking the circular piano image in the upper Right corner will toggle between 3 unique onscreen piano keyboards. If you have questions as I work on the review, click the link above and leave comments with your questions. The only other buttons on the homescreen are options to change the language (English, Portuguese, or Spanish) and the About tab. The really cool and amusing part comes when you select any of the 6 different learning icons such as the piano keys, which is a free-play function where kids can tap on any of the lower keys and when they do so, they will see animals fly up from the bottom of the playground area filling the playground screen. If the iPhone or iPad existed when I was a kid, I definitely would have stubbornly self-taught myself using something like Piano Professor. The only thing missing here (to me) is a Help or Instruction page to help users (Parents) understand the piano portion, but this is mostly understood through experimenting a little bit once inside the learning area. A neat interaction here for kids is the option to tap on the flying animals, and when doing so each will disappear from the screen, providing for some extra added game-type fun.
Learn by Playing: My Little Piano is an iPad piano learning app that I would recommend to any parent with really young kids. Although there could be  a little more information to assist parents on how to use the app, and the price could come down some, this is still a really entertaining and solid kid’s music education iPad app for young children.

But it’s nearly sufficient in teaching a novice player. Right off the bat, I was annoyed that the app didn’t go into landscape mode on the iPad. For an app with a focus on videos, there’s no excuse not to be able to go into a full screen landscape mode of the videos. The videos are informative and the addition of the sheet music being played over the hand that’s playing it is especially useful.
That is absolutely the way learning the piano should be like with tools like the iPad and computers at our disposal. Included is a song book of 20 classic tunes that you can play without any prior musical instruction.
So if the learning player needs to pause to get a feel for the specific small piece of sheet music being displayed on the screen, they can do that without taking too much attention away from their piano. Quick navigation is important for music instruction apps like this because the player doesn’t want to take their hands or their attention away from their instrument. The app contains a quiz about lessons learned in the app. Some of the questions ask for useless information like the length of a specific note in a specific exercise or the name of a song in a specific exercise.
The ugly interface would be the next weakest. I wouldn’t suggest this app as the only support for learning how to play the piano.
For the novice player, I would suggest getting beginner piano books and perhaps even take lessons.

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