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Imagine Music is a boutique music school based in Sunbury specialising in piano, keyboard and violin tuition. First & Last Name*Telephone Number*We require a telephone number in case our response ends up in your spam folder. If you have a passion for the piano, you do not have to put it aside especially if you live in West London.
Even if you have never had any experience with the piano, you should not shy away from taking lessons from an expert. Keyboard Piano Lessons will help you to connect and send the qualified piano teacher with proven success track records directly to your home. Certificate of Achievement is a total musicianship program that helps each student develop proficiency in the art of making music. I have to confess that I didn’t enjoy those Saturdays spent with my teacher, who was a charming elderly lady, especially during the latter years.
I tapped and tapped and tapped on the bathroom door, pretending to play the keyboard, when either of my parents was taking a bath. But where do I find a teacher who gives more than just piano lessons and is geared towards developing a musical child? I came across The Hoffman Academy as my husband and I were trying to decide whether we should already enrol our 6-year-old in piano lessons. I was intrigued because the video lessons are available online for free and you can just use those and be fine. I said “our” because after all those years of piano lessons, I still had a lot of a-ha moments as my daughter and I learned together. Since these are video lessons, you can fit it into your schedule easily. You can also watch the lessons again and again and again if you have to. A student, whether a child or an adult, learns at his own pace, which is something that I highly value.
New lessons refer back to old lessons, so the student actually sees how lessons and musical concept are related to each other. A parent without a musical background might feel doubtful about her child’s progress.
My husband and I both have a bit of background in piano, though he is definitely more musical that I am, and we love how the lessons are presented. Whether you are a busy working mom, a work-at-home mom, or a stay-at-home mom, you are sure to find parenting and learning inspiration on our pages and parent education workshops to empower you to be your child’s first and best teacher.

Positive Discipline for Toddlers and Preschoolers (August 6, QC)Positive and discipline are two words that are not often used together. Literature-Based Learning: Using Picture Books As Stepping Stones To Learning (August 6, 2016)Learn how to use picture books as stepping stones to learning (and bonding!) in your homeschool or after-school activities at home. We will develop your skills through an individually planned program tailored to fit your needs.
Perfect if you are looking for piano lessons E1, EC1, piano lessons EC2, piano lessons in EC3, EC4 piano lessons. Rest assure students will see themselves progress & develop the skills they need to pass their exams with flying colors and perform like a pro in the fastest time possible. Students earn 1 point for each portion of the evaluation which they pass, up to four points per year. I’m embarrassed to say that all I have to show for all those years is that I can read and play notes automatically.
I only kept at it because, gulp, I felt guilty that my parents bought my piano after incessant badgering from me.
With a piano and an eager child, the next step was to find a teacher who fits the ideal in my head. However, there are also complete supplemental materials for different piano skill levels for only $20 for each unit. We especially love the lesson on music composition because it makes the student aware of the different components of music early on. This is important to me because I feel that an ear for music adds enjoyment to learning music instead of just reading notes. Hoffman Academy encourages parents to send their kids’ videos, and through it, the Hoffmans have seen that students do manage to have excellent posture, hand position, etc.
Because the program is flexible and easily available, we have this tendency to postpone piano time. We have a four year old who has, from a very early age, been drawn to music and while we tried a few in-home lessons early on it wasn’t quite clicking. My name is Mariel, homeschooling mom of three, a Kindermusik educator, a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and editor of The Learning Basket. Lessons are available weekdays, after-school, after-work and weekends providing many options and flexibility for students, working people and families. This means that you can have private lessons at your convenience from some of the best concert pianists in London.

We take you at the level you are and work at transforming you into an expert concert pianist.
After a few years, especially once she started playing Bach, Elizabeth came to love the piano.
And even when my lack of musical skills became apparent, I felt that I just had to keep going to my piano teacher! Hoffman, as we fondly call the pianist-founder of the website, has become our piano teacher. However, some parents might feel unsure of the effectiveness of the program because the face-to-face interaction is not there.
But it hasn’t taken away the joy that my daughter gets every time we do have a lesson. I’m encouraged to look into this approach and the $20 per unit cost is an additional and much appreciated motivator.
You no longer have an excuse of putting your passion aside because it is not convenient to have the classes. All you have to do is make the initial step to try as out and we shall make the whole experience fulfilling and unforgettable. She eagerly asks for it and loves playing with the practice mp3 songs and answering the activity sheets.
This makes them work harder at helping you become the best you can at the level you are training at. With out lessons, you will be able to entertain guests, have a new pastime, be happier and learn the most beautiful piano compositions there is in the world.
Zombie!) is something that even my little boy (who sits in with his sister sometimes) has not forgotten! The lessons are also simplified to make the learning process fun, captivating and worthwhile.

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