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But one of the things that I find people tend to gloss over when they talk about learning Arabic is how to successfully marry Arabic language with technology. After all, most language learning takes place in the form of old-school resources like books and papers and hardly any thought or explanation is given to how to type, send a text, Google search in Arabic and so on and so forth.
It’s a little ironic, considering how much more of our time is spent online rather than offline.
I personally only came across this problem when I first started studying at Qasid Institute in Amman, when the teacher demanded a full 1000-word essay in Arabic, typed up and emailed to her by the end of the semester. After panicking for a good week, I decided to just buckle down and sort out how to go about doing this. As such, here is my manual that will hopefully make your transition from writing to typing Arabic much less painful. Arabic QWERTY is a different animal in the sense that the Arabic letters match as much as possible with the letters in English by how they sound.
After selecting the keyboard, you will notice that at the top right hand corner of the screen, right beside the date and time, a country flag will appear to show which keyboard is currently in use.
In order to change the language, just click on the flag and select from the list that appears one of the keyboard you’ve installed.

Now for example, if you want to switch from your English keyboard to your Arabic keyboard, open the Messages or Whatsapp application and you’ll have to click on the Globe icon on the left side of the space bar and this will allow you to toggle between keyboards. On the message screen, simple swipe the spacebar from left to right in order to toggle between keyboards. If all else fails, go to either here or here to get any and every tech issue you could possibly have sorted out when it comes to typing Arabic. Seriously, I should have just posted am empty page with links to both these pages, they are that awesome.
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Please remember that I am not a techie of any sort (in fact I will be the first to tell you I’m the biggest tech idiot around) so I only went about trying to solve the problem in as few steps and as simply as possible.
Under Personal, go to Language and Text, where you will see four bars at the top, Language, Text, Formats, and Input Sources.
Go to input sources and click on the checkbox that corresponds with the language you want to have available.

This comes in especially useful if you need to search on Google for something in Arabic or create any type of document.
I can’t lavish enough praise on Yamli Editor , I used it for most of my assignments and got away with it, and later on experimented with Arabic Keyboard with much success as well. I clearly can’t devise instructions for every single smartphone out there, but I do know how to do this for iPhones and Samsungs. Each step-by-step lesson is taught with full-motion video demonstration from Irma Justical, a piano teacher at the Juilliard School of Music. For the rest of you smartphone users out there, you can use this as a sort of template, or even better, trying Googling how to change your keyboard input. Let’s face it we probably can’t help you out, but share with us in the comments and hopefully another commenter can!

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