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England could have won Euro 2016 with the squad Roy Hodgson selected, according to new manager Sam Allardyce. Sammy Lee has rejoined the England coaching staff - with Sam Allardyce insisting his appointment is one of many to follow in the near future. Male athletes from South Korea get to avoid a mandatory stint in the military if they win a medal at the Olympics.
Sam Allardyce is the perfect man to galvanise and restore the confidence of the England team, according to FA technical director Dan Ashworth. This is a question I get almost every day from people interested in taking singing lessons in London via Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy. First off for people who know little about me I am a singer who originally started as a guitar player but ended up having a pretty wide vocal range and control.
So why people struggle so much with singing and playing guitar at the same time like I did myself in the past and still do a bit on syncopated phrases and syncopated rhythms and stuff? Inability to sing and play at the same time comes from synchronisation issues between what you are singing and playing.
Do you remember what was it like when you were practicing scale sequences on the guitar for the first time and how hard it was to play consecutive up down while alternate picking? In order to sing and play at the same time you will require the same amount of practice and patince.
Next thing you need to do is to learn your guitar parts really well so that you can do it on autopilot.
So the very first skill you will have to develop is the ability to play guitar and count out loud at the same time regardless of how complex the guitar part is.
And I know that this might be a little advanced and if this doesn’t benefit you, it’s an extra. This is something that has helped me over time which is to be able to come up with a syncopated rhythm or first, get my guitar parts down.
So you play the part over and over and over again and then you work on just that little part.

One is on autopilot because we know where that is (demonstration) where the quarter is just going or the hat’s going or something is going on a meter, and then you have it, but it’s much easier to practice to a drum machine. Ken Tamplin has always been referred to as a “singer’s singer” with vocal references to his cousin Sammy Hagar, while guitarists have hailed his playing, songwriting and production in equality to some of the biggest names in the business. In addition, Ken Tamplin has also found success in national television commercials for Nestle, Hotwheels, Acura, Ford, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Japan Airlines, Lux, and Shakey’s to name a few. I created OmniFeed 5 years ago to learn how to make websites and I've been improving it ever since. I have decided to write this instructional article for you guys out there as I know that a lot of you might struggle with playing guitar and singing at the same time. I guarantee that singing and playing will become your second nature and you will do it on subconcious level as you do with your alternate picking. I bet that when you practice guitar you break everything down to the smallest and most basic element and master it first in isolation? I want you instead to think how guitar parts can help your guitar playing and how your guitar playing could support your singing. So I actually do that with my hand, then strike the one on the guitar so that I’m not having to go, okay one is I sing one and the other one is I play one. So, the optimum thing to do is to sit on the phrase you’re having trouble with and do it over, and over, and over again.
If you can get a drum machine, it’s so nice to just put on a drum machine with a straight thing so you have that working for you in the groove and you can practice over and over and over again doing these pushes and pulls while you’re playing. Next I want to do a quick supplemental on song writing because I think this is also a tool that could be really helpful and we’re going to do that now. Ken’s past successes, such as his highly acclaimed groups Shout and Magdallan, has continued to expanded horizons for Tamplin to be asked to sing for such groups as Foreigner, Motley Crue, INXS, Skunk Baxter (Doobie Brothers) , Jeff Lynn (ELO), Geazer Butler (Black Sabbath), Accept, Journey and even Peter Frampton. Ken is helping singers from all over the World how to sing via Ken Tamplin Vocal Academyon-line singing lessons. How about special video introductions of Cave Quest Bible Memory Buddies to use during Sing & Play Rock?

I bet you just answered that it was understanding the rhythm behind it and slow and consistent practice. I recommend that you learn your vocal parts using a quarter note beat and find out which words fall on the beat and which off beat. Usually the groove is what keep them both together and this is where you need to look for commonalities.
No, I actually do both and I’ll find some other way to bring that in without actually… instead of going (singing) See the man with his lonely eyes.
Then, I integrate the vocal on where it sits on the hits of either a quarter or eighth note phrase.
It reminds me kind of a drummer and a drummer can really relate to this- a drummer’s kick, “boom, boom, boom…” He’s got to negotiate all of these syncopations with all of his limbs. I must admit I always struggled to sing and play guitar at the same time until I watched this video.
Then, I determine how much overplaying I need to do on the guitar to make sure that I can understand the grooves or have something working that is a rhythmical thing that helps me get in the pocket of a groove. What I do is in my mind, I keep that clock going, and I go (singing) See the man with his lonely eyes.
You always have that quarter note meter in your head, and you’re always thinking about the meter, you really only have two things to negotiate.
I know that sounds weird, but what I do is I’ll actually strike the chord of the guitar with the vocal, not really hitting it.
I’ll hit it with something else or kind of pretend to do it so that I can keep the rhythm going in my head of where that vocal falls.
But have you really been thinking about it in terms of a quarter note groove or a groove that’s just constantly doing this in your head?

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