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Processor choices of the 3542 available on Dell’s official web store are the Intel Celeron 2957U as the most basic option and the Intel Core i3-4010U as a mid-range solution. UPDATE: A newer version of the notebook, with the latest Intel Broadwell processors, is available now.
This computer works ok most of the time but sometimes it just freezes up when typing email or doing other things.
I’m currently considering on upgrading the hardware on this laptop to have 8gig of ram and one of the higher end processors. You can try to do Setup via Tablet PC Settings (right click the Windows Start button, then click Search and type Tablet PC Settings in the search box). If the Tablet PC Settings aren’t available, you should check if touchscreen drivers are properly installed and the touchscreen device is enabled (right click Start button, then click Device Manager and under Human Interface Devices check if HID-compliant touch screen is enabled). Dell claim on the official site that only select 3542 configurations have keyboard backlight, but I haven’t found any available for purchase with it so far. Display doesn’t produce vibrant colors, but on the positive side they look realistic. Trackpad is wide enough, but the height is short, so it has a kind of weird aspect ratio and it requires a bit of time to get used to it. The laptop feels sturdy and the matte palmrest and lid don’t attract fingerprints as much as glossy ones. Notebook reviews, laptop reviews - mobiletechreview, Notebook laptop reviews information . History laptops - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A history laptops describes efforts 1970s 1980s build small, portable personal computers combine components, inputs, outputs . Please firstly compare the picture with your keyboard before you place an order, especially the ribbon cable (position, length and width). A high percentage of the laptops we receive for repair are damaged because the user went with a part that was not original,and it ended up damaging their laptop.
To avoid electrostatic discharge, ground yourself by using a wrist grounding strap or by periodically touching an unpainted metal surface (such as the back panel) on the computer. The key caps on the keyboard are fragile, easily dislodged, and time-consuming to replace. Before securing the latch on the system board connector, ensure that the keyboard connector is seated and the tabs on the connector are properly aligned with the slots on the system board connector.
The new HP Folio 13 has the samsung 128 GB SSD hard disk which is not enough as compared to other laptops in the market, but still you have to adjust accordingly.
It is packed with 4 GB RAM which boots up this gadget in just 26 seconds.Most importantly,it is expandable to 8 GB. The new HP Folio 13 is installed with the Windows 7 Professional ( 64 bit ) which gets boot up in just 26 seconds.
The HP Folio 13 is configured with the Intel HD Graphics 3000 card which makes you feel good while playing games and gives you a good gaming experience.
It is packed with power full batteries which can last upto 7 hours and 50 minutes without being charged and it is not at all bad.In battrey backup, it gives competition to other laptops in its class. The HP Folio 13 has narrow but well spaced keys which are more comfortable to touch even when the keyboard gets warmed.
There are many HP Business Notebook 6730b 6735b Keyboard replacement options offered here on our site, but please make sure you match your model number correctly.
We focus on bring the best HP Business Notebook 6730b 6735b Notebook Keyboard sales to our customers and strong desire our customers can buy their satisfaction HP Business Notebook 6730b 6735b laptop keyboard. The laptop has only one SODIMM memory slot, so upgrading to 12 or 16 Gigabytes won’t be possible. Speakers with power of 2 x 2 Watts (quite satisfactory power for laptop-use speakers) are located on the front edge of the laptop. Also, the fan seems to run a lot, the speakers are not loud enough, and it is very hard to type on it!

Its been a year since I got it and its working perfectly fine but its better to be safe than sorry as dell is know for their hardware issues at times. If the latter isn’t visible in the Device Manager under HIDs, you should check if drivers for it are installed. I can’t find it for sale with the backlit keyboard, but a 5000 or 7000 series backlit keyboard is a direct replacement.
The Nvidia 820M is a very basic dedicated video card, with performance only slightly better than the Intel HD 4400 you can find on the Haswell i3, i5 and i7 CPUs.
Really weird given that they’ve put an indicator on the Caps Lock key, but no for the HDD or Wi-Fi.
Right-click on the Start button in the left lower corner on the screen, click Search and in the search box type Bluetooth. Make sure that the model of laptop and part number of keyboard is the right one you need as well as the layout version. All of our products are directly purchased from various reputable manufacturers throughout the world. With all these configurations , this laptop comes with Windows – 7 Professionl ( 64 bit ). Many similar models do not have compatible HP Business Notebook 6730b 6735b Keyboard replacement.
We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, high-capacity and low price Replacement keyboard for HP Business Notebook 6730b 6735b laptop. The 15 3000 is characterized by 1″ thin and elegant square-shaped design with matte black surfaces and chiclet-style keyboard keys. I type 60 wpm, but the cursor sometimes jumps to another part of the page seemingly for no reason!
Only issue is that it gets stuck sometimes or slows down, but then again could be due to virusus as I’m a tor downloader. I can run my favorite games (Diablo 3 and CounterStrike Global Offensive) above minimum graphics (id say about halfway between minimum and highest) with no slowdown. The speed of just about anything is horrific, especially considering I’ve only had this laptop for about two hours. My 3000 series has the cable connection for the backlight, so it was as easy as ordering a new keyboard for $35 out of china.
I really love it, it is beautiful with its non glossy built but i can also notice that volume speakers are kinda low. If it has there’s usually some key shortcut (Fn button + something) to turn it on and off.
The only good thing about it is 2GB of VRAM memory, so it doesn’t use the main memory. Here are my thoughts about the 15 3000 series, with exception of computing performance, heat, and fan noise because of different CPUs. Click on the Bluetooth Settings icon below the search box and there you can turn it on or off.
Even with 4 GB RAM , the Folio 13 boots up in just 26 seconds which is not a bad speed at all.If the RAM is expanded to 8GB , then the story will be more impressive.
HP Business Notebook 6730b 6735b Laptop Keyboard is almost perfect after two consecutive tests, that is, tested by electronic devices and human hands. The 3542 models are based on Intel’s computing technology, as opposed to the AMD-powered 15 3000 3541. The 1366×768-pixel display is powered by graphics processors integrated in the main CPUs.
Thankfully, there’s a removable panel on the bottom of the laptop, so you can access RAM and HDD for upgrades. That makes typing up a document very slow as I must hunt and peck with one finger to keep it from moving the cursor! The speakers suck, which is surprising because thats one of Dell’s bargaining chips to make you want to buy it.

Yeah, having only two lights on the entire notebook is really weird, especially if HDD and power up LEDs are missing. I actually had to lean my head on the palm rest to hear if the disk is working when for example I load a large game and nothing is happening on the screen.
Through this direct selling model, middleman cost is greatly minimized and so WE PASS THOSE SAVINGS TO YOU! Besides the DVD drive, on the right side there’s one more USB and a media card reader. The keyboard doesn’t light up which is a huge no-go, especially when I have to stay up all night writing papers. With an Intel SSD and Linux Mint it does my video editing, virtual machine work and anything else I toss at it. I am considering on buying a new ram, since i always have lots of applications, tabs open, so can anyone please recommend a 8gb one? But, I have found a solution: Activity Indicator program, which shows HDD activity on the taskbar. In addition, because of our sophisticated and vertically integrated supply chain system and streamlined order fulfillment system, we are able to offer high quality products with amazing low price and excellent customer service. This flexibility regarding removable parts is rarely seen on the modern thin laptops and is a major plus for the Inspiron 15 3000. I feel like this computer is straight out of the 90’s with the plain square and office deign to it. Definately an economy offering, but with an I5 and 8 gigs of ram it offeres lots of value for me. It is kind confusing to me since i dont know if a 1600mHz one with CAS 11 is better or worse than a 1333mHZ with CAS 9 or 10. The mouspad is too close to the keyboard so often I find myself messing up my writing, which is very annoying when I delete a whole page or two worth of writing with a slide of my arm.
Whenever I opened the internet tab, after about 30 minutes, the browser would go all white and freeze, and I would either have to restart the program, if not the computer itself entirely.
The processor is trash, and I wont even dare attempt to play any games or download anything onto this computer. Traditional input is provided via a spacious keyboard with numeric pad and trackpad with integrated mouse buttons.
Also, for some reason, when I properly shut down the laptop for a few hours if not longer, when I start it up again, it would occasionally make this near deafening beeping sound that reminded me of life support failing.
Id recommend for purchase unless you want to shell out an extra 200 for the 1500, with full hd. With another consideration that I’ve only had this laptop for two hours, trust me and run.
In the official documentation, Dell says the 3542 is optionally offered with keyboard backlight, but we weren’t able to find that option anywhere.
I wasn’t expecting a rocket ship, and perhaps with my luck, it is only I that just happened to have the one copy of this one model that just turned out to be shit. I recommend you save about $400-$500 dollars in addition, and purchase an actually regularly functioning laptop.
I feel bad ragging on a company or a product, and I rarely, RARELY, ever do, no matter how bad it may or may not be. However, after what I went through with my former laptop just deciding to stop working for no reason at all, this is the last fucking thing I needed or wanted.

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