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Check out our 5 tips below for working on touch, tone, and how to ad that spark of beauty to your piano students’ playing. Attempting this with complex repertoire makes this process a bit too difficult to fully comprehend the end goal, so start simply (even just with pentascales) and focus on the ability to phrase one hand while the other plays silently.
These 5 tips will get you started on developing beautiful tone in your piano students’ playing… but we know that everyone has their own wonderful tips and tricks on this subject!
Of course the tips will be so different depending on the age and the level of your student. If you've ever thought about making an income from piano lessons while honoring God I wrote this book for you.
February 29, 2012 : By TrevorToday we are excited to announce the launch of our new piano teaching resource, Happy Birthday Bach! Happy Birthday Bach is the first book in our new series, Piano Party Packs by Teach Piano Today.
Your kids will gain valuable performing practice in a setting jam-packed with Bach-inspired crafts, music games, and much, much more! Benefit from the increased revenue of group piano classes while throwing a party where your students can have a blast enhancing their musical education surrounded by their piano playing peers! If you are excited to throw the most unique and exciting group piano session your students have ever attended, click below to purchase and instantly download the ebook, Happy Birthday Bach for $11.99.
The group class would work for ages 6 to 12 and is designed to work for a multi-age and multi-level grouping.
Would you use this in addition to the weekly private lesson or does it replace all the students lessons for that week and everyone comes to the party instead? What is the fewest number of participants needed for this Birthday Bash to be fun and effective?
Yes Andrea, another composer from the Classical period, one or more from the Romantic period, etc. Since my Bach Master class, I have made up my own Master class parties on Beethoven and soon Mozart!
I bought 5 keyboards, stands, and benches several years ago and they are all back in the closet!
There is a masterclass portion to this Piano Party – but it is just one of MANY activities the kids complete.
I am very interested in this resource and was wondering if you had a flyer advertising a piano party in general? The Happy Birthday Bach pack comes with little invitations you can hand out to advertise your party ?? They’re super cute. When students enter my studio for the first time in 2013, they’re going to unlock a safe and pull out the Piano Password.

Susan Paradis has a really fun game called Silly Sentences that is great for teaching terminology. February 3, 2013 : By AndreaPiano teachers spend a lot of their day thinking in segments of time.
Building a relationship with your students comes from a a combination of conscious effort and effortless ease, but all it takes is 5 minutes.
Now that the first five minutes of a piano lesson are settled, spend the next 5 minutes warming up in the most unique and innovative way! Previous Post: Next Post22 Responses to The First Five Minutes of a Piano Lesson Can Make or Break You.
Then, it’s equally important talk about the coming week toward the end of the lesson.
Hi Chrisanne – it’s always nice to reaffirm what you felt was the right thing to do!
I agree and always have made it a point to speak to each child on a very personal level when they first sit down at the instrument.
We’d love to hear from you… share your strategies for how you teach the concept of beautiful tone in the comments below. Sometimes developing a beautiful tone gets lost in the midst of everything else we are trying to teach.
With any age though it helps when you pick up a phrase and ask them to listen to it while you will play it several times using different techniques each time. Written by a piano pedagogy teacher, who has taught music to students as young as toddlers and as old as ninety. Our brand new 25-page resource will guide you step-by-step as you throw a wildly fun master class birthday bash for Bach and your piano students. This was an exciting and modern way for the kids (and myself) to get in tune with a Master Composer from over 300 years ago. I’d like to give it a try but first need to know : would the participating students be expected to be able to play Bach pieces beforehand in order to join the party? Using TEDDtales, the positive personal connection you’ve just made with your students will naturally carry over into these enjoyable stories that surround pedagogically-sound technical exercises. I have made it habit to automatically ask them how their day went, what did they learn in school, etc! Yes I always take some time to connect with them at the beginning, and I agree that it is so important.
While I have no trouble doing this with the little ones who are happy to chat about everything in their heads I have more trouble relating to teens.
So sometimes if they’re very focused on just the mechanics at the piano we can stop and ask what the person listening would say.

It takes away the boredom if there is any, and helps relax and get back to the piano refreshed with fully understanding the concept. This helps them to listen to the way they are playing the music and feel it more, giving it a better tone. It’s a fun way to sharpen your students’ focus at the start of a lesson PLUS get going on some serious finger flexibility, note reading, muscle coordination and more! Kids love talking about themselves and I listen with great interest to what they have to say. A friend who is also a teacher once scolded me that I wasn’t to be their therapist just their piano teacher.
I have a few students who will immediately sit down to play an assigned song or composition but then will stop & ask how my day is going!!!
I find all I’m doing is commiserating with the teens over the tons of homework they get from school and the never ending tests they do.
This keeps the conversation centered on music and also gives me an insight into what they might like to play.
Also, I find immediately listening back to a sound recording is so helpful because then they have all their focus to listen objectively. Then you could ask what version will be the most appropriate for the piece they are learning. It provides wisdom in the spiritual, business, and instructional aspects of teaching piano. Will this work well with having young beginners and older (10-12 yr.) intermediates combined at the same time? They’re always fascinated to hear how different it sounds on the recording than it does inside their heads!! 6-8 year old and then 9-12 year olds) as they’ll have more fun interacting with children their own age.
From a friend sending me a video of him playing Toccata & Fugue on a pipe organ in Liverpool Cathredral in England to walking in (unplanned) on a performance of The Brandenburg Concerto at Trintiy Church in New York City. When you show them that what they say is important too you, it affirms them and gives them more confidence as they grow. It was much easier to use than the toilet paper rolls, though I collected 54 of the darned things.

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