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About this Worksheet:Help your young reader practice the primary sounds of the letters E, F, G and H with this worksheet. Free, Printable Reading Worksheets, Lessons and Activities for Classroom use and Home Schooling.
Many throws coaches shy away from teaching the rotational shot put technique to beginners, thinking that rotation is too advanced for beginner throwers. The goal for beginners should be to dynamically get into and move through the power position successfully while staying in the circle. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with teaching the rotational shot put to beginner throwers instead of the glide. Power Position: The thrower stands in a heel-toe relationship with feet perpendicular to the throwing direction.
Get the athlete turning: Get the athletes used to turning through the circle by using a medicine ball or basketball held overhead. Pivot-pivot-throw: The athlete is now moving through the circle with a basic rotational movement, pivoting on the left foot out of the back of the circle, and the right foot in the middle of the circle and landing in a proper power position at the front of the circle to deliver the shot put. Learn play guitar beginners play, Dear friends if you learn to play guitar bass drums or piano playing a musical instrument is a wonderful hobby and profession that many enjoy with family and friends..

Learn play acoustic guitar lessons beginners, Nothing makes learning to play guitar for beginners online easier than guitar in a nutshell. Learn play guitar lessons, I promise you with my top product choice for learning the guitar you will discover how to read music. I believe the rotational shot put can be just as easy, and in some cases easier to teach beginners than the glide technique. The glide technique requires single leg strength, and other sport specific strength and explosiveness that many young throwers do not have yet. While many think the rotation is more complicated and harder to learn than the glide, it can actually be quite simple. The athlete stands at the back of the throwing circle opposite the throwing direction with feet shoulder width apart and toes slightly flared out.
The worksheet follows the Common Core Standards for Phonological Awareness for first grade and Phonics and Word Recognition for kindergarten but may also be helpful for other grades.
This results in a poor glide, putting the athlete in a bad power position which is very difficult to successfully throw out of.
In a basic form, the rotation allows the athlete more time in a double support phase which results in the athlete landing in a better power position.

The blocking arm is held out 180 degrees relative to the throwing arm with the thumb pointing down as well.
The thrower pivots on the outside of the right foot, while bringing the left foot to the front of the circle landing in the power position, then delivering the shot. I’ve never seen it broken down like this before, and great point with the standard problems that the athletes have with the glide.
The blocking leg is relatively straight creating a line from the heel to the crown of the head. Then step to the toeboard with the left foot, squeezing the knees together while in single support phase.
The athlete initiates the movement by driving the power knee into the direction of the throw until the hips are turned into the throwing direction, then deliver the shot put with the upper body.

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