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Electronically amplified keyboards have become standard equipment in professional recording studios, as well as on many live stages. The sound of an acoustic keyboard is generated when a key is pressed and a small hammer drops onto the corresponding string, causing it to vibrate. Musical instrument Digital Interface, MIDI, was developed to accommodate both analogue and digital technologies in the transference of information between different electronic instruments, such as a keyboard and a computer, and between the technologies employed by different instrument manufacturers. Yamaha's one-touch setting will instantly configure, by means of melody, tempo, voice, and volume, any musical style selected by a user. This Portatone model makes use of dynamic filtering technology, a touch response function and a dedicated button to enhance its piano-playing experience.
This Yamaha model has a USB port that interacts with MIDI without the need of peripherals, such as cables and adapters, to transfer songs from a computer. A music-database button configures the most appropriate selection of instruments relevant to a song that has been chosen from the 100 styles of music on offer.
A music rest, a songbook and an owner's manual come standard with the Yamaha Portatone Electronic Keyboard.
Starting from the eBay Homepage, open the All Categories tab and select Musial Instruments. Yamaha manufacture fully interactive electronic keyboards of high quality at affordable prices. After recording the main demo music, I decided to capture video snippets so you can see the Tyros5 from various angles as well as including some of the images provided by Yamaha.
Freelance Journalist, Author, Blogger & Podcaster specialising in gaming and technology. Ever since he experienced the first controllable pixel movement on the television screen, he has been entranced by the possibilities and rewarding entertainment value generated from these metal and plastic boxes of delight. My Revolution’s 25th Anniversary Box Set Unboxing video – certainly a lot of content here! In a nutshell, the Open Labs Neko EX5 Home Studio instrument is fully integrated, custom configured, and well-equipped to allow you to record and produce music right out of the box.
When designing the KeyStudio 49i keyboard, M-Audio engineers focused on songwriters need by combining everything songwriters need in a single, easy-to-use package so that technology is transparent to the creative process. The Kurzweil PC3LE6 is the first Kurzweil new PC3LE line of Performance Controller Keyboards.
The Arranger workstation is second to Yamaha flagship arranger Tyros3, including Super Articulation Voices, which give strings, guitars, reeds and brass sounds real-time expressiveness previously unattainable on a keyboard instrument, including the slide of a guitarist fingers across a string or the breaths taken by a sax player. Yamaha PSR-S900, Professional features and superlative sound quality: PSR-S900, the new mid-range star of the show! The amazing Super Articulation voices open a completely new level of sonic realism and expressiveness. For each Style there are four One Touch Setting so that you get the perfect instrumental setting by pressing just one button. 891 AWM voices including Super Articulation, MegaVoice, Live, Sweet and Cool and Organ Flutes - digitally recorded sounds using AWM technology for superior sound.
Music Finder Plus - choose from a huge list of built-in titles, and the entire keyboard sets itself up with the appropriate style, tempo, and a choice of four registrations.
Internet Direct Connection with LAN port - allows download of new styles, songs and Music Finder data from a special website. However, the Gear4music extended warranty scheme provides an enhanced service, and is designed to offer a higher level of protection than many 'free' warranties offered by some retailers and manufacturers.
Please note that this extended warranty is currently only available on products sold within the EU or EEA, and is subject to the terms and conditions as detailed on the extended warranty certificate provided.
For customers in outlying areas of the country, the price of the Extended Warranty may be marginally higher, due to the potential for higher collection and redelivery transport costs.
This enhanced warranty is in addition to the standard Gear4music and manufacturer warranty policies, and the Gear4music terms and conditions of trade. Once the product is delivered, you have 30 days to decide that you definitely want to keep it.
Some items are only eligible for money back guarantee if they are returned to us unused and sealed in the original packaging, and in the case of software, unregistered.
We are unable to accept returns of any custom made items designed to work together as a unique package, such as computer system built to a customer’s personal specifications. The instrument's ability to reproduce a large variety of musical tones at the push of a button or pedal has seen it revolutionise the music industry.
The movement of air that results produces audible sound waves that the brain will then interpret.

A digital-to-analogue, or DAC, then converts the numbers into a continuous electrical signal, which is then sent to an amplifier. If a computer is to be used along with the electronic keyboard, then MIDI IN and MIDI OUT connections must be available to interpret possible variances in signals.
A PC button commits MIDI settings to memory and a simple press of a button will return these settings. Users can expand this selection by Internet downloads or by purchasing further styles from Yamaha MusicSoft. Keyboard stands, headphones, sustain pedals and some education software is freely available for purchase independently.
Writing hundreds of articles including commentary and reviews on various gaming platforms, while also interviewing well known industry figures for popular online publications. The Neko EX5 is an alternative to Neko and Miko L-series products and at a more affordable price.
The components that create professional studio have been unified into a single coherent instrument with keyboard synthesizers, drum machines, audio interfaces, a mixing console and a powerful computer foundation to give your home studio the power to produce music like a professional for a fraction of the cost and take your music production to new level of realism. Users can play the on-board piano as a stand-alone instrument with no computer or software required.
Although the keys are not weighted, this instrument responds expressively to subtleties in your playing. The PC3LE6 features 61-note semi-weighted action with velocity and after-touch sensitive keys.
The Kurzweil PC3LE6 is the perfect choice for musicians seeking high-end, professional sounds and features in an affordable keyboard.
The LE new interactive user interface feature has taken the music tech industry into new level of realism. The PSR-S910 enables you to download text files, you can call up lyrics, have them display on your big color screen, and host karaoke night, right from your keyboard.
It fulfilled your needs for a great sounding instrument with pro capabilities and it is also perfect for solo keyboardist. The OTS-Link-Function allows you to change automatically through the One Touch Setting just by changing the Style-variation.
Super Articulation voices respond exactly like the original instrument for ultimate sound realism. No statement or condition of sale contained within these terms affects or restricts your statutory rights as defined under the Consumer Contracts Regulation 2014. If you decide it is not suitable for any reason, you can return it back to us for replacement or full refund, including standard delivery charges. Exceptions may only be possible with prior agreement of the vendor, and may be subject to a cancellation fee. Saturday and timed delivery services are also available as cost options when you add the item to your shopping basket. The extensive use of the electronic keyboard during the 1980s clearly signalled the arrival of, what is now termed, techno music. Amplification of the rapid directional changes of the electrical signal causes movement of air that finally results in sound. Chords are automatically changed as a player changes theirs, while the melody is layered on top. 487 voices, 10 drum kits, 2 sound-effects kits and a selection of sweet sounds that include the flute, trumpet, pan flute, tenor saxes, and soprano flesh out an impressive array of functions. Twelve drum kits provide percussion tracks with a number of other kits, such as Room & Rock and Symphonic and Sound, for enhancing the sound experience. If a particular keyboard model is being sought, then the search can be refined by typing the model description into the search tab and searching. Users should determine their selection of electronic keyboard by considering the purpose for which it is intended. The Open Labs Neko EX5 features 61-key semi-weighted, synth-action keyboard with after touch, 15″ LCD Display Color Touch Screen, 200 plus world-class virtual instruments and effects, including 7,500 plus high-quality pre-sets sounds , with virtually unlimited capability for third party plug-ins and applications. The large touch screen is great because you can physically touch anything on the screen (VST controls, Pro tools and etc.,) without requiring the use of a mouse. In addition, users can also connect the KeyStudio 49i keyboard to a PC or Mac via USB.  Musicians can record vocals and instruments as well as listen to sessions and mixes from the audio outs or headphone jacks.
The on-board grand piano sounds are superb and the sound module has very good sounds and much better than sample from keyboards twice the price. The PC3LE6 incorporates the widely acclaimed sound set from the PC3, including features like Setup Mode, Song Mode and Quick Access Mode.

In addition, no other keyboard in this price-range offers such a broad and deep selection of sounds; orchestral, string sections, vintage keys, virtual analog, KB3 organs as well as drums, basses, guitars, voices and horns are all well represented in a sound set that numbers over 1050. The combination of features and sounds are amazing and the price is absolutely unbelievable. The keyboard puts the performer in charge of hundreds of different virtual bands that sound great due to ultra-realistic accompaniment styles, all at the touch of a button. Super Articulation Voices give you the unique performance characteristics of each instrument and are perfect for playing solo passages and legato melodies, intelligently adding the right expressive nuances to your performance as you play. Yamaha have employed the best of this technology in the making of its Portatone Electronic Keyboard range. The manufacturer has also packaged almost every feature required for experimenting with sound and tone into its electronic keyboards. A backlit LCD displays chord information as well as that of various other functions being used. The PSR-295 also features 32-note polyphony, which is the number of notes that a keyboard can reproduce at the same time. A 6-track sequencer and 5 user song locations make recording and storing of songs easy and convenient. Details of all available items required will be displayed together with details of purchase. Key size can be important, as well as the number of octaves that may be required, which is dependent on whether the instrument is for instructional use, or for live performance or recording purposes. With superior audio quality and upgrade capabilities, the Open Labs Neko EX5 will always be updated and your workstation always sound good.
The M-Audio KeyStudio 49i downside is that it has only 49-keys instead of the 88-keys but, if you can handle the octave buttons well then you can change your octave with just a push of the button. The Performance Controller Keyboard was designed for quick learning curve and unprecedented ease of use.
And world-renowned Kurzweil Triple Strike Grand Piano is front and center, continuing Kurzweil legacy of providing the best, most realistic piano sounds in the industry. Would-be composers will find this keyboard's music sequencer a valuable tool for the recording and playback of pieces written. The instrument is GM MIDI compatible, which means that accurate sounds are transmitted should edited musical data be sent to friends and family via email. Songs can be downloaded from the Internet and stored in a built-in flash ROM; this model also has 100 built-in songs to enjoy. If a sequencer or computer is to be used for recording and playback, then the question of whether the instrument is able to produce more than one timbre at a time is relevant. Voices feature various playing techniques and performance sounds such as finger slides and fret noise on Guitar Voices and shakes on Trumpet voices designed specifically to enhance playback of the 305 built-in Styles. The table below lists a number of Yamaha models in the Portatone range together with features peculiar to each. Recording can be done in step or in real-time mode, and 6 tracks are available for intricate melodies as well as chord and rhythm accompaniment. With a large number of XGilite voices, the compatibility with Yamaha XG software is extended to 3rd parties. Jacks for a headphone and a sustain pedal are provided, as well as an on-board sequencer to record up to 5 songs.
Songs are learned one hand at a time and errors will prompt the keyboard to respond with a pause until the correct note is found. It is also crucial that the keyboard has the connectivity required for certain functional needs.
A split button allows for the keyboard to access 2 different voices, from a choice of 480, and play them individually, while a layering function allows for two sounds to be combined. If the instrument is to be used for instruction purposes, then it is also worth investigating the Watch & Learn Video Series that features Yamaha's top product specialist, Tom Folenta. The effects processor provides up to four effect categories for any voice, including that of a grand piano and drum kit.
The touch response function allows an impressively expressive piano tone, and the style button will ensure sophisticated piano style accompaniment.
Yamaha also makes ample provision for learners with the Yamaha Education Suite, chord guide, smart chord and EZ chord.

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