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I often get asked what the point of the Bass Clef is because its existence just seems to make life harder for no good reason!!
Well, the reason we have the Bass Clef is simple – to make music easier to read by avoiding the use of too many ledger lines.
However, Middle C in the Bass Clef goes on a ledger line above the stave so there are loads of notes we can write below Middle C without having to use any ledger lines.
If you can learn how to read Treble and Bass Clef then you will make a huge leap forward as a musician.

If you need help learning the keyboard keys use this piano notes chart to help memorize the notes.
If we were to use a Treble Clef (remember, Middle C in the Treble Clef goes on a ledger line below the stave as shown below) then we would have to use loads of ledger lines – this would make the music really difficult to read.
The purpose of this music game is to help beginner pianists learn how to read sheet music and remember the names for all the keys. Look at the diagram above – this shows what is often referred to as the Grand Staff (the combination of Treble Clef and Bass Clef).

By learning Treble and Bass Clef you can see the huge range of notes that you will be able to read.

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