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Not only do these friendly reminders result in parents sending their children to the piano bench more often, but it also keeps your piano studio front and center in their minds.
Thanks Kristi – we have a lot of fun reinventing the wheel ?? So glad you are finding the blog useful! Me too – that was always my option, help clean up the kitchen or go practice ?? My mom always made practicing seem like the better choice!
If you are looking for a way to record your piano practice on a daily basis then I heartily commend you.  It may seem like a small detail but it is actually one habit that will literally make you or break you in you piano study. Piano Practice Chart #1 -Simple and clean with piano motif, this chart is easy to print out in black and white and get started.
Piano Practice Chart #2 – Geared up for a little more pazazz choose this one to make it more visually fun. Piano Practice Chart #3 – Mellow out with this blue mood practice chart and stay calm, relaxed and happy.
Piano Practice Chart #4 – Reproduce a hand full of these and keep in your piano bench for making the practice discipline more fun. Piano Practice Chart #5 – Complete with a hands on piano graphic this is a favorite for the younger set. Try standing up and stretching every 15 minutes during your practice.  This will get the blood flowing and keep you from getting pain in your back and arms. Another suggestion is to start your practice with your favorite piece.  Who says you have to always begins with scales or finger studies?  Mixing it up a bit is good for the practice gene. Rearrange your practice space.  Perhaps organizing your books and papers on the piano into neat and tidy stacks will create a new sense of order and inspire that same order in your music. Like flowers?  Put a few fresh flowers in a bud vase near your piano to give a breath of fresh air to your practice environment.

Piano Practice Cartoons and ComicsPiano Practice cartoon 1 of 7Dislike this cartoon?'You win.
Establishing when your piano teacher has crossed the line from strict to mean and finding a good piano for tight spaces are a few of our recommended articles in this month’s roundup of Top 5 on Piano Practice.
Lately, the piano keyboard has been enjoying a Renaissance of sorts in architecture, particularly in the form of stairways decorated like piano keys.
Follow Grand Piano Passion™The online magazine Grand Piano Passion™ is for all pianists, lovers of classical piano music, musicians with hearing loss, and seekers of their passion. Back to Piano Practice—without a PianoThirty-something Joanna Eng is determined to return to piano practice, even though she doesn’t have a piano at home.
I was taken aback when my friend, an adult with a passion for the piano, related this and other surprisingly mean comments from her piano teacher. While not technically an article, the elegantly written course summary and helpful suggested readings are worth a glance in and of themselves.
One friend, very committed to her piano practice, who is apartment hunting in New York City tells me that her first thought when she walks into a prospective place is, where will the piano go? Even worse, my friend stayed with this teacher for over three years, unsure of whether she should switch. Students of piano lessons who have committed to piano practice may want to go a step farther and enroll.
In this article in Gizmag, Paul Ridden reports on Yamaha’s new NU1 piano, a 40-inch-high upright that can fit against a wall. How do you get your children to practice when they have so many things that they prefer to do. The action is similar to that found in a larger acoustic upright, but the sound, courtesy of woofers, tweeters, and more built inside of the piano, is that of a concert grand.

But the award for the most unusual architectural nod to the piano goes to a giant piano outside of Seoul, South Korea, which is actually an elevated lavatory.
She performs despite a genetic hearing loss, and in 2012 she debuted in recital at Carnegie Hall.
Most appealing, Biss, a concert pianist and a chair in piano studies at the Curtis Institute of Music, promises that the course is oriented towards the player, not the musicologist. This structure, as reported in Hancinema, overlooks a 92-meter waterfall, not surprisingly named Piano Waterfall.
It doesn’t mean being unkind and hurtful,” says Harre in the article published on his website Musical Fossils. Perhaps appropriate for a lavatory, which benefits from ventilation, the lid on top of the structure is propped open on the full stick. He goes on to to give two lists, one enumerating mean, and therefore unacceptable, feedback; the other demonstrating strictness, which ultimately helps our piano practice to soar. Each time the child practices for the required time her piano practice chart is marked accordingly. Providing an incentive is often more effective although, for some students, completing their piano practice chart is motivating enough!

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