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I have to say that I have been relatively lucky in the past 5 years to have great accompanists in auditions. Well…except for the one lady who could not play my song and literally stopped three bars into it thus leaving me to sing acapella but coming in at the end with an inappropriate button. Look, buddy, your job is to play what is on the page and what we ask you to and not to argue back and question when I know exactly what I want and need to sing the damn song. No more auditions for this week as I need a wet nap for my brain and holy water for my soul. 1 – First of all when you’re seated at the piano, make sure that your bellybutton is pointed at middle “C”. 2 – The second tip I’d like to share with you is when you’re reading music don’t crank your head to the left or the right.
3 – The third tip I’d like to share with you is to keep your hands like I have them now, in parachute position when you play.
5 – The next tip I’d like to share with you is after you learn to play the piano and if you do play the piano now, develop a repertoire. For example, if you master let’s see… if you master Music Box Dancer then write it down so that you have access to it in the future. Now there are seven tips that apply to every piano player and that will help you to sound better eventually. SummaryArticle Name7 Piano Tips That Will Help Any Piano Player Sound BetterDescription I’d like to share with you seven piano tips that apply to every piano player. Sunday afternoon we played hooky and went over to Falls Mill Operating Water-Powered Grain Mill and Museum in Belvidere, Tennessee. They had an old player piano, a 1929 Aeolian player piano to be exact.  It had been converted into a nickelodeon, so they make money from people wanting to listen to it.

I’ve always been fascinated with player pianos, so of course I wanted to hear it play. The Farmer loves looking at old farm equipment.  I think it reminds him of the good old days, back when he was a kid on a farm in Oklahoma. A friend who happened to be there and went in before me (Hi Leah!) said that he was playing something funky that wasn’t even on the page. Some people sit off center so that they’re too low or too high and that puts them at a distinct advantage. When you’re looking down, when you have to look down away from the music and down at your fingers perhaps, we all have to do that now and then. I call it parachute position because if you parachuted out of an airplane and landed like that your hands would be curved, your fingers are nicely curved. There are too many piano players around that they play the piano, but when somebody asks them to play the piano they say, “Well I don’t know what to play. Whether you’re a stark beginner or an advanced piano player, these seven tips apply and they’ll improve your piano playing. Except for dealing with a Typhoid victim who would NOT stop coughing and clearly had no interest in getting a drink of water, sucking on a lozenge, or just dying to give the rest of us some peace and quiet.
Also, make sure that your piano bench is high enough that your hands can come down naturally like this. I don’t have any pieces memorized or I can’t play all of them all the way through.” I advise you to develop a repertoire and you can do that by simply writing down the songs that you master. When I used to, I used to soak my hands in the basin of water, with warm water not scalding water, but warm water. When you’re sitting around watching television in the evening, I used to tell my students to take a rubber ball, a small rubber ball and squeeze it as they’re watching television.

And except for the guy who walked around and read the breakdowns out loud to himself and rationalized what role he was perfect for. If you’re reaching up then you’re going to play with flat fingers and it’s really awkward so make sure that you’re high enough, but make sure that bellybutton is pointed at middle “C”. You see, it’s much more interesting to get loud and to get soft and to modulate between the two. And now I am sitting down to get this out of my system before I truly do kill the next person who leans on me as they fall asleep, steps on my feet, bumps into my twig and berries with their bag, or looks over my shoulder to read my Kindle.
For the 99% of the rest of us which certainly includes me, here are some tips that will help you and me and everyone else. Can you visualize a runner in the Olympics running without bending their knees, just running with stiff legs? You don’t bang, bang; you hear too many players play like that, all one level and percussive.
That’s the second tip, use eye flips instead of moving your head up and down or back and forth. You have much better results and you can sound a lot more advanced is you use massage, if you massage the keys instead of bang on them.

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