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July 21, 2016 by admin Leave a Comment As you work along your musical journey, you may have witnessed friends, colleagues and others in the same field with a perfect pitch. It is the ability of a person to hear tones exactly as they are played over an instrument without having an eye or hands over instrument and without any references given. While you can learn a perfect pitch on other instruments too, piano is one of the good choices for the reason that each note that you use with this instrument would have a distinct tone and thus would aid in training and developing your musical ear.
Work on your relative pitch: You are more likely to develop a perfect pitch and do have a musical ear, if you can tell differences and intervals between notes on your musical instrument.
Begin with a single note: Don’t focus on everything at once or you will not be able to get a good grasp on anything.
You can ask a friend or someone to play some notes randomly and you can identify the note that you have just learnt as it is pressed. Move to other notes: Once you have mastered on a single note, you can move to other notes and repeat similar memorization and practicing that you opted earlier. Practice using different tempos: One of the interesting aspect of ear training for a perfect pitch is to identify whether you can identify a note at different tempo or not? Practice with your own voice: If you want to learn piano seriously, you should try playing and practicing notes with your voice by trying to sing back. Test with unintentional mistakes: You can test and improve your pitch by trying to have someone make some intentional mistakes when playing a piano tune.
Practice chords: Once you have mastered well with identification of single notes, move on to chords (where two to three notes are played together). Keep your mind alert: Even when you are not practicing and are only casually listening to some music, keep your mind alert while trying to identify pitches as the song is played. Many musicians often make this mistake of not giving importance to pitch, though it is important for if you really want to become a successful musician. You should basically play the notes G (above middle C) B, D and F with the 1st, 2nd 3rd and 5th fingers. The greatest thing about this E-book is that it has very clear pictures that show the exact fingering.
Piano Tiles game is an wonderful and simple android game which mainly needs your strict attention towards your screen. In a very few seconds you are going to download this awesome android app on your device, you can get Piano Tiles app by various methods but i am not sure how much percentage of all those techniques are working punctually. In case if you are unable to manage above provided BlueStacks on your computer, go through Download And Install BlueStacks Without Errors. If you completed above steps clearly then proceed further to get Piano Tiles on personal computer, up to this statements are applicable to only new users of android emulator. Quickly find search tool bar and type Piano Tiles, for more details take help of the below images. People who are confusing to find installed app, go to all apps of BlueStacks and have a great time with all installed apps. May 9, 2016 by admin Leave a Comment Music has no discrimination on grounds of international boundaries and generations. Though the list can be huge but here we have handpicked names of some of the best blind pianists who are an inspiration for all learners and beginners in this field.
When we talk about well-known blind musicians, you will find name of Ray Charles to be in the list of top ones. He was not blind by birth but began losing his eyesight at the age of 5 and became completely blind at the age of 7. He was born premature and thus suffered from a retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) where growth of his eyes were stopped and he became blind at a very young age. Ronie Milsap, an American performer of country music is one of the most influential musician of 70s and 80s. His musical talents began to show up at the age of 7 at the school of blind, the Governor Moorehead School where he was studying.
Particularly in the area of jazz, Art Tatum is a name that is well-known for being one of the most successful blind musicians.
This musician suffered a condition in infancy which led him to be completely blind with one eye and even the other one eye had really limited vision. One of the most famous blind piano player, Nobuyuk Tsujii carried a talent of music by birth. He was truly a natural born musician and he won All Japan Music Competition for Blind Students only at the age of 7. A well-known internationally popular blind pianist who is known for his achievements as a jazz musician despite of his disability. When he reached the age of 20 years, he had already achieved the status of a popular violinist.
At a very early age, he recorded solos, did piano concerts and took part in a number of competitions and programs. Ken Medema was blind by birth but despite of this he became one of the most popular pianists, composer and singer of all time.
He started to play piano when he was only 5 years old and around the age of 8 years, he began to take lessons of classical music with the method of reading music with braille.
Here are a set of tips that have been derived from life and experiences of these amazing 10 piano players who were visually impaired.

Blind piano students can gain help in learning to read and play piano music with the aid of music Braille that is designed to aid all visually impaired music students. A wide range of Braille music resources are available that these blind students can use to learn to read music. Blind people can make progress in playing piano by listening to some recorded music and can learn to play by memorization.
It is important for blind pianists to develop musical ears and it should work as their eyes as they learn and understand various concepts of piano. The idea behind a blind person playing an instrument as complicated as piano may seem absurd but having a list of popular blind pianists proves that piano playing doesn’t need you to have your eyes on the keys but it is all about learning and adopting techniques. They are able to tell you exact notes that are played just be listening to them and there is much more to having a perfect pitch. So for instance when you play a “D” tone on piano, someone with an absolute pitch would be able to tell that you have played a D without looking or using piano. This one doesn’t depend upon specific notes rather you need to keep your ears on intervals and distances that arrive between notes. Here are some tips that would aid you in developing a perfect pitch and thus would improve your sensitivity to music. Though while doing so keep on practicing different notes so that you gain awareness and a good ear on identification of varied notes when played together. Practice playing notes at different tempos and understand the sensitivity of pitch to recognize differences in notes as they are played at tempos too low or too high. You may make some notes slightly flat while careful listening and exploring sounds that you are hearing.
With a perfect pitch, you gain more sensitivity to notes and increased control over your voice.
Tiles will be moving on your game screen, you just need to tap on the black tiles instead of the white ones. Still if you feel uncomfortable, leave a comment below we will let you know simple trick to install BlueStacks. When we look around us we will find a number of talented musicians who have earned popularity in different fields of music. This talented black piano player developed his talent at school in early years and was taught classical piano by his music teacher using the braille method of reading.
He is celebrated as one of the rare musicians who are termed to have been gifted with the art of playing by birth. He is known to have been playing instrument most of the time as a child and in youth he played harmonica and drums along with piano for choir at church. He then started formal education of music and learnt to play different instruments while mastered at playing piano. He avoided being in spotlight even during the years of his popularity and thus much could not be found about this musician’s life. Art began to learn to play piano with play by ear method and when he reached the age of three, he already had learnt to copy a number of recordings and tunes.
He was blind by birth but had a great sense of music and this his mother realized when he was only 2 years old. He was really inspiring in playing piano and later he also produced his own classical music.
His music and performance is flawless and that truly is amazing when he wasn’t able to see at all and learnt to play by ears only. He has given performance as a piano player internationally and has 300+ original compositions of his own. He also learnt to play some other instruments but his work as a pianist is most appreciated and valued.
He further improvised his piano playing techniques by learning to play by ears and thus was able to play in varied styles. These tips will prove helpful for blind players who wish to learn to play piano and become a pro pianist.
Many people thing that perfect pitch is something that you are blessed with and you can’t develop it.
Perfect pitch is not truly common with all pianists and this is about training of your ears with attentive listening and knowledge of pitch.
This practice can be repeated multiple times with different patterns played to know that note well. You can get help from any colleague, instructor or can get a tuner that enables you to get control over your voice. If you are able to identify inaccurate notes and can correct the tune error, you have gained a good ear on music and a perfect pitch. Today every android app lover wants to download this mind blowing app Piano Tiles on Personal Computer as well as on smartphone. We have lot of emulators so we prefer you to work BlueStacks to get better performance, go through below link to get BlueStacks. If you have any suggestions and quires feel free to contact or comment below to overcome issues you have faced and share this article with all compeers and be the first to share this post. However it is quite surprising that we have a long list of musicians who despite of being blind have achieved a lot.

The process was a difficult one as he had to learn his one hand movement over piano by learning to read braille with other hand at the same time. He not only owned a label for his creations but also initiated a foundation for deaf children. He is renowned as a child star and was one of the youngest piano players to have achieved a level of expertise. He was recognized when he signed Motown Records and proved to be one of the best pianists of his time. He followed his love for music and became one of the most successful classical and country music mastered piano player. At that young age he began to play Do Re Mi on a toy piano and later as he reached 4 years, he could impressively play Jingle Bells over piano. He was appreciated by the Queen of England and he also played at the White House for 3 presidents. This artist confessed that losing his eyesight actually drew him towards love of music and that is where his musical journey began. Once you get your grab on these techniques, nothing can stop you from becoming a pro pianist like one of these amazing 10 or other famous ones.
Perfect pitch is all about your sensitivity of music and a perfect pitch would further give you success with your musical goals. Though don’t worry if you can’t in the beginning as only practice and more practice will improve your pitch.
Though during the phase of development, you will be making mistakes but keep yourself actively dedicated towards your goal of mastering a perfect pitch and it will aid in improving your musical performance too.
There are some exciting modes in this Piano Tiles that includes Relay, Arcade, Classic, Zen and finally free play. We have arranged the best technique to install this awesome android app on personal laptop. As he began to play piano, he learnt more of blues and jazz which he was most interested in. At the early age of 11 years, Stevie Wonder signed a great deal for recordings and is well-known for crafting some of the best evergreen songs. His first ever single was Total Disaster in 1963 that gained him popularity and then he went on signing a number of records. He won critics award at the 15th International Frederic Chopin Piano Competition, best performance Beverley Taylor Smith Award, Film Music Artist Japan Film Critics Award and many others. It was his passion and love for playing this instrument that made him achieve the place among most popular blind piano players. This blind piano player realized his zeal for music at school for blind in Italy at the age of 8 where he began playing piano and violin. Perfect pitch can be well developed and it is likely to gain much easier when you work on it at a very young age or in early years of learning and practicing piano music. So, if your ready to grab Piano Tiles on Windows laptop or any mobile which consist of android operating system, follow below instructions to download and install Piano Tiles app perfectly. There are expert blind pianists who have done a lot in various genres of music and have gained popularity worldwide. This African American talented piano player had a charisma that was seen in his performance and made him popular. He was and is celebrated as a legendary musician when it comes especially to country music.
This blind musician choose to live on the streets and lived a unique lifestyle while his music being influenced by street noises. Later he formally studied piano at the Linden Lodge School for the Blind for around 4 years. While talking for a magazine interview, he was reported to have said that his mother didn’t teach him how to play piano only but she taught her how to feel it with whole of his body. Similar to learning other music related skills, you would need to make some dedicated efforts and devote time for a gaining a perfect pitch.
There has been a belief that people who are blind have an added advantage over those who see, learn and play but in actuality there is not.
Being able to associate the note with something would give you a feeling that you would be able to link the note with. Here we will be sharing a list of popular ones and some quick details on how they learnt to play this beautiful instrument.
Upbeat tempos and compositions are something that he is well known for among many of musicians and fans of jazz music. Though in the beginning you may not become aware of it every time you hear or play the note but it would need practice and time.

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