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Learn to play the piano or keyboard, from beginner to advanced, classical, jazz & modern styles.
The mechanics of how a piano works requires your fingers to apply a certain amount of pressure in order to produce sound. On a genuine wooden-key piano, the physical act of pressing down on wood provides a certain level of resistance for your fingers.
There is still another component to how a piano works called a a€?dampera€?, which rises above the ringing strings and sustains your tone as long as you hold the piano key in the downward position.
61-Note Keyboard Use a piano keyboard with a minimum of 61 total keys (as shown in this piano diagram). Your Position at the Piano As you get more experienced at playing the piano, the way you sit or stand at your keyboard will largely depend on your own personal preference and comfort level. The sitting position is the most famous and definitely the most effective way to practice your free beginner piano lessons.
This song is really great for accompanying yourself and is perfect for those who just started learning to play the piano so don't miss it. Mnemonics are sometimes used to assist in remembering where the notes are located on the staff.
This means that the keys on your piano instrument conform to the standard size of true piano keys.
Learn how with this free video piano lesson, which presents a complete breakdown of the popular Christmastime song.
How music is written and played, based on certain mathematical principals, and why these mathematical principals form the basis of all musical compositions.

The aspiring musician should at least have some knowledge of basic music theory, as playing music and learning music are not quite the same. Note that the intervals from B to C and from E to F are only a Half step, so there is no need for a Black Key between them. Since the music staff has only 5 lines it would be difficult to write orchestrations for a large group of instruments without being able to designate the individual pitch ranges on the staff. Each line can represent a specific percussion instrument within a set, such as in a drum set.
This is a complete simulator with four octave keyboard with decent sound and comes with Multi-touch functionality .
No Spam.Click on confirmation link in email for activation, check spam folder if not in mailbox. In todaya€™s technological age, there are so many amazing electronic and digital piano keyboards to choose from! While this tutorial is best suited for intermediate players, pianists of all skill levels can play along given a little sticktoitiveness. Pythagoras is generally considered to be the creator of these math based rules which came about more as a need to standardize the composition of music, as well as the design and construction of the instruments of the time period. Many virtual instruments are available for iPhone and iPod Touch, including some virtual pianos. For more information, and to get started playing this popular winter song on your own keyboard instrument, watch this how-to!

Learning music, or at least some basic music theory will certainly do no harm and will open the door to a better understanding of music, and increase your versatility as a musician.
This clef is used very often in music written for bassoon, cello, and trombone; it replaces the bass clef when the number of ledger lines above the bass staff hinders easy reading. It may also be drawn with a separate single-line staff for each un-turned percussion instrument.
Notes below Middle C, (bass), are usually played with the left hand, while those above Middle C, (treble), are played with the right hand. However, these tools can be very effective as a notepad: have at its disposal a drum machine, mini programmable synthesizer or a 4 tape tracks in your pocket might render valuable services and avoid missing the melody or beat that we can imagine. The music staffs are divided by Middle C, with the treble staff being above and the bass staff being underneath. If we extend the ledger lines that pass through the notes that appear below the treble staff, or above the bass staff, we can see the continuation of the music scale, from the bass staff on up through the treble staff.

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