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Adele es la magnifica voz que pone musicalidad a Rolling in the Deep, una adaptacion de partitura muy recomendada para los que recien han empezado a tocar acordes y acompanamientos faciles.
Adele attended a school for performing arts where her obvious talents were nurtured and honed. In 2006 one of her friends posted her demo on 'My Space' and subsequently Adele was offered her first recording contract. This album was thought to have been based on the experience gained from the break-up of her relationship.
Adele toured extensively to promote this album, however she was forced to cancel part of the tour due to problems associated with her voice. Please do not for commercial purposes, Thank you for your cooperation!All piano sheet music are made by piano fans. Rolling in the Deep es una estupenda partitura de piano que comparte nuestro colaborador premium Gerson.

As well as singing, she plays a number of musical instruments including guitar, piano, bass, celesta, percussion, and keyboard. The album was hugely successful attaining double platinum in the US and four times platinum in the UK. It was enormously successful, and gaining her many records, such as the first female singer to have three singles in the top ten on Billboard at the same time. In December of that same year Adele announced she would be taking a break prior to beginning work on her next album.
En el nuestro publicamos partituras unas 25 personas, si quieres estas invitado a publicar las tuyas.
She was the first living singer to have two top five hits in both the singles and album charts simultaneously since the Beatles.
This album went to number 1 in 26 countries worldwide and her outstanding record achievements continued.

Tenemos decenas de partituras esperando salir publicadas pero vamos lento pues solo un post tiene gran trabajo. Espero te decidas a colaborar y a formar parte de nuestra pequena comunidad musical online.Gracias de nuevo Juan Diego y espero tu respuesta. Son marcas de agua que les ponemos a las partituras para saber por donde andan en internet. Se empezaron a poner marcas de agua en las partituras porque en bastantes webs suben (diariamente) nuestras partituras borrando creditos y atribuyendose todo el trabajo. Manda una sugerencia de mejora y espero haya suerte y podamos escribirlas, recibimos muchas peticiones y nos es imposible seguir este ritmo, se intentara ya que es una cancion espectacular.Gracias por tu comentario sobre el proyecto.

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