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As with any instrument, when you want to learn how to play the piano, you first need to learn how to read music notes.
The best way to get started learning to read notes for the piano is to purchase the sheets beginners can use. Next you will want to understand the melody line correctly, which is normally played using the right hand and almost all tunes has the G-clef staff of five lines and includes with four spaces between. Try to start by placing one finger of your right hand on the first note of the piece and then position another finger onto the second note.
Learning to read the notes can be done when the correct techniques are applied, allowing you to accurately understand the tune and rhythm of the melody.
This will involve you learning how to understand sheet music, which is basically a transcribed recording of the tune formed into notation.
These will show the correct notes and rhythms that need to be used in order the tune to be played as the composer intended.

Remember that the line at the base of the staff is E, the space above is F and the line above the F is G. When is comes to learning music notation for piano, it is often much easier if you play slowly, while still counting out the rhythm of the piece you are attempting to play. With experience you will soon start to recognize the melody in the notes and feel confident in being able to interpret the tunes correctly. For the best part, they will make use of variations of whole, half, quarter and eight noes and rests. Once you know how to read those notes, then you are able to visualize the musical composition and understand how it would sound. For notes remember the half notes last for half of the measure and the whole notes last for the complete measure.
Much in the same way as your imagination allows you to generate images in your mind’s eye, of any scene that plays out in a book you are reading.

Learning the notes is one of the most important factors you need to focus your attention on when learning to read sheet music for the instrument. As you learn how to read music notation for the piano remember that the key signature will signify which notes should be sharped and which should be flatted throughout the piece.
A note that is to be sharped should be played one note to the right, while a note that is to be flatted should be played one note to the left.

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