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BBM brings you together in the moment with friends and family through instant chats and more. Have you ever wondered how someone can sit down at the piano and just play?  How someone can hear a song and just start figuring out what notes to play?  Maybe you’ve just chalked it up to innate ability.  The simple answer is that your ear can be trained, with some work, to distinguish between pitches in a way that translates into your piano playing.
Before I continue, there are some basic assumptions I am making about you.  I am assuming that you have SOME familiarity with the piano-meaning that you know some basic chords and scales.  If you don’t, not to worry as you can learn this very quickly! In music, we employ the same practice to improve our own library of interval recognition.  This is how we do it:  Print off this pdf to help you!
An interval uses two notes right?  So by that knowledge, we can use the first two notes to very recognizable songs to help us recognize that interval’s flavour.  The PDF you printed off will have a list that matches each interval with the song that uses it at its beginning.
Since we are in the technology age, I would strongly recommend that you get an app to help train your ears. A C chord is comprised of the notes C-E-G.  If I recognized that a C chord was being used, I would also know that my left and right hand could freely move to any of these notes and that the melody would include many of them too.

Chords are like the finer wines of ear training.  Intervals are important to add to your library of flavours but building recognition for chords will change your world.  Take some time to understand this chord flavour chart!
As you can see, many songs that you may have come to love have been used over and over by other artists creating a slightly new way to experience the progression. In most cases, a line using the bass notes C-F-G will actually belong to the chord progression C F G.  In other words, the note in the bass line will more than likely be the note the chord starts on. Next, try to play something a little more difficult like Happy Birthday or Row Your Boat.  As you get more comfortable, you will be able to move into playing the music you love.
Remember to break things down into small pieces as recommended in my blog post, “How to practice”. So you are trying to play a song by ear and you can’t pick out the bass or the melody and the music is going by too fast to label the chord progression, what do you do? Quick answer is to get AnyTune Pro.  I have this on my phone and it will let me slow down the music to such a speed that I can hear every note in the song.

I know I know, you hate music theory.  The truth is probably that your teacher didn’t engage you with it and you took it out on the material!  Not to worry, PlayPiano has its very own videos for each theory building block that will quickly shape you into the piano player you want to be.
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How many times did you drop the ball?  Can you catch now?  Yes you can!  Allow yourself to drop the ball and make connections with your hand and the keys.  The more you interact with the piano the more you will learn intuitively. Bone-shattering action rendered in console-quality 3D graphics takes place in a massive fantasy world with thousands of loot to be unearthed.

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