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Today, we revisited the heartwarming reunion on " Good Morning America," and our audience voted to crown it the " GMA" Play of the Year video in a landslide victory. Noah, who was 9 months old when his father deployed the first time, and Elijah, who wasn't even born then, thought their dad would be returning home in December, just in time for the holidays.
Instead, they watched their dad on the stadium's big screen in a taped message right before the halftime contest began and then saw him "live" just moments after. Freshman Robert Figley asked freshman Gabriela Jordan to homecoming by putting soccer balls with the letters "H" and "C" on them, as well as signs and flowers.
Sophomore Brian Uglietta asked sophomore Sarah Deible (see next photo), by surprising her after class with signs held by her friends. Sophomores Brian Uglietta and Sarah Deible pose for a quick photo after Sarah is surprised with his Homecoming proposal.
Junior Jared Lefbom asked junior Kara Hoisington to homecoming using this clever play on words, as well as softballs (softball is her main sport), to create a funny and memorable proposal. Junior Aviad Gebrehiwot asked junior Lee Hayes to Homecoming with this clever idea: he asked her to Homecoming and then told her to bring him the rock that had her answer on it. Junior Cody Reagan asked junior Erin Johnson to Homecoming by "twerking" while displaying the letters "HC" on his butt. Junior Robert Lamb asked junior Kaytlin Hopkins by using this clever catchphrase paired with balloons to match.
Senior Noah Wolfenstein kept it sweet and simple when asking senior Kunnica Kou, with a bouquet of flower and a small sign. Even though school was off to a slow start for most students this year, Homecoming came sooner than most of them had planned.
UPDATE: After selling out their first homecoming show, Outkast have added two shows for September 26th and 28th. The two artists have been playing these performances to celebrate two decades of their own brand of progressive hip-hop. We may use your e-mail address to send you the newsletter and offers that may interest you, on behalf of Rolling Stone and its partners. On not quitting Hollywood: a€?Ita€™s a good thing I didna€™t quit because [everything] comes around again.
Olivia Culpo Becomes Face of 'Rampage' Fall Denim CollectionHow hot is Olivia Culpo in the new denim fashion campaign for Rampage?!
Share to TwitterEveryday we are hearing more and more about the upcoming Spider-Man reboot, which will be part of the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe. I think the reason I do it is because I like picking out flaws, and thinking what I would of done in this situation.
Yes, Deadly Premonition was wonky, with a bit of squirrelly AI and some not so amazing graphics. I play lots of games people either find it hard to play or hard to understand, There’s something about bad games that really rock in so many ways. Microsoft will be releasing two Assassin’s Creed bundles November 2, the company announced this morning. When it was announced weeks ago that James would be hosting a “welcome home” gathering in his hometown of Akron, Ohio, however, those words didn’t seem to mean much. Wine-and-gold tinted fans lined the streets and as the gates opened, they rushed to their seats, vying to get the best glimpse possible of Akron’s prodigal son.
One rumor said The Black Keys, a renowned rock group hailing from the same city as James, would be performing.
With the rumors swirling, the crowd of nearly 30,000 took to their seats at 7:15, eagerly awaiting the proceedings.
The loudspeakers announced that James’ honored guests for the evening would be the aforementioned students that take part in the many programs James provides throughout the Akron community.
For 45 minutes, the seemingly endless line of students made their way onto the field and into their seats that surrounded the stage that lie right on top of the Akron Zips logo at the center of the field. It was amidst that parade of youthful, smiling faces that I understood that LeBron was right. Amidst it all, in-house videos showcased the charity work James has done for the Akron community, from helping impoverished children to providing uniforms for the entire athletic department at St. Included in those efforts is the recent renovation of a house for one special student sponsored by James and his foundation, which was showcased as part of the ceremony. James and HGTV teamed up to renovate the house, with the superstar and his family playing a part in the dirty work to get the house ready for showing this Sunday. While the hour of videos and speeches entertained the crowd, there was no doubt that fans were getting anxious to hear from the man behind it all. All of the pent up excitement, all of the joy, all of the hope that LeBron has given to the Northeast Ohio since his return poured onto him as he made his way to the stage. Almost immediately, James took the attention and love that he received and flipped it right back around to the students that surrounded him on stage.
Following a crowd-pleasing rendition of the “O-H-I-O” chant, made famous at Ohio State, James took out a sheet of paper and recited, along with the thousands of students around him, the covenant between himself and those kids- the covenant that LeBron has turned into his “I Promise” campaign.
In that creed, James asks his students to promise to attend school, work hard and remember that everything in this life is earned and not given.

WIth a promise renewed and the business said and done, James finally spoke at length about his decision to return to where it all began. As the tickled crowd roared once more, LeBron ended his speech with a couple of simple, yet profound words.
As the event came to a close, just as he has fulfilled the promises he has made to the Akron community, James fulfilled the promise he made in his words to Lee Jenkins. Rather, it was another step in his plan to make better the entire Northeast Ohio community. 3, Ricafrente's sons, 10-year-old Noah, and 8-year-old Elijah, got to go onto the field during halftime at the East Carolina football game to try out their football skills. He purposely made the rock that said "no" a lot heavier and larger than the small rock that said "yes." It was, quite literally, hard for her to say no.
A crowd of onlookers gathered around to watch for her reaction and her answer: she said yes!
The boys felt the pressure of having to ask someone in a creative way, even though sweet and simple is just as good, and some of them stepped up to the plate and knocked their proposal out of the park. Kid Cudi, Donald Glover and Raury will open for the group on the 26th, while support has yet to be announced for the 28th. Now the hip-hop duo is rectifying that with a homecoming show at the city's Centennial Olympic Park on September 27th. Ia€™ve heard this happen to peoplea€”not just in show businessa€”[where] all of a sudden, you get interested in work.
Today, rumors surfaced that Michael Keaton might be portraying a villain in the film, however, who he might be is a source of much speculation. ChameleonThe great thing about Chameleon is he isn't restricted in regards to physical characteristics. Not a good game on a technical level, but an incredible game in terms of writing, ambition and sound design.
I mean, I know some games get bad reviews, but I still feel like I should always give them a chance. If I can learn something from these bad games, have some fun playing them and better my chances of being a games writer, then there aint no shame there. But that game was like Twin Peaks if the writers for Silent Hill had directed the show instead of Lynch.
Now, Resident Evil is one of my favorite series along Silent Hill…but Homecoming was less about the ambience and the atmosphere and more about dodging hits from enemies and timing your attacks perfectly. Last I checked playing video games was about having fun, not about what other people thought and following that.
Others said that James would be giving away the many bikes that bordered the seating area on the field, as the event would take the place of James’ annual “bike-a-thon” that benefits local students through the LeBron James Family Foundation.
The 30,000 attendees sounded more like 100,000, as chants of “LBJ” flooded Infocision Stadium.
He spoke not about himself, but about the importance of education, hard work and dedication to the many students who he has guided throughout the years. In return, James said he will never forget the promise he’s made to them to keep them an integral part of his life and to help guide them through their years in school. Josh Ricafrente in November through a viral video of a surprise on-field reunion with his sons at an East Carolina University football game following his latest deployment to Afghanistan. But they had no idea their dad, Ricafrente, a 12-year service veteran who had been deployed in Afghanistan for the past five months, would be there in person to give them the surprise of their lives. We're going Christmas shopping right now, but I'm sure when they find out they'll be thrilled," he said.
Here are some prime examples of the boys getting their creative juices flowing and stepping away from the cliches.
Tickets for the show go on sale June 18th, and the group will announce its support artists in the coming weeks. He can literally look like anybody he wants, so if he wants to look like the former Batman, then all the power to him.
It had extremely mixed reviews on release and scored a lowly 65 on Metacritic but I love that game so much words simply fail me. I know a lot of fans hated it but it had a fantastic story and it captured the Silent Hill atmosphere and vibe really well.
In fact, ive slowly built up my collection of bad games, the pinnacle of my collection being a Italian version of Michigan : Report From Hell, that game defies logic AND reason. Though many reviewers hated it, and it’s reviews ranged from average to crap, I enjoyed every second it.
I played all the way through it and was constantly amazed in the level of story that they’d conjured up. Mary, and special guests like Cavaliers legend Austin Carr, Cavaliers general manager David Griffin and the Mayor of Akron, Don Plusquellic, each offered their thoughts and appreciation for the superstar for his efforts, both on and off the court. Ia€™ve always had offers, but there were certain periods where the offers werena€™t necessarily great, or some were really good but I was picky and choosy about them. However, that issue is rather lackluster as there is no villain except a nameless "mugger." (More likely, the movie is titled Homecoming as it is finally bridging the gap between the MCU and Sony, which means Spider-Man is coming home).

This is one of the more underrated super villains in the Spiderverse and yet one of the most compelling. Sometimes these kind’ve movies are more satisfying than the hyped up Hollywood blockbusters!
Not everybody likes playing games written specifically for multiplayer, and to me, a good game starts with an engaging story. Micheal Keaton is an experienced actor and no stranger to the superhero genre, so who exactly could he be?5.
Dmitrie Smerdyakov always had an innate ability to impersonate people, which soon brought him into the sights of the Communist leadership in Russia who began to train him as a spy. It may not be a bad game per se, but I feel its extremely underrated and no-where near as bad as people make out. I can see why you loved it, it did have its moments of brilliance and its not the worst game I have played. All silent hill stories are so intricately woven and walk that rare and very fine line between art and video game entertainment. MysterioDespite fans crying for an iteration of Mysterio for the past 15 years, this option is one of the least likely to actually happen.
Soon after Spider-Man's public debut (which in the MCU appears to be this May) the Chameleon stole the plans for a secret missile-defense system.
If Sony is still looking to build the Sinister Six, as was their plan prior to the failing of Amazing Spider-Man 2, Mysterio is a must have. He then tried to frame the Spider for the actions, however, Spider-Man caught the real culprit and cleared his name. Quentin Black was a special effects wizard and stunt man hoping to make it big in the film industry, but soon realized his specialized skill set could turn him into an effective super villain.
His effects often inhibit Spider-Man's ability to use his Spider-Sense, marking him as a formidable foe.
VultureThe most interesting part about the potential of Micheal Keaton joining the movie is his age. The visual aspect of Mysterio's abilities would correlate amazingly onto the big screen and his personality sets him apart from the other Spider-Man villains we've seen on screen. Which means he could make a perfect Vulture, and as far as physical characteristics go, this is the closest fit.
LizardThis one really only makes the list because Curt Connors (the man behind the Lizard) is featured in the Homecoming story line. Add to that the fact that the Vulture has been the rumored villain of the past several weeks and it all comes together.
And at the end of the day, if you like a game no-one else likes then surely you’re the real winner. The original, Adrian Toomes, was a former electronics engineer who turned to crime after his business partner started embezzling funds. Rather, Connors could be a mentor to the young Peter Parker who guides him on the path to heroism.
Having an older Curt, portrayed by Keaton, would make an interest contrast between the 19 year old Tom Holland and the 64 year old Micheal Keaton. Vulture is completely different than any other villain we've seen before and is also integral in creating the Sinister Six, should Sony move forward on that path. There you have it, my Top 5 picks for who Micheal Keaton could play in the upcoming reboot. Yes, he'll play a "villain" but won't actually be at all evil in the movie, just the man before the monster.
And given the fact that we saw the Lizard in the first Amazing Spider-Man, it's highly unlikely Sony will decide to bring him back so soon.
The former Batman is certainly capable of bringing any of these amazing villains to the spectacular reboot.
HobgoblinWe've already seen Norman Osborn as the Green Goblin and twice we've seen Harry Osborn as the New Goblin, but the Hobgoblin outdoes both of them!
Back in the days of the animated Spider-Man show, the Hobgoblin absolutely terrified me as a child.
The Hobgoblin is a stronger, deadlier, and crazier version of Spider-Man's most infamous foe. The man behind the mask, Roderick Kingsley, also shares several physical traits with Keaton.Roderick Kingsley was a successful fashion designer and millionaire whose empire was built on unethical practices and underworld activity. After discovering the secret lair of the original Green Goblin, Kingsley created a new formula to transform himself into the Hobgoblin. He has no remorse, enjoys killing people, and utilizes everything within his grasp to become one of the most powerful men in the world.

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