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Cricket 07 was in essence a minor upgrade both graphically and gameplay wise to EA’s previous title, Cricket 2005. There were minor things, like a semi-automatic fielding option and the change from Jim Maxwell to Mark Nicollas as the second commentator, which brought some much needed freshness to the commentary, with Ritchie Benaud’s lines identical to 2005. The lack of an online play mode was a very poor omission from a game that lacks the AI to give a competitive match to a seasoned player.

However many AI patches were released which rectified many of the major issues and the depth of patching Cricket 07 has received makes it last much longer and still is the cricket game of choice for many, despite its issues when unpatched. However the lack of online was supplemented by a very wide ranging amount of single player modes, including the Ashes, full English and Australian domestic competitions, as well as a World Championship mode.

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