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I am going to start off with the chords and I will include the lead guitar part at the end for those who would like to play along with a friend, in a band or just along with the record. Start off by giving the song a listen and see if you can listen out for where the chord changes appear.
If any of the chords are new or if you have trouble changing between any of the chords used in this song then now is the time to practice them. Play the song again and this time try to play each chord once with a single down-strum at the beginning of each bar and let it ring out before changing chords. If you struggle at any point to keep time with the chord changes, go back to stage 2 and work on those chords for a while longer before attempting this stage again. You need to use alternate picking in order to achieve the correct speed (alternate between down and up strokes).

After you can keep an even timing at the correct speed, try to add emphasis to the beats which are in bold above.
If you can get a friend to play the chords whilst you play the lead part and vice versa this will sound great!
I hope you have enjoyed learning this song and if you have any questions at all then please comment below or use the contact page.
Copyright © 2015 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. If you want to stretch your playing a little more, I’d recommend learning this song using the barre chords (also provided on the chord sheet). The two parts are independent of each other so if you’d like to have a go at the lead part first then you can just scroll towards the bottom of the page.

Make sure that you memorise each of the chords too so that you no longer have to refer to the page with the chord diagrams, this will speed up the process of learning this song tenfold! The best approach is to start at the slowest speed at which you can keep an even and consistent timing and build up from there. The guitar part is played using semi-quavers which means that there are 4 notes played for every beat.
This will help highlight the timing of the song and make it clear which are the main beats of the bar.

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