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Casio WK3300 Electronic KeyboardThe WK-3300 76 Key Musical Keyboard with touch response, allows you to select up to 894 tones that include orchestral sounds, synthesized sound and more. The WK-3300 has 76 Full size keys with 400 DSP programmed Advanced Tones like stereo piano and Tremolo Electric Piano for a total of 620 tones including 50 drawbar organ tones. A total of 400 Advanced Tones are programmed with DSP tones to make them richer and more powerful. In addition to the 620 standard tones, the keyboard also includes 50 realistic drawbar organ tones. Built-in Flash memory lets you expand your selection of tones and rhythms by downloading data from the Casio Music Site, or by the CD-ROM that comes bundled with the keyboard. A selection of 166 rhythms includes accompaniments for everything from rock to pops and jazz. You can also transfer accompaniment data from your computer and store up to 16 of them as user rhythms in keyboard memory. A big built-in display shows chord names, tempo setting, keyboard information, staff notation of notes played and more for full support of all your keyboard play.
Record up to 6 parts in memory, along with their tone, volume, pan position, and other parameters for later playback.

The General MIDI tones of this keyboard let you connect to a personal computer to enjoy "desktop music" capabilities.
A collection of powerful effects, such as DSP, reverb, chorus, and more, give you total control over the type of sound you want.
We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. The Auto Accompaniment that will allow you to simply play a chord and the corresponding rhythms, bass and chord parts play automatically. This powerful instrument features an on-board sequencer and a mixer, for unmatched creative possibilities, plus powerful 2-way bass reflex speakers to take your performance to the next level. Advanced tones like Stereo Piano and Tremolo Electric Piano enhance the Piano and Electric Piano tones to create a totally new sound. One-touch Preset instantly recalls the most suitable tone and tempo settings to match the rhythm you are using. Up to 120 of your own sounds can be stored in memory for recall, just like the built-in tones.
This keyboard can be used as a desktop music input device or sound source, and it's just the thing for playback of commercially available pre-recorded General MIDI music software.

As a compact and attractively priced unit that could play sounds from various instruments, this new product drew acclaim from music lovers around the world. Holiday AccommodationDigitalE3 Conference 2016"The Electronic Entertainment Expo is an exciting event and this year is no different. A big LCD screen graphically shows you fingerings, keyboard keys to be pressed, and notes, making keyboard play more informative and enjoyable than ever before. You can also select percussion or key click, and even edit the parameters of preset tone and save up to 100 original tones in user tone memory. Casio subsequently developed numerous features that were only possible using digital instrument technology, including one-touch auto-accompaniment, memory capacity to record and playback songs, auto-play, a melody guide function that guides users through a song by lighting up the keys, and sampling technology for recording any sound for use as a sound source.
Casio also broadened into other instruments for people who enjoy creating music, releasing digital drum kits, digital guitars and digital wind instruments. In addition to electronic keyboards, in recent years Casio has been stepping up efforts to expand the popularity of digital pianos.

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