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To play the song you will need to hit the space bar with the Control key held down otherwise the song position pointer will return to zero.
Then resize the window and click the upper left corner of the FL Studio logo to move the program window.
Each of these patterns (bottom row ) can record and "hold" a different MIDI recorded performance that can be copied to different tracks. Now move some of the notes around in the piano roll editor, you will notice the edits will be reflected in the data you just recorded to track 1. You can edit the instruments by right-clicking the device selector at the top of the piano roll editor (image below). The FL Studio audio drivers need to be set to ASIO in order to record audio into the program.
Choose the mixer channel strip that you would like to record through (they correspond to the track numbers) then set the audio input you wish to record from (image below) and then record enable the track by clicking the disk icon at the bottom of the track until it is highlighted orange.
Lanjutan dari tutorial fl studio untuk pemula yang kemarin ane bahas tentang gambaran simple tentang feature penting yang ada di fruti loop dan harus ente pahami.
Untuk membuka piano roll silahkan ente klik folder pack di fl studio klik samples misalnya Gitar, klik kanan pilih open new channel. One of the most ignored on board plugins is the FPC (which stands for Fruity Pad Controller). Now, the good thing is that the FPC comes with a few presets (drum kits that contain samples for kick drum, snare drum, etc.) so you can get started right away. You can also create your own drum kits, which allows you to combine your own preferred samples into one kit. By default, the drum kit that is loaded is the one with the name ‘Default’ (yeah, that makes sense). Default, Gretch Full and Tama have samples, Empty gives you an empty FPC with no samples (a good starting point for creating your own drum kit). Try clicking several times at different vertical positions and you will understand what I am talking about.
Much more can be said about the Layer Properties, but I will save that for some other time.
The cool thing with the FPC is that it is very easy to get some patterns to play in the Piano Roll. You can use the Previous MIDI drum loop (left-arrow) and Next MIDI drum loop (right-arrow) buttons to walk through all the patterns. Naturally, you can also program your own pattern directly in the Piano Roll, but I think the predefined patterns are a great help in program the groove that fits your composition.
To download additional drum kits, use the Download additional drumkits button (arrow down – Download Manager). In the screen shot shown above you can see that I downloaded some (free) drum kits (from the Online drum kits). A horizontal drum kit contains many different samples of the same percussion instrument (such as the kick drum).
Now why on earth would I go through the hassle of having multiple horizontal drum kits if I can collect all samples I need in a single drum kit? I will explain how you can create your own drum kits in a minute, but with this drum kit loaded, have a look at the piano roll. I’ve programmed my kick drum pattern and by shifting the pattern up or down I can choose the kick drum sample that I want to use directly in the Piano Roll! I find this so easy and straightforward that I am not only collecting and creating my own percussion samples (WAV files), I have actually started to create horizontal drum kits in the FPC. Every drum kit has 32 Pads (bank A and B), so there is quite some space for loading your most favourite samples.
Ok, after this monologue (isn’t every post one big monologue), let me show you how to create a drum kit.
Now, to assign samples to other Pads, left click them first and then follow the same procedure as described above.

Give your drum kit a name and voila, you have your very own FPC preset for next time you start a project! It is somewhat of a classic, but we list it here for those of you who haven't discovered this great feature.
Now, with this option enabled, it becomes a piece of cake to program a melody over a chord progression (for example).
Now, while holding down the ALT key and the right mouse button, move your mouse to the right and left.
After you have dropped the sample in the Piano Roll, you will see its waveform in the background. You can adjust a note's horizontal position by moving your mouse pointer close to a note event and then using SHIFT + scrollwheel. Markers can be a great help and allow you to quickly jump back and forth in your composition. You can reposition the marker by moving the mouse over the marker's left border (with the small dots).
You can transpose note events by selecting them and move them vertically by dragging them vertically with your mouse.
In this tutorial, I will show you how you can make your computer to talk and use it in your electronic music. If you wonder what those numbers enclosed in parentheses does, they change the pitch of a separate word by semitones. For sure this tutorial might appear useful for people, who are trying to work with techno, electro & harder dance styles (actually I”m one of them)! It will take you through a series of steps that allow you to work in FL Studio like you would any other DAW while incidently helping you learn how the program "really" works in the process. The end result should look something like the image below.Now click an empty part of the menu item again and choose Lock from the menu. These patterns trigger sound patches that are universally assignable to any of them at all times. It won't let you do it.So zoom out and left click to create a "dummy region" where you would like the end of the song to be. This means you have to draw in a dummy event if you want your songs ending to be pre defined. This isn't specifically an effects send, it's a channel assignment even though the FX label may have you assume otherwise.
Di gunakan untuk mengatur tinggi rendah nada, pitch, fequence, filter off pada note yang kita buat. Di situlah kita membuat melody, bassline, pad, lead, rhythm dan lainnya pada saat meng-aransement lagu atau nge-remix.
While it does not discuss every single control or feature, it should give you a good grasp of what the FPC is and how you can use it in your projects. To make things really really easy, the FPC has loads of percussion patterns (for every possible genre) that load directly into your Piano Roll. It is especially this last option that opens up for some interesting possibilities – as we will see later in this tutorial. I suggest you Play your song (in Pattern mode) and select different patterns to understand the effect of it. In other words, it will not allow me to program my entire rythmic groove, but has many different versions of a kick drum that I can switch between. This makes it really easy to walk through the different samples while I am playing my song – to find the matching kick drum. Every time I want to program a rythmic groove, I create several FPC channels, each loaded with its own horizontal drum kit (kick drum, hihats, snare drum, etc.). You can do this by right clicking the Pad name (Rim in the screenshot shown above) and entering a new name (press Enter when you have entered a new name). It has a highly intuitive workflow and is stuffed with so many cool features it seems you would need a lifetime to discover them all.

This is a great feature if you want to place notes depending on the position of transients in a piece of audio.
When the mouse pointer changes to a double arrow, left click and drag the marker to the desired position.
I'm not going to discuss them all here, but if you right click a marker you see a menu allowing you to set the marker type.
You can do this in exactly the same way, but this time you start drawing with your mouse pointer hovering over a note you want to deselect.
Pop-up dialog will open (the Speech synthesizer is not a stand-alone instrument, it is a pop-up dialog that processes text to audio then renders the result as a sliced Audio Clip). In the text box you enter the text you want the speech synth to render to audio.
The entered text will be rendered to sliced audio clip (If you have changed some of the settings in the dialog, you will be prompted to save the preset with a new name.
He has been producing music with computers over a decade on such styles as trance, downtempo, ambient & experimental electronic using FL Studio.
I just quickly made it by laying a kick drum, snare to the Step Sequencer and drumloop (from Vengeance Essential House 2 sample collection) on top of it. After you complete this tutorial you should more or less "get how the program works" and have a basic workflow understanding without having to read the entire manual. This is how you select what track a pattern gets recorded to.You have to add a region to the beginning of it first (image below). I’ve looked at the plugin several times, but usually - after fiddling with it for some time - I deleted it from my project and moved on to ‘easier ways’ to program my beat. The pattern you see in the above screenshot is one of those percussion patterns that ship with the FPC. The vertical drum kit contains samples for the most common percussion instruments, such as kick drum, snare drum, hihats, crash, cymbals, shakers, etc. With horizontal drum kits, I would need multiple FPC channels to program the entire groove (one for the kick drum, one for the snare drum, one for the close hihat, etc.). The thing is that ‘what samples I need’ is typically determined when I am programming and listening to my groove.
In this tutorial we will highlight some of the very best tricks and help you to get the most out of this amazing piece of software. The marker will then appear at the start of the selection instead of at the beginning of the Timeline. Of course, it will sound a bit monotonous and machine like talk, but that might be exactly what you’re looking for. Agar lebih jelas tentang fungsi piano roll di fl studio silahkan ber-experiment sendiri, terutama Funngsi-fungsi yang ada di Menu Tool.
In my own words, the FPC allows you to collect and combine percussion samples (in so called drum kits) and it effectively enables you to program your entire beat using a single channel. Being able to switch quickly between different versions of a kick drum (or open hihat, snare drum, etc.) makes it much easier for me to quickly find the matching timbres and create that absolutely vital groove for my composition.
Under the Voice -section, there’s a various ways to change the characteristics of the voice such as the speed and pitch. Maybe it had some hidden features that – once revealed – would benefit me when composing songs.
For instance, in a single drum kit you could have matching samples (patches) for the kick drum, snare drum, open hihat, closed hihat, crash, shakers, etc. In the piano roll you can then program the entire rythmic groove for your composition using those samples.

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