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Top Row : Top Row is the second horizontal row (from the top) of the keyboard that starts with letter 'Q' and goes all the way across.
Home Row : Home Row is the middle horizontal row of the keyboard that starts with letter 'A' and goes all the way across.
MIDI Yoke works sending every MIDI event written to an OUT port to the corresponding IN port.
When you select channel 10 on a standard MIDI synth, it plays percussion sounds assigned to many keys but not to all of them. You need to provide an .INS file describing exactly your synthesizer's sound set or soundfont.

You can find the latest sources, Windows, and Mac OSX packages at SourceForge project site. If you distribute VMPK packages for any distro, please drop me an email and I will add a link to your site here. WinMM in Windows and CoreMIDI in Mac OSX, which are the native MIDI systems in each supported platform. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
The included file (gmgsxg.ins) contains definitions for only standard GM, GS and XG instruments.

If your MIDI synth doesn't match exactly any of them, you need to get another .INS file, or create it yourself.
You can even use the utility sftovkb from vkeybd to create an .INS file from any SF2 soundfont, but there is also a function to import the instrument names from SF2 and DLS files in VMPK.

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