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First, press the F10 key on your computer keyboard, and the Midi Settings window should appear. I hit my key about as hard as I can, I gave it my 100 percent, but FL Studio interprets it as 87.5 percent. Add a point to the curve by right clicking and move it to the top of the grid, next to the vertical white line. Maybe you have the opposite problem, that you try to play medium velocities but FL Studio thinks you're playing hard. If your situation is opposite of mine--that is--when you play your keyboard at medium strength, FL Studio interprets it as hard, then you will adjust your curve differently.
You might find that different MIDI surfaces, such as drumpads or keys, require different MIDI velocity curves. With a Stepped curve, like the one shown here, you press a key hard, you get 100 percent velocity; you press a key soft, you get 25 percent velocity. This is one reason why FL Studio and its graphics are so fluid.Delphi only recently got the ability to compile to OS X.

Thata€™s a major part of what the team are doing now.FYI, just getting all this system dependent code from Deckadance (which was created more or less with porting in mind) and replacing it with bi-platform versions took almost 6 months. With so many options available and a stable release so far down the line, do you think Fruity Loops can make a comeback by porting to Mac?
We at Run The Trap are very selective of the music we post, and make sure to only share the utmost quality works on our website.
We can think about it this way, at any place along the curve, the X-value is what FL Studio thinks you're playing, and the Y-value is what we want FL Studio to say you're playing.
One possible reason is that you want it to be easier to play harder velocities, and the second is that you want it to be easier to play medium velocities. For example, if you're playing what you think should be 75 percent velocity, but FL Studio takes those messages and makes a white line at 90 percent, what you would do is place a point at X=90%, Y=75%. Also, if you have a VSTi that handles velocity much differently than your other VSTis, you might want to change the curve when you're using that plugin.
This might be useful for some drum tracks, like if you want to record a snare track via midi and want all your snares to be the same volume. This could make it easier if you are using keyboard velocity to choose one of two states of being.
It's much like what I demonstrated earlier in the tutorial, but I shifted the entire curve up because I wanted to bump up the Y at any given X, and I don't really need the lowest velocities.
So while this is great, ita€™s aA 1st-generation OS X compiler, ita€™s cranky and sometimes causes problems of its own.

Keep in mind that any adjustments made to this curve are pre-Piano roll and it will only change how FL Studio handles MIDI coming in. We'll deal with the first situation now, but if you're in the second category, skip down to the "Opposite Adjustment" section.
Don't get anywhere close to breaking it, just press it what you think your typical maximum hardness will be when performing. This basically tells FL Studio, "Hey, what you think is 90 percent, from now on you're going to treat it as 75 percent". Alternatively, you can use the "typing keyboard to piano keyboard' function, which allows you to use your typing keyboard to input MIDI.
Check out Envato Studio's servicesGrow your online music business with audio players, album management, event landing pages and more! But, before this came along, we needed to port well over 1 million lines of code to another language. Each time you press a key or pad, a vertical white line will appear in the grid, showing you how hard FL Studio thinks you pressed it.
You can do this to get a flat response because the computer keyboard does not react to velocity changes.

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