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There are different advantages when it comes to having lessons conducted at a studio, teacher’s house or at the comfort of your home.
Apart from the normal piano lessons fee, some piano teachers charge you for other supplies such as music books while others do not. In this two-part series, we’re discussing how to choose a piano teacher, with a focus on what to look for, what you can compromise on (if absolutely necessary), and what’s non-negotiable.
Generally speaking, a piano teacher’s qualifications and experience determines how much they charge for lessons. A common-sense consideration, but an important one: try to find a local teacher located no more than 20 to 30 minutes away. It might seem a funny thing to look for, but it’s important to choose a piano teacher with a thorough studio policy.
A studio policy indicates that a teacher is experienced and successful, and runs their studio professionally.
This will give you a good idea of the piano teacher’s level of professionalism, experience, and ethics. While some music schools have their own exam system, any qualifications your child (or you) obtain will not be recognised elsewhere. Do you feel prepared to make the right choice when it comes to choosing a piano teacher and piano studio for your child (or you)?
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The music or even piano training in your home is totally various experience compared to some of their own alternative activities. The actual creation of the distinctive experience really involves lighting when you compare in-home training to training in a studio room. Take for example, when you have lessons at home, you get to save on the transportation time and expenses.
Remember to always check if the teacher charges any other additional fee before hiring them. No time to practice, not enough money for lessons, or even worse, think you're too old?
As I said in my last post, don’t be afraid to ask about a teacher’s experience and qualifications. While you and your child may initially be enthusiastic about lessons at the end of an hour’s drive, this enthusiasm probably won’t last.

While some teachers will come to you, your child (or you) will be disadvantaged by learning to play only on the piano in your home. If piano exams are important to you, then be sure to choose a teacher who prepares students for music board exams with either AMEB, ABRSM, or Trinity. And if you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share it on Facebook so your friends can learn how to choose a piano teacher, too! I am a Sydney-based piano teacher and professional musician.Away from the piano and teaching - I enjoy playing (butchering) my 200+ year old violin, all things tech-related, and on weekends you'll either find me losing my voice (and often my sanity) at a Wests Tigers rugby league game or satisfying my caffeine addiction at cafes in and around Sydney's Inner-West.
Do you want someone that is only interested in teaching you the basic skills, or would you prefer someone who is willing to go above and beyond in helping you reach your goals?
Are you more likely to flourish under the guiding hand of a teacher with one-on-one lessons? The two of you will be spending lots of time together, so you need to feel comfortable in each other’s presence. The last one where you mention about ensuring that the personality of student and teacher blend together is particularly true!
The majority of homes not necessarily equipped to possess a go swimming team exercise within the family room! Kids spend typically 8 hours each day within a college environment wherever they may be given continuing flow info. Apart from that, feel free to enquire about their success rate with past students and the common weaknesses of students. However, if you were to have piano lessons in a studio, you’ll learn to adapt to different kinds of pianos, allowing you to feel and play differently. This is especially true when it comes to recitals or exams, as a student who has only ever played on one instrument will struggle to adapt to a foreign instrument, especially under pressure. Ask if your piano teacher holds recitals for students, or provides them with other opportunities to perform. Also inquire about each teacher’s professional background, including their teaching experience. I think one can become a maestro or continue to be a novice depending on the kind of piano teacher he or she gets.
Songs Lessons are among the couple of extracurricular actions that kids can in fact take pleasure in within their house. Whenever lessons tend to be taught in a college or studio room, the actual setting imitates a college atmosphere. Always identify what your needs are first, before finding a teacher who can cater their time to your needs.
While a keyboard is an acceptable instrument for beginners practicing at home, you should always learn on an acoustic piano. This particular makes a distinctive experience that this kid involves see like a function — not the same as everything else these people (and most likely their own friends) perform. Once you have decided on what your goals are, then you can begin your search for a piano teacher.

As we know, certificates are mere papers, it would be ideal if you could request them to preview their skills as a teacher.
If your child is just starting first-time lessons, your preferred qualifications may be much different than if you studied music in college and are hoping to restore your own skill set. If you want to learn how to properly play the piano, you need to choose a teacher that has skills – not only in playing the piano, but also in teaching. Likewise, you have to balance your financial and time commitment with the goals you’re hoping to accomplish.
Once again, revealing children to the type of songs lessons is really a present; still the actual question we have been discovering is actually not really in-home songs is a far more efficient choice compared to Studio or even School Training. Ask aroundYou can glean a lot of insight from parents of students already taking piano lessons. What would’ve they done differently?In addition to your peers, local music stores and schools are often able to provide knowledgeable suggestions on local teachers.
Start interviewing potential teachersInterviewing potential teachers is essential in deciding if they’ll be a good fit for you or your child. You’ll want to interview prospects in person, and ideally in the location at which the lessons will take place. When interviewing, focus on questions both general, like their overall teaching philosophy, as well as specific questions about their qualifications, expectations and methods.Ask them about themselves:What experience do you have in teaching?Do you teach multiple instruments? Set up an initial meeting for your child and his or her new teacher, and be sure to listen to your youngster’s opinion. Sitting down at the piano or picking up our violin can offer a fun diversion, or it can challenge you in unique ways. Aside from the general pleasure we get out of practicing and performing, learning and playing music has proven benefits when it comes to mental, cognitive and emotional health as well.
For example, did you know that playing music increases memory, coordination, and can actually alter your brain’s structure?
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