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This Book provides for Sheet Music notations in western staff with Treble and Base Clef with lyrics and chords of popular bollywood songs. Hindi Song Notes For Piano , Songs Notes For Piano, Songs Notes, song notes, songs note, Song Note For Piano, Hindi Songs Notes For Piano. Be careful here because it is not what you would expect for rhythm in a beginner piano piece.

On the last beat of the first measure of the beginner piano sheet music there is a dot ABOVE  the note which means that the note is a STACCATO, which means it is to be played as short as possible. To make this beginner music sheet a show stopper make sure to perform the VOICING in this piece with the right balance.  Voicing refers to bringing out the melody line and making every other note besides the melody softer and underneath it in volume. Since the left hand has a lot of heavy three note chords and the right hand has only ONE melody note you will have to make a special effort to soften the left hand and make the right hand melody line a little louder.

After you have mastered the Moonlight Melody be sure to check out more free easy piano sheet music to include Happy Birthday, Amazing Grace and much more.  Enjoy!

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