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Description: Rectangle, 3-in-1 Combo Set, Wire Multimedia, Wire Optical, 400 Dpi, 2 Piece, 300 Watt Sound System, Triple Function, Rectangular.
Description: Wireless, Multimedia Feature, 3 Button, Optical, Scroll Wheel, 27 Mhz Radio Frequency, Computer Accessory, Desk Top. Description: Wireless, Multimedia, Ball, Round, Button, Optical, Scroll Wheel Mouse, 27 Mhz Radio Frequency, Auto Shut Off, Rectangle, Battery.
Description: This keyboard features stereo grand piano voice at the touch of a button, and includes a sustain-pedal jack.
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Of the vertical pianos, full-sized upright pianos, sometimes called "upright grands," have the fullest tone, strongest bass, and loudest volume. Shown in the photo: the Yamaha U1, the world's most popular piano, with over one million distributed wordwide. Studio uprights are usually built to be quite sturdy to take the abuse of an institutional situation. Studio uprights are also usually easier to move, due to the better quality rollers on these pianos.
The console piano, usually between 39 and 43 inches high, has become the most popular piano for the home.

Designed for home use, the console piano has a case that is designed to look like furniture. To make the piano work with the shorter height, the spinet employs a "drop action" mechanism. Though there are many disadvantages to the spinet design, spinet pianos are still popular, mostly for their less imposing look in the modern home.
Features: yamaha education suite, portable grand, sound effects, 375 voices, 102 songs, stereo speakers, and general midi in and out. Designed for students in mind, these guitars offer quality construction and an appealing sound that won't break the bank. The growing American middle class wanted to have music at home, and the phonograph and radio were yet to widely catch on. If you are considering purchasing an older upright, it is a good idea to have a piano technician inspect the instrument first.
Generally between 42 and 48 inches high, the studio upright piano is plain looking, without the frills of a piano designed for livingroom display. These pianos can be a good value for a serious pianist looking for a piano with a small footprint. The front legs are attached to the piano case and are sturdier than on console and spinet pianos. Though it is smaller than the full-sized upright, a quality larger console is still capable of good tone.

Usually, the console has front legs, which should be treated with care when the piano is moved. This translates into the shortest strings, and smallest soundboard, which means the least quality tone, and the least volume.
Used spinets are available for $400 to $1500, sometimes more depending on brand and condition. The favorite pastime was to gather around the piano in the evening and sing along to the tinpan alley sheet music hits of the day. Some good quality uprights from this era can be rebuilt to be better than any similar new pianos sold today.
Most studio uprights tend to have pleasing tone, a sturdy action, and a more robust pin block, which translates into less frequent tunings.
Spinet pianos tend to be between 34 and 40 inches high, and are designed for home use, usually with a furniture styling to the case.

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