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Microsoft's Surface lineup just keeps getting better and better, with an improved screen for desktop use and an upgraded Type Cover for the road.
Through every iteration, Microsofta€™s Surface Pro tablet has edged closer to becoming a true laptop replacement. The low-end Core i3 model will cost $800, a price thata€™s competitive with a slew of perfectly respectable full-fledged laptops.
As you can see, to enjoy the full Surface Pro 3 experience, youa€™ll quickly price yourself out of traditional laptop territory. Longtime Surface fans may be disappointed by the drawbacks, especially if they recently spent four figures on a new Surface Pro 2.
Agam Shah, a writer for PCWorlda€™s affiliate IDG News Service,A noted that the Surface Pro 3a€™s 2160x1440-pixel resolution isna€™t quite comparable to theA 2560x1440-pixel resolution of some competing devices.
Our Core i5-based review unit always felt snappy and responsive.A Microsoft defines it as a a€?tuneda€? version of the Core i5-4300U, the upgraded chip Microsoft adopted midway through the Surface Pro 2 life cycle. The Surface Pro 3 also ships with a chunky new pen from N-trig that features what Microsoft calls decreased parallax.
Inking with OneNote is perfectly acceptable, although the size of the tablet may be fatiguing if you hold the Surface Pro 3 in one hand. Surface chief Panos Panay has made a€?lapabilitya€? (a dreadful word) one of the selling points of the new Surface line.
The first generation of the Surface lineup included a kickstand that folded back to a 22-degree angle. To test lapability, I used the Surface Pro 3 on a plane from New York to San Francisco, as well as on a commuter train.
The new Surface Pro 3 Type Cover includes a larger, wider a€?clickpada€? with reduced friction. What I cana€™t say for certain, however, is whether the Surface Pro 3 will deliver a good experience if the seatback in front of you is reclined.
Dan Laycock, a senior manager for Microsoft, said hisA Surface Pro 3 is too tall to fit comfortably on a tray table with the seat in front reclined fully. Ia€™ve used the 11-inch MacBook Air as well as the Surface Pro 2 under reclined-seatback conditions, and both are short enough to fit. I did run into two bugs: I folded up the Surface Pro 3 as the woman next to me exited the train. But for all of the Surface Pro 3's charms, you may be better served by exploring other options in the Windows 8.1 space, whether it be a hybrid or a traditional notebook. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. The previous version of the Surface was known for sporting a high end look and sturdy feel and I am happy to report that this has been carried over to the current generation. Although the screen on the Surface Pro 3 is larger, Microsoft has made an effort to make the Pro 3 lighter and thinner than the previous versions of the Surface, and they have succeeded. The hinge on the back of the device has been revamped and can now be folded back up to 150 degrees.  This is an improvement over the predecessors that provided only two different adjustments. The only drawback with the location change for the Windows button is the speaker placement.  Microsoft has maintained the speaker placement on the left and right hand sides of the Pro 3 for use in landscape mode.
In terms of typical performance, the keys offer 1mm of travel which requires you to press a little harder than other keyboards of this caliber.  The top row of the keyboard contains buttons that allow you to control the backlighting for the keyboard with a series of keys that are specific to Windows functions.
Additionally, the Surface Pro 3 has been upgraded to include a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) which provides you with added security and platform integrity with disk encryption and password protection.  This feature was not included in the Surface 2.
You can opt to multitask without doing the above with a 15 to 20 percent increase in battery life when compared to the Surface 2. New stylus pen performance enhances usability and makes the tablet easier to use as a standalone device. Although the screen size is larger, the Surface Pro 3 has been designed for easier use as a standalone tablet device.  The biggest drawback is the high price that does not include the keyboard which makes the Pro 3 difficult to recommend to business uses n a budget.
On the other hand, if Microsoft could figure out a way to include the keyboard in the price, the Surface Pro 3 is perfectly suited for business use.  In the meantime, if you are seeking a business PC and like the Windows apps, you may want to consider an Ultrabook with touchscreen functionality unless, of course, the additional cost is of little concern.
Is the Surface Pro 3 a noticeable improvement over the previous version of the Surface Pro? Size – The new Surface Pro 3 is significantly larger than its predecessor without adding a lot of bulk to the design. Kickstand – The Surface Pro 3 offers more usability with an additional kickstand option that was not present on the previous versions. Display – The display is larger on the Pro 3 and offers a higher resolution than its predecessor. Weight –Microsoft made the Surface Pro 3 thinner while reducing the weight of the device. Stylus Pen – The new stylus pen on the Surface Pro 3 is designed for improved usability with more advanced features than the previous plastic Surface pen. Battery – The battery life for the Surface Pro 3 is up to 20 percent longer than its predecessor. Overall, Microsoft has been gradually improving the Surface hybrid device with each new release. Additionally, the Surface Pro 3 starts out a lot cheaper than the MacBook Air (13-inch) and the iPad Air combined together, and this includes the purchase of the optional keyboard (Type Cover).
Another great review OIT, I would have bought this if I hadn’t already bought an iPad Air 2. On Saturday the 15th of October,  a team from Our IT Department will be taking on the 2016 PIP Mountain Bike Challenge. The newest Surface tablet is thin and light enough to support a keyboard that will turn it into a real laptop. The message from Microsoft is clear: The Surface Pro 3 is a laptop replacement that is also a tablet. This would make for a killer laptop with a screen that could pop off and be a reasonable tablet. A good example of a keyboard dock is included with the purchase of an Asus Transformer Book T100. The larger display of the Surface Pro 3 would enable a keyboard dock to be full sized and overcome the minor shortcomings of the smaller Asus dock. Such capabilities would be a small second battery in the dock to add three or four additional hours to the nine hours of the tablet alone. The keyboard dock could provide these extra ports while remaining thin if a wedge design was used. Perhaps these feelings put me in the minority; I know many like the Type Cover and the portability it yields.
Offering the same backlit keyboard that debuted in Type Cover 2, the new Surface Pro Type Cover is of course resized to match the unique new size of the device it serves. To be fair, even with the keyboard extra it's still more in line with the MB Air, not MB Pro. I feel like that magnetic strip would be tough to "disengage" without knocking the machine over.
Microsoft wants the Surface Pro 3 to be a laptop replacement but what laptop requires the consumer to buy a keyboard.
It's not "fraud" not to include the keyboard - think of the "real" price as including it, if you must, but it's not like they are hiding the fact that it's a separate accessory.
I kind of like the option of not having to buy it if you don't want it - plenty of portable BT keyboards work with it.
Also, Paul, there are several mice that are adapter-free, including MS's own Sculpt mouse and Arc mouse, Surface edition. So, regarding your report on size, am I to believe that the actual physical keyboard is exactly the same as the older models, just with more spare space around them!?
Though the SP3 is indeed bigger (in spite of being both thinner and lighter) than the SP2 it uses a different aspect ratio, 3:2 - more square shaped, like an iPad.
Thus - and you can see this in the pictures (check out his post on SP3 Portability, which has pics of the SP2 and 3 together) - even though it's a bigger screen it's really not that much wider.
I get that people would like a lower price point, but there are a couple of things that I think most people are not considering. MS might come out with their own power keyboard for the Surface Pro 3, but wouldn't it be great if you could buy one from Logitech or other 3rd party?
Imagine not wanting to use the SP3 for productivity, but rather as a flexible home entertainment device. Now I obviously haven't played around with one myself, so I don't actually know if any of the above truly makes sense. The Surface Pro 3 retained the best of previous Surface with its VaporMag magnesium alloy material that gives it a solid, firm and premium feel and build. A huge plus is that the Surface Pro 3 is equipped with a full size USB 3.0 port on the right, which means you can fully plug in any thumb drives and peripherals like external hard drive, mouse etc. It has to be pointed out that Microsoft has done an amazing thing with the Surface kickstand.
The Windows app, touchscreen friendly, is handy when you’re using the Surface Pro 3 as a tablet. The Surface Pro 3 has this Metro UI, touchscreen, grid based interface, for all shortcuts (and notfications) to your installed Windows apps.
The review unit I had was equipped with an Intel Core-i5 processor, which is a good mid range one (Core -i7 being the most powerful processor), along with an 8 GB RAM memory. I was thoroughly impressed that the Surface Pro 3 took to my moderately heavy usage with ease.
In Malaysia, you can purchase the Surface Pro 3 Type Cover in 5 colours – Black, Cyan, Blue, Red, Purple.

Another improvement to the Type Cover, is that now you can prop the top of the Type Cover, with a magnetic lock on the bottom bezel of the Surface Pro 3, for a better angled typing experience. The Surface Pro 3 trackpad was so frustrating for me, that I simply resorted to connecting my Bluetooth mouse instead, and relied 90% of the time on the mouse + 10% touchscreen gestures. When I reviewed the 1st Generation Microsoft Surface Pro here while back, I talked about how I love the Pen experience. Techie side note : I did have a reader point out his disappointment that Microsoft has chosen to work with N-Trig instead of the standard Wacom for their pen technology. Microsoft is careful to not refer to this as a stylus, as it does way more than a traditional stylus to tablet.
Surface Pen lets you intuitively mark up documents and creative files, take notes in your own handwriting, and gather electronic signatures.
For fashion designers, graphic students or just the regular doodler, this is am amazing experience, the Surface Pro 3 + Surface Pen combo. Even if you’ve no need for graphics doodling, you could be like me, still using pen and paper combo to take notes, and scribble diagrams from meetings, ideas and brainstorms. Along with their latest Palm Block technology, you can safely rest your hand on the Surface Pro 3 screen and write with the Pen and not worry about the screen registering the distraction of your palm. I like this very very much. My expectation was not quite to have the Surface Pro 3 last me a full work day, ie ~8 hours. Unfortunately, I have to report, I didn’t quite manage 4 hours with the Surface Pro 3. Some of the retailers will ocassionally run various promotions, either with bundled Type Cover, or bundled softwares. I was super excited to review this and try it out myself, as a potential replacement to my 2 year old laptop. Having both the Surface Pro 3 (from RM 2799) & Surface 3 (from RM 1989) on my desk to review, puts a silly giant grin on my face. If you’re a mobile working professional who needs a device powerful enough to do real work, and portable enough to carry with you everywhere, this is it!
Firstly, there’s the rumour that Microsoft will be announcing its successor, Surface Pro 4 soon in May 2015. Personally, I’m holding back to see what Surface Pro 4 has to offer, and what the price range is gonna be. Microsofta€™s latest Surface Pro 3 takes several small steps in that directiona€”along with one giant, game-changing leap. The Surface Pro 2a€™s display measures 10.6 inches diagonally and has a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. But a high-end Core i7 model exacts more than $2,000 after sales tax, and any future 4G connectivity options will boost prices even further.
And if you bought a docking station for the Surface Pro 2, it wona€™t work with the Surface Pro 3 due to a port reconfiguration. But if youa€™re in the market for a new notebook PC, you should think seriously about replacing it with a Surface Pro 3 as your daily driver for work and play. On the software front, I can find only two changes: First,A when you shut down the tablet, youa€™re asked to a€?pull downa€? the window to turn it off, just as Windows Phone does.
Simply put, the digital ink a€?flowsa€? more closely from where the pen touches the screen. Emirates Airlines hands out Surface tablets to its flight crew members, who tote them around as cheat sheets for their passengers.
A velcro strap would be clumsy and gauche, but ita€™s simply too difficult to remove and re-secure the pen in its Type Cover loop. Flying in coach, the Surface Pro 3 still fit relatively comfortably on a tray table, with a bit hanging off the edge. As fate would have it, the one time when I actually wanted to endure such discomfort, the passenger in front of me slept throughout my flight with the seat in the upright position.
AA lot will depend on the recline pitch of the seat in front of you, and how much youa€™re willing to fiddle with the placement of the tablet and keyboard.A I will say, to Microsofta€™s credit, that I was able to use the Surface Pro 3 with the Type Cover comfortably on my lap, and type on it for extended periods. Click it in, and it looks the same as the previous generationa€™s, albeit wider, to match the width of the tablet. These competing devices may not have the Surface Pro 3a€™s gorgeous display, but theya€™ll likely cost a few hundred dollars less, sport longer battery lives, and maybe even face the challenges of the airplane tray table with greater aplomb. Plus, the Pro 3 has a newly designed keyboard with better response and the ability to adjust the kickstand to a more comfortable angle.
The simple yet elegant design does of good job of discreetly sporting a bigger 12-inch screen, which is housed by a magnesium alloy build and edging that is beveled for comfortable handling. Unlike the Pro 2 which contains a port for storing the stylus pen, the Pro 3 does not provide any storage unless you decide to purchase the optional keyboard. The Metro-based Windows 8.1 is much more at home on a tablet device and the user experience is feels intuitive. The hinge design allows you to use the stylus pen on the screen at an angle that is more convenient than the previous models of the Surface.
This means when you hold the Pro 3 in portrait mode, one of your hands will be placed over one of the speakers. In terms of performance, the Pro 3 was slightly faster than the Pro 2 equivalent, scoring higher in benchmark tests for duplicating multimedia files and other regular computer tasks.  In the multimedia file test, the Pro 3 demonstrated duplication of just under 5GB of multimedia files in about 33 seconds. The Surface Pro 3 offers decent graphics capability and in conjunction with the beautiful screen display, the graphics performance is more than sufficient for everyday computing tasks.
Some of the other new features include a larger magnet that covers the full length of the keyboard to create a more secure connection to the tablet portion of the Surface Pro 3.  This is an improvement over the Surface 2 that is built with a smaller magnet which attaches to the tablet portion of the device.
However, the back facing camera tends to fade out the whites making images in the photo look washed out. The stylus pen has been revamped from the Surface 2 to include an active digitizer made by a different manufacturer than the stylus pen included in the Surface 2.  The new digitizer provided by N-trig instead of Wacom allows more accuracy on a thinner glass display and has a slimmer design than the Surface 2 stylus pen. The simplicity of iOS will always ensure that I opt for an Apple device, but this does look an impressive piece of kit. The laptop replacement part requires one of the snap-on keyboard covers that Microsoft doesn't include with the tablet purchase. This would be game changing for business travelers needing long operation away from a power outlet. Keep it very thin at the front of the dock and just thick enough at the back to fit the USB ports.
I am currently considering buying the new Surface but the $1,000 it would cost me with a middling configuration is holding me back.
I don't want a laptop replacement that is just OK, I want to get a real laptop out of the deal. I don't dislike the Type Cover, I'd just prefer a full laptop experience for that much money.
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But this Surface Pro 3 accessory isn't just a bigger version of its predecessor, it also offers a unique new magnetic connection that keeps the keyboard at a stable, more useful angle.
Marketing it as laptop but not giving keyboard is border line fraud, since they are comparing it to Macbook Pro.
When these devices come out, have time limited sales where you can get the devices or accessories for a steal. The Sculp mouse is the one I use, it's a really good mouse and no little "dongle" is required to use it, leaving the USB port open. Instead, it's "longer" - though the length can be offset by the fact that the new Type cover can "snap up" against the bottom of the SP3.
I'm just attempting to add an alternate point of view, one that focuses on the opportunities inherent in the pricing model MS has chosen instead of its shortcomings. Of course, my review unit came with the Type Cover (aka keyboard) which is sold separately and come in multiple colours (more on this later). This time round, Microsoft wants to  truly position the Surface Pro 3 as a credible laptop replacement. This is the OS from Microsoft that enables a grid based interface, previously called Metro UI but currently called Modern UI. And it’ll all be a lot more familiar and similar with the upcoming Windows 10 OS to be released by end of the year.
Weighing at only 800 gram, it’s a rather heavy and bulky tablet, but a super light laptop. One function I use often with Twitter on one side, and whatever I’m working on the other side. It’s usually when I have multiple YouTube video tabs running, with photo editing software running and mutliple tabs open for my research for my blogposts. It was wonky – with the on screen cursors jumping all over the place when I move my fingers on the trackpad. Perhaps if I turned down the trackpad sensitivity (which is adjustable in the Settings menu) I would have had better experience. While I agree that most manufacturers have been using Wacom, as they seemingly have a more advanced and accurate technology, Microsoft announced they’ve recently acquired N-Trig, the company behind this Surface Pro 3 Pen technology.
Just like with Evernote, Google Keep etc, it’s a feature rich note-taking app, that allows you to not only take typed notes, but allows handwriting, to-do-lists creation, scribbles, attachment of files, drawings, screenshots and more.
For the 2 butons, the default actions include click-and-hold to Select, while the other is for Erase. If you’re one who enjoys drawing and sketching, this is the best experience possible. While I have completely digitized my note-taking, the convenience of note-taking using the Surface Pen impressed me.

As I mentioned before, I belong to the moderately heavy usage type of user. I was running so many browser windows and tabs and programs simultanusly all the time, using the Surface Pro 3 as a work laptop. I only hoped for ~4 hours or use, until the battery runs low and prompts me to connect to a charger. For me, I would definitely want a higher end, powerful processor with an Intel Core-i7 processor machine.
Also, I have the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro with me for review now, and I’ve yet to test that out!
Sure, youa€™ll still need to make a few compromises, but Surface Pro 3 can legitimately cover your notebook and tablet needs in a single package. Microsoft kicked up everything in the Surface Pro 3: The display is 38 percent bigger at 12 inches in diagonal width, and its 2160x1440-pixel resolution is breathtakingly crisp. The slimmed-down Surface Pro 3 feels like a proper modern-day tablet.A Microsoft also improved the kickstand and complementary Type Cover, enhancing their ergonomics considerably. The second is a serious omission: While the Surface Pro 2 offered 200GB of free OneDrive storage, the Surface Pro 3 does not. While Ia€™m not asking for a slimmer pen, securing it within the tablet (the Samsung Note approach) would be a better solutiona€”though perhaps unfeasible, given that the Surface Pro 3a€™s internals are already packed to capacity with other components. Youa€™ll notice, however, a narrow strip on its long, connected edge that uses aA secondA magnetic connection. The Surface Pro 3 also comes with other new designs and tweaks that increase usability and efficiency. And although you have more choices when it comes to the hinge angle, the Surface Pro 3 still feels very sturdy with a hint of stiffness to the hinge for durability. The new stylus pen on the Surface Pro 3 feels more like a traditional ink pen and feels more natural when you hold it in your hand.  Additionally, the Pro 3 screen is designed with just enough friction that makes it feel like you are writing with pen and paper.
We provide a comprehensive range of IT support services and technology solutions to a diverse range of clients across the capital.
The newest Type Cover is pretty decent for laptop use, although falling short of real laptop keyboards, according to reviews. Both the keyboard and the trackpad on the Asus' keyboard dock are undersized given the 10-inch display of the tablet, but are still useful. The dock could still be light and thin, even if Microsoft used the dock to add additional capabilities to the Surface. The combination of the Surface Pro 3 and the keyboard dock would be just over half an inch at the back and still weigh just over two pounds.
I would also need a Type Cover, which would push the purchase price well over the $1,000 mark.
I could see how a pendant to the excellent Logitech Ultrathin keyboard for the iPad could make for an interesting alternative. When the RT came out we invested in 10 of them because I felt it was a great device for out office needs, the touch cover sort of destroyed that because people did not like it. This includes full Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) as well as other desktop programs like Photoshop, Chrome desktop browser etc.
I know Microsoft has improved their Surface trackpads with every iteration, but I was somewhat disappointed with this one. Very handy when you’re taking notes and making annotations in documents, e-books, etc.
I let it run on its default settings, at Balanced mode – where screen goes on standby after a few minutes of inactvity, etc. Something that I have reviewed with comparison to Ultrabook thin-and-light Intel laptops in the market today. It makes it a no-brainer to carry the Surface Pro 3 around with me all day in my oversized handbag. Internally, Microsoft moved to the faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard, increasing potential wireless throughput. Microsoft claims eight hours of battery life during casual use, but our own in-house battery testsa€”which entail a continuous mix of scripted Office use and video playbacka€”brought the Surface Pro 3 to its knees after 4 hours, 18 minutes. Ditto for the yeara€™s worth of Skype Premium calling and Wi-Fi access that the Pro 2 offered. The tablet still clicks back to the 22-degree angle, but then it can support any angle up to 150 degrees.
In terms of key travel and spacing, Microsoft says that the new Type Cover 3 is essentially the same as the second-generation model, and the keys are still backlit, too.
However, as Laycock noted, you can fold the Surface Pro 3A backa€”youa€™ll just have to use the on-screen keyboard instead. When folded down, this strip raises the keyboard to a slight angle, and it also reinforces the Type Covera€™s connection across theA entireA tablet. And there was this odder issue: When I connected the Type Cover 3 to my older Surface Pro 2 to check connectivity, it worked just fine.
The new stylus pen also sports an innovative button on the top that allows you to use an eraser when using apps.  The button can also be pressed to wake up the tablet from sleep mode and then OneNote automatically appears on top of the lock screen.
I was able to convince my boss to bite the bullet and buy type covers and that made a big difference. Nevertheless, I was thankful for Microsoft Malaysia for allowing me the opportunity to still get my hands on time with it. The little things like this, makes the Surface Pro 3 another strong contender as my next laptop replacement. I’m still not sold on the quantity and quality of apps available in Microsoft Store to convert me to a Windows tablet supporter or convert. While the Surface Pro 3 does have a touchscreen display, I spent the most of the first day of my review using mostly the touchscreen interface instead of the trackpad. The result is a more luxurious, productive work spacea€”and thata€™s key when youa€™re multitasking in a desktop environment. That falls short of our result with the smaller Surface Pro 2, which shut down after 4 hours, 44 minutes. Microsoft wants you to use the Surface Pro 3 as a digital legal pad, but ita€™s a use case that requires setting the tablet on a table. But after I reconnected the Type Cover 2 to the Surface Pro 2, the Type Cover 2 failed to connect, even after several reboots. Microsoft told me that it expects the audience for this device to need a real keyboard and it currently has no plans to make larger Touch Cover for it. I no longer need to squint and struggle working with spreadsheets etc, and have much more space for work. As a non-Apple user, there are also many other thin-and-light competition out there – like Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Asus Zenbook series, etc.
Earlier Type Covers feel flimsy on your lap, but the additional support of the Type Cover 3 stabilizes the whole unit. Might not be easy, but with the new version being so thin and light it might be more realistic. The previous versions were not interesting enough to me, but this new one has me intrigued. Be sure to hold the power button a bit longer than normal on first boot, however, as a quick press doesna€™t seem to trigger it. The single biggest addition is a unique magnetic stability strip that sits at the top of the Type Cover, between the top of the keyboard and the cover port connector. This strip magnetically attaches to Surface Pro 3, elevating the back of the Cover and providing both a better typing angle and a more stable experience, especially for those who wish to use the device on their lap. I am surprise by how effective this feature is, and how steady and non-bouncy the typing experience is. I don't believe the bigger, new trackpad on Surface Pro 3 is actual glass, but it is just as good. This is arguably the second-biggest improvement on this accessory (after that magnetic stability strip), offering much more responsive and accurate performance. Which is important because the Pro 3's single USB port limits the possibility of using an external mouse if you need that port for something else.
As you might expect, Surface Pro Type Cover has been sized to match the bigger Surface Pro 3, so it is both wider (295 mm vs. Thus, this keyboard is about 90 percent as big as a full-sized Ultrabook keyboard, which could be an issue for some, including those with larger hands.
At just 5 mm thin, the Surface Pro Type Cover is even thinner than the Type Cover 2, which is 5.4 mm thin.
As with previous typing covers, it's quite light, and of course provides good protection for the screen while traveling or in tablet mode.
The cover port on this Surface Pro Type Cover is identical to that used on previous typing covers like the Type Cover 2 and Touch Cover 2.
This means that the covers and devices are cross-compatible, though there's not much call to use a Surface Pro Type Cover on an older device, of course.
This accessory is a requirement for Surface Pro 3, I feel, and should be included with the device.
Still, whichever Surface Pro 3 model you choose to buy, be sure to budget another $130 for a Surface Pro Type Cover.

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